Comparison between Biotic factors and Abiotic factors


Let me share with you a comparison between Biotic factors and Abiotic factors.

Aspect          Biotic Factors           Abiotic Factors
Definition ·        Living components of an ecosystem, including all organisms such as plants, animals, microorganisms and their interactions. ·        Non-living components of an ecosystem, such as temperature, water, minerals and sunlight.
Origin ·        Arise from living organisms and their activities within the ecosystem. ·        Originate from the physical and chemical components of the environment.
Dependency ·        Interdependent on biotic factors within the ecosystem. ·        Not dependent




·        Plants

·        Animals

·        Bacteria

·        Fung

·        Predators

·        Prey

·        Decomposers

·        Symbiotic relationships

·        Temperature

·        Sunlight

·        Air

·        Water

·        Soil

·        Minerals

·        PH levels

·        Humidity

·        Topography

Roles ·        Producers

·        Consumers

·        Decomposers

·        Primary, secondary and tertiary trophic levels.

·        Influence the availability of resources

·        Limit the distribution of species

·        Affect the behavior and physiology of organisms

Response to disturbances ·        Can respond dynamically to ecological disturbances, such as the introduction of invasive species or overgrazing. ·        Often change slowly over time in response to natural geological and climatic processes.
Influence on ecosystem ·        Directly influence the structure and functioning of ecosystems, as they form the food web and ecological relationships. ·        Set the physical and chemical boundaries that shape ecosystems and determine which organisms can thrive within them.