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How to make Youtube subscribe confirmation link?

How to make a Youtube subscribe confirmation link?

Step 1: Open your Youtube channel or simply search your Youtube channel.

Step 2:

Copy the URL of your channel.

Step 3:

Copy the code as “?sub_confirmation=1”.

Now, you have two things in your hands;

  1. Youtube channel link
  2. ?sub_confirmation=1

Step 4:

Add both of these codes by using the slash (/) in between these codes.

For example;

Youtube channel link =

and when we add, then it will look like

Step 5:

Share this link with your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest and other social networks to get more subscribers.

Step 6:

Just open the link and verify that its working fine or not.

Note: You must replace with your own channel link.

If you’re watching video via your smart TV or with a firestick, you might want to check out these best firestick apps which include YouTube so you can subscribe from there as well.

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