H-principles Mathematics Research Topics Ideas

H-principles Mathematics Research Topics Ideas

1. Principles and Flexibility in Geometry
2. Curvature h-principles
3. h-principles for the incompressible Euler equations
4. Three applications of delooping to h-principles
5. Principles for hypersurfaces with prescribed principle curvatures and directions
6. H-principles for regular Lagrangians
7. h-Principles for curves and knots of constant curvature
9. Principles and procedures of statistics
10. Wrinkles and h-principles, old and new
15. h-Prinzipien
16. Coisotropic characteristic classes
17. On the Probability of Correct Model Selection Using the Maximum Choice Criterion
19. HICKAM AFB COURSES Term 3-2010
20. Economics 2949605 Chairat Aemkulwat Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis 1 st Term, 2004 COURSE OBJECTIVES: Our main objective is to …
21. A contact geometric proof of the Whitney-Graustein theorem
22. Knowledge and inference to the best explanation—A reply
23. Vector autoregressions and cointegration
24. Organizing the Social Studies
25. Revisiting the C h-principle for the Monge-Ampere equation
27. A robust hole-filling algorithm for triangular mesh
29. Approximations of periodic functions to R^ n by curvatures of closed curves

30. Principles of computer speech: Witten, Ian H. London: Academic Press, 1982, 286 pp.,£ 19.00 or $32.00 (cloth)
31. Representing de Rham cohomology classes on an open Riemann surface by holomorphic forms
33. Hamilton’s Extension of Feuerbach’s Theorem
34. Mechanics of wave forces on offshore structures
35. TERM 4-2009 PROPOSED SCHEDULE (CONTINUED) FULL-TERM: July 6-September 14, 2009
37. LAW 3000 N
38. Classical problems in differential geometry, topology, and convexity
39. TERM 4-2008 PROPOSED SCHEDULE (CONTINUED) FULL-TERM: July 7-Sept. 15, 2008
40. Economics 2949605 Chairat Aemkulwat Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis 1 st Term, 2004 COURSE OBJECTIVES: Our main objective is to …
41. A contact geometric proof of the Whitney-Graustein theorem
42. Knowledge and inference to the best explanation—A reply
43. Vector autoregressions and cointegration
44. Organizing the Social Studies
45. Revisiting the C h-principle for the Monge-Ampere equation
47. A robust hole-filling algorithm for triangular mesh
49. Approximations of periodic functions to R^ n by curvatures of closed curves
50. Maximal contact and symplectic structures
51. Extensive quantum biology, applications of nonlinear biology and nonlinear mechanism of memory
52. Bennet A, Bogorad L. Complementary chromatic adaptation in a filamentous blue-green alga. J Cell Biol. 1973; 58: 419–35. Beyers RJ. The metabolism of twelve …
53. The Centenary of the Fondation Curie (1921-2021)
54. Melting of the Euclidean metric to negative scalar curvature in 3 dimension
55. Information, energy, and evolution
56. Development of method for increasing sensitivity in wireless optical data transmission channels in visible wavelength range
57. Optimal multi-level lot sizing for requirements planning systems
58. The low density limit for n-level systems

59. Fluid dynamical limit of the nonlinear Boltzmann equation to the level of the compressible Euler equation
61. A h-principle for open relations invariant under foliated isotopies
62. Model choice and specification analysis
63. Theoretical and Practical Problems of Interaction between International and National Law
64. Chemometric techniques for quantitative analysis
65. Failure of the parametric h-principle for maps with prescribed jacobian
66. Certain dual series relations involving Bessel functions arising in crack problems
67. Chemical hardness: Temperature dependent definitions and reactivity principles
68. Charts for the calculation of the critical compressive stress for local instability of columns with hat sections

69. Methodological approach to Islamic economics: its philosophy, theoretical construction and applicability
70. Invention and discovery among the sciences: A p-technique factor analysis
71. Reply by Authors to DH Hodges
72. COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: Culturally Relevant Mathematics
73. Regularized 13-Moment-Equations-MathCCES
74. Differentiability of spatially homogeneous solutions of the Boltzmann equation in the non Maxwellian case
75. Browsing Through the Bookshelves HERBERT SCHUELER, Review Editor: BRAUNER, CHARLES J., and BURNS, HOBERT W. Problems in Education and …
76. Application of orthogonal transformations in the revised simplex method
77. Models of consumer behaviour
78. On the relativistic BGK-Boltzmann model: asymptotics and hydrodynamics

79. A Master of software engineering curriculum: recommendations from the Software Engineering Institute
81. XVIII International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics
82. The parametric h-principle for minimal surfaces in and null curves in
83. Vector fields and cohomology of G/P
84. Accuracy and Limits of Applicability of Solutions of Equations of Transport: Dilute Monatomic Gases
85. Asymptotic normality of least-square estimators in multivariate singular linear models
86. The Boltzmann equation with a soft potential
87. Study on the reaction rate and mechanism of synthesis of tert-butyl ethyl ether in liquid phase based on synergetics
88. Complexity and complexity theories: Do these concepts make sense?
90. Principles of engineering
91. Aerodynamic boundary layer effects on flutter and damping of plates
92. A neglected family of aggregation problems in ethics
93. Opportunities and challenges for a Golden Age of chemical engineering
94. Strategic Assessment of Islamic Fintech in GCC Countries
95. School Mathematics Study Group Mathematics as a factor influencing success in freshman calculus
96. 69s
97. Thermal creep of a rarefied gas on the basis of non-linear Korteweg-theory
98. A Brief Bibliography of Tests in High-School Subjects

99. Dynamic stability of cantilever columns under a tip-concentrated subtangential follower force
100. Peer Evaluation as an Active Learning Technique.
101. Synchronization of the Events of the Cardiac Cycle with the Onsets of Respiratory Movements
102. The h-principle, lectures 1 and 2: overview
103. A simple procedure for combining expert opinion with statistical estimates to achieve superior portfolio performance
105. Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences
107. Stability of nonprismatic cantilever columns under tangential loading
108. “Extended” Variational Formulations and FE Models in the Stability Analysis of Non-Conservative Elastic Systems
109. Brain, the Thought Field and Nonlinear Whole Biology.
110. Development and application of a stereophonic multichannel recording technique for 3D Audio and VR
111. Modeling charge exchange in the solar wind/VLISM interaction
112. Theoretical and empirical derivation of cardiovascular allometric relationships in children
113. fA) 2-DISTRIBUTION-See’Omega-squared’distribu-tion.
114. Comment on” Potential of Transformation Methods in Optimal Design”
115. Entropy dissipation rate and convergence in kinetic equations
116. Berkson, J.,” Maximum Likelihood and Minimum χ2 Estimates of the
117. Apprenticeship training in the workplace: Computer-coached practice environment as a new form of apprenticeship
118. 8: Analytic methods in studies of educational effects

119. The technological constructs of mathematical training founding in higher education
121. Contact geometry
122. Indicial aerodynamic functions for bridge decks
123. Horizontal loops in Engel space
124. Thermodynamic theory of stress relaxation waves in fluids
125. Modeling influences of inlet swirl profiles on dump combustor flows
126. Use of odds of paternity computations in determining the reliability of single exclusions in paternity testing
127. Anderson, Ewan W. and Davison, Alan J.(eds.), Applying the Children Act (1989) in Boarding and Residential Environments, London, David Fulton, 1993 …
128. The essential factors for teaching & learning English: focused on the elementary school students in Korea

129. An Analysis of a Variety of Steel Structures under Impact Loads
130. Gases The gaseous state is characterized by. a maximum of disorder. The molecules are dIS
131. The development of nonlinear science
132. Aerodynamic unstable critical wind velocity for three-dimensional open cable-membrane structures
133. A survey of the derivability of important implicative principles in alternative systems of propositional logic
134. Cohomology of the stable mapping
135. Teaching arithmetic to educable mentally retarded children
136. Advances in radiobiology of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy
137. A synergetic gait transition model for hysteretic gait transitions from walking to running
138. A further look at Rayleigh-Taylor and other surface instabilities in solids
139. Dale, Ernest.’Management: Theory and Practice. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1965. Pp.
140. Introduction to systems philosophy: Toward a new paradigm of contemporary thought
141. Technology of Education Journal
142. Order parameter dynamics of body-scaled hysteresis and mode transitions in grasping behavior
143. The Musical Experience Between Measurement and Computation: From Symbolic Description to Morphodynamical Unfolding
144. Entropy production: Its role in non-equilibrium thermodynamics
145. The essence of neuronal activity from the consistency of two different neuron models
146. Skew loops in flat tori
147. On Lagrangian embeddings into the complex projective spaces
148. An alternate model for lead‐time demand: Continuous‐review inventory systems
149. A study of the relative importance of certain factors in prediction of successful performance in seventh grade mathematics
150. The pre-history of econophysics and the history of economics: Boltzmann versus the marginalists
151. Practical guide to chemometrics
152. On the probability of the outcomes in buckling of an elastic beam
153. New invariants of G2–structures
154. A statistical study of the relationship of taking PSSC physics, conventional physics, or no physics in high school, to the grades of students taking physics 227 at …
155. The Synergetic World View and Its Synthetic Value
156. Generic immersions and totally real embeddings
157. Negative bending of open manifolds
158. Liapunov functional for a rectangular, nonuniform density membrane

159. Die bleibende Deformation in der idealplastischen Nabe eines demontierten Preßverbands
160. Fluid Modeling of the VLISM/Solar Wind Interaction With the 13‐Moment Formalism
161. Frame dependence, entropy, entropy flux, and wave speeds in mixtures of gases
162. On Nash’s unique contribution to analysis in just three of his papers
163. An H-Principle With Boundary Condition
164. The discovery of the syllogism
165. Games and networks
166. Hydrophobic films and their efficiency against moisture transfer. 1. Influence of the film preparation technique
167. Pragmatic perspective on phatic functions and language dignity
168. Scholastic effort: An empirical test of student choice models

169. Wisconsin’s model academic standards for business
170. A strong parametric h-principle for complete minimal surfaces
171. Boltzmann’s kernel and the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation
172. The Boltzmann Equation in Bounded Domains
173. Stabilized convex symplectic manifolds are Weinstein
174. Finiteness of π1 and geometric inequalities in almost positive Ricci curvature
175. M. Hazewinkel (ed.), Encyclopaedia of Mathematics© Kluwer Academic Publishers 1994
176. Friction induced vibration: brake moan
177. Resonance in rarefied gases
178. Modeling of residuals in a test data optimal processor-TDOP-of a vehicle trajectory

179. A Special Trefoil Knot Has Two or More Vertices
180. Hybrid evolutionary algorithms for protein structure prediction under the hpnx model
181. Nearness as a function of lateral orientation in pictures
182. Mud volcanoes and the presence of PAHs
183. Аналитическая оценка погрешности позиционирования рабочего органа многофункционального SCARA-модуля
184. The waist inequality in Gromov’s work
185. Postoperative multichannel magnetoencephalography in patients with recurrent seizures after epilepsy surgery
186. Asymptotic theory of a steady flow of a rarefied gas past bodies for small Knudsen numbers
187. Comment on” Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of a Nonconservative Frame of Divergence Instability”
188. On the topology of moduli spaces of non-negatively curved Riemannian metrics
189. The Earlham chemistry curriculum
191. Collapse of Keldysh chains and the stability of nonconservative systems
192. Social Darwinistic ideas and the Development of women’s education in England, 1880–1920
193. Bibliographical references in ethology
194. Research on interest in science: Theories, methods, and findings
195. Structural and aerodynamic data transformation using inverse isoparametric mapping
196. Analisi di alcuni fenomeni evolutivi nonlineari: esistenza delle soluzioni e risoluzione numerica
197. Talk I: One dimensional Convex Integration
198. Інваріантні стани бурильних колон в каналах криволінійних свердловин
199. On Durbin’s and Sims’ residuals in autocorrelation tests
200. Physical Laws and Human Behavior: A Three-Tier Framework
201. Maintenance of allozyme polymorphisms in experimental populations of Drosophila
202. A proof of the smoothing properties of the positive part of Boltzmann’s kernel
203. Educational Writings
204. SAVU: A Statistical Approach for Uncertain Data in Dynamics of Axially Moving Materials
205. The brain as a synergetic and physical system
206. A selected artificial intelligence bibliography for operations researchers
207. Review of parameter identification procedures in groundwater hydrology: The inverse problem
208. Global Solutions to the Cauchy Problem for the Relativistic Boltzmann Equation with Near–Vacuum Data.

209. A limit equation associated to the solvability of the vacuum Einstein constraint equations by using the conformal method
210. A Continuum Model for the Transition Regime: Solutions of Instationary Problems by the Moment Method
211. Errors and Difficulties Encountered by English for Specific Purposes Learners in using Relative pronouns
212. Diffusion‐thermal effects in the topside of the nocturnal equatorial ionosphere
213. Plane Simple Waves in a Half Space of Combined Kinematic and Isotropic Hardening Medium
214. Hamilton’s principle and the calculus of variations
215. Normal shock location of underexpanded gas-particle jets
216. Nonlinear simulation of a flexible aircraft in maneuvering flight
217. Economics for the Common Good: Two Centuries of Economic Thought in the Humanist Tradition
218. Double points of exact Lagrangian immersions and Legendrian contact homology

219. Recent developments in the dynamic stability of elastic structures
220. Convex integration theory: solutions to the h-principle in geometry and topology
221. An experimental test of the law of assimilation.
222. Book Section: On The Creation Of Beauty And Thought: The Unique As Vicissitude
223. Evolutionary robotics: Exploring new horizons
224. Immune co-stimulatory blockade permits human glioblastoma xenografting in immunocompetent mice: model validation with MRI and bioluminescence …
225. Rigorous derivation of generalized kinetic equation
226. Statistical procedures used in multiple-group experiments
227. Black-Litterman model with intuitionistic fuzzy posterior return
228. An Empirical Study of Production Inefficiency in the Presence of Errors-in-the-Variables.

229. A Non-Newtonian mathematical model for two phase hepatic blood flow by using Herschel Bulkley law in Venules with special reference to hepatitis B
230. Upper Maxwellian bounds for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation
231. Computation of shock wave structure using a simpler set of generalized hydrodynamic equations based on nonlinear coupled constitutive relations
233. Individual interest and its implications for understanding intrinsic motivation
234. The hierarchically mechanistic mind: A free-energy formulation of the human psyche
235. Wireless ultrasound surgical system with enhanced power and amplitude performances
236. A Generalized Power-law Model of Blood Flow Through Tapered Arteries with an Overlapping Stenosis
237. Solution of integer optimization problems subjected to non-linear restrictions: an improved algorithm
238. Birational Equivalences and Generalized Weyl Algebras

239. Principles-focused evaluation: the guide
240. An estimation of fracture stress in a brittle solid
241. Lattice Boltzmann methods
242. An Analysis of the Retail Florist Occupation.
243. Misspecifications that can result in path analysis structures
244. Fundamentals of stream processing: application design, systems, and analytics
245. Demand analysis
246. Linear structural equations with latent variables
247. Principles of Digital ‘Panneau’Cartographic Visualisations
248. Landscapes of change: Catastrophe theory and biological processes

249. State-space modeling of aerodynamic forces on plate using singular value decomposition
250. Measuring stochastic technology: The case of Tulare milk production
251. Über die Wurzelverteilung von linearen Abtastsystemen
252. Does Participation in 4‐H Improve Schooling Outcomes? Evidence from Florida
253. Testing for normality of errors in linear models
254. Droplet breakage and coalescence processes in an agitated dispersion. 2. Measurement and interpretation of mixing experiments
255. Functional form, skewness effect, and the risk-return relationship
256. Force chain collapse as grain column buckling in granular materials
257. Salkowski curves revisited: A family of curves with constant curvature and non-constant torsion
258. Synthesis and Bioactivity of Silver Nanoparticles Against Bacteria (E. coli and Enterococcus sp. ) Isolated from Kalamu River, Kinshasa City, Democratic Republic of …

259. Procedures and models for aeroservoelastic analysis and design
260. On the empirical evaluation of similarity coefficients for spreadsheets fault localization
261. State certification requirements for teachers of atypical children
262. Intuitionistic sequential compactness?
263. Outdoor experiments data
264. Matlab-based simulator of cooperative spectrum sensing in real channel conditions
265. Physico-chemical model of a protocell
266. Does Marketing Need Better Marketing? A Creative Approach to Understanding Student Perceptions of the Marketing Major.
267. Sex differences in self-report errors: a note of caution
268. Holonomic approximation through convex integration

269. A Galois connection between classical and intuitionistic logics. II: Semantics
270. Strong contraction mapping and topological non-convex optimization
271. Integrating feedback control and run-to-run control in multi-wafer thermal atomic layer deposition of thin films
272. About the regularizing properties of the non-cut-off Kac equation
273. Instability of dynamically-loaded structures
274. Outline Course of Pure Mathematics
275. Theory of the Boltzmann equation
276. Quantifying performance appraisal parameters: a forward feature selection approach
277. Trace effects in stability
278. A note on the Turing universality of homogeneous potential wells and geodesible flows

280. A model of the wall boundary condition in kinetic theory.
281. On some properties of the Landau kinetic equation
282. A Hybrid Reduced-Order Model for the Aeroelastic Analysis of Flexible Subsonic Wings—A Parametric Assessment
283. The Legal Comparative Study of the Agreements of the Derivatives
284. The Galerkin formulation and the Hamilton-Ritz formulation: A comparison
285. Metrics of negative Ricci curvature
287. Rigidity of nonnegatively curved surfaces relative to a curve
288. Toward XAI & Human Synergies to Explain the History of Art: The Smart Photobooth Project
289. Does scientific eminence endure? Making sense of the most cited economists, psychologists and sociologists in textbooks (1970–2010)
290. Optimization of LaGrange College Admissions Counselors’ Paths Using Student Data
291. Coordination dynamics of the complementary nature
292. Equilibrium paths of a three-bar truss in finite elasticity with an application to graphene
293. Viability Theory
294. Synergies reciprocally relate end-effector and joint-angles in rhythmic pointing movements
295. Effect of caffeine and alcohol on performance under stress of audiofeedback
296. Toward a complementary neuroscience: metastable coordination dynamics of the brain
297. Incommensurability
298. Frequency and related Factors with False Positive Neonatal hypothyroidism Screening Test in Kerman, 2016-17
299. Selected for success: How Headsprout Reading Basics™ teaches beginning reading
300. Hypocoercivity for the linear Boltzmann equation with confining forces
301. On h-principle and Onsager’s conjecture
302. Acquired long QT syndrome: frequency, onset, and risk factors in intensive care patients
303. Simulating stable stochastic systems, V: Comparison of ratio estimators
304. Introduction to the -Principle
306. Dropwise condensation of low surface tension fluids on omniphobic surfaces
307. Bell And
308. Historical perspective on analysis and control of aeroelastic responses

309. Non linear model of the flight of flexible aircraft
311. Numerical study on evolution of subharmonic varicose low-speed streaks in turbulent channel flow
312. Aeroelastic response and flutter of swept aircraft wings
313. On the nonlinear dynamic responses of FG-CNTRC beams exposed to aerothermal loads using third-order piston theory
314. On the Problem of De ning Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium
315. Coalescence of aeroelastic modes in flutter analysis
316. Exact schemes for second-order linear differential equations in self-adjoint cases
317. Generalized networks: A fundamental computer-based planning tool

318. Social Psychology of Law
320. Buckling of Corrugated Ring under Uniform External Pressure
321. Effect of rainfall errors on accuracy of design flood estimates
322. The stability of mechanical systems with positional non-conservative forces
323. The development of Berkeley’s philosophy 1708-10
324. Nanoparticles Photosensitization in Sebaceous Gland
325. Running a Computer Security Course: Challenges, Tools, and Projects
326. Heat transfer in a binary gas mixture between two parallel plates: an application of linear extended thermodynamics
327. Nonlinearities in biology: the brain as an example

328. Implementation of International Norms on Human Rights into the Legislation of Ukraine: Some Theoretical Aspects
330. Application of Hamilton’s law of varying action
331. Extended irreversible thermodynamics beyond the linear regime. A critical overview
332. Nonlinear theory of non-uniform torsion of thin-walled open beams
333. Flockwall: a full-scale spatial environment with discrete collaborative modules
334. Regional econometric and dynamic models
335. The Principles of Economics Textbook: An Analysis of Its Past, Present & Future
336. The development and substantiation of the kinetic theory of gases in the twentieth century
337. Teaching and studying chemistry: A sensational, sedate, and social study and sport

338. Perceptual Quantitative Evaluation of the Design Appearance of Garbage Can
339. Between Frege and Peirce: Josiah Royce’s Structural Logicism
340. The cult of empiricism in psychology, and beyond.
341. Existence h-principle for Engel structures
342. Aquifer parameter identification with kriging and optimum parameterization
343. Aerodynamic design of gas and aerosol samplers for aircraft
344. Design of Computer Identification System for GEO Satellite Link Characterization
345. The Growth Of Reason: A STUDY OF the Role of Verbal Activity in the Growth of the
346. Исследование устойчивости продольного движения панели с учетом гидротермоупругого взаимодействия
347. A retrieval algorithm of encrypted speech based on syllable-level perceptual hashing

348. The performance of rational voter models in recent presidential elections
349. Deformations of unbounded convex bodies and hypersurfaces
351. UNIT-I: Contract Act
352. How do Cuisenaire materials in a modified elementary mathematics program affect the mathematical reasoning and computational skill of third-grade children …
353. Reduced-order aeroelastic models via dynamic residualization
354. The method of the students’ competence rating: knowledge, abilities, skills and personal characteristics
355. Direct approach to elastic deformations and stability of thin-walled rods of open profile
356. Onsager’s Principle Consistent 13 Moments Transport Equations
357. Postbuckling dynamics of struts as related to their loading devices

358. Automatic evaluation of the degree of facial nerve paralysis
359. Smooth scalar curvature decrease of big scale on a sphere
360. Predicting metastasis in breast cancer: comparing a decision tree with domain experts
361. The algebraic geometry of the Kostant–Kirillov form
362. Learning assessment reform in Thailand
364. Asymptotic analysis of elastic instability of perfect and imperfect built‐up columns: A functional approach
365. The shifting faces of English-language teaching
366. Ecology and Design: Lessons from the Bamboo Culture
367. The Boltzmann equation

368. Light-Emitting Textiles: Device Architectures, Working Principles, and Applications
369. Diagnosis, prognosis, and rehabilitation in patients with aphasia
370. The problems of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, philosophical
371. George Cheyne, mirror of eighteenth century medicine
372. Computation of the limited information maximum likelihood estimator
373. = Frequency and related Factors with False Positive Neonatal Hypothyroidism Screening Test in Kerman, 2016-17 (Comparison with Newborns with Confirmed …
374. Visualizing time series state changes with prototype based clustering
375. The Use of Tablets in Secondary Schools and Its Relationship with Computer Literacy
376. Stoic practical philosophy in the imperial period
377. Geometric, algebraic, and analytic descendants of Nash isometric embedding theorems
378. Normal curvatures of asymptotically constant graphs and Carathéodory’s conjecture
379. The effect of small internal and external damping on the stability of distributed non-conservative systems
380. Macroscopic description of steady and unsteady rarefaction effects in boundary value problems of gas dynamics
381. Methodological suggestions from a comparative psychology of knowledge processes
382. Seminario de Iniciación á Investigación
383. A Riemannian four vertex theorem for surfaces with boundary
384. A simple construction of positive loops of Legendrians
385. Solution of a nonlinear Boltzmann equation for neutron transport in L 1 space
386. Developmental versus remedial: Does a confusion of terms exist in reading programs
387. An analysis of the effectiveness of an outdoor education technique as measured by the Iowa Test of Educational Development
388. Numerical Campedelli surfaces cannot have the symmetric group as the algebraic fundamental group
389. The moduli problem for integrable systems: the example of a geodesic flow on SO (4)
390. Least squares method for LR fuzzy variables
391. CM 3: One dimensional Convex Integration
392. Time evolution of large classical systems
393. A walk in the right direction: A model for visual arts education
394. Disentangling Electronic and Vibrational Effects in the Prediction of Band Shapes for Singlet–Triplet Transitions
395. Phonon Spectroscopy of Semiconducting Substitution Solid Solutions as a Method to Study Short-Range Order
396. A review of industry aggregation in input-output models
397. On the various forms of the energy equation for a dilute, monatomic mixture of nonreacting gases

398. Good Wives and Little Mothers: Social Anxieties and the Schoolgirl’s Curriculum, 1890‐1920
399. Approximations of periodic functions to by curvatures of closed curves
400. Unifying Large-and Small-Scale Theories of Coordination
401. Loose Legendrians and the plastikstufe
402. Glimmerglass Volume 37 Number 02 (1977)
403. The elastic stability of two-parameter nonconservative systems
404. Some improved mixed regression estimators and their comparison when disturbance terms follow Multivariate t-distribution
405. A Model Curriculum for Programs of Study in Information Security/Cybersecurity March 2021
406. The effect of music instruction on prekindergartners’ mathematics ability
407. Detection of Near-Nulticollinearity through Centered and Noncentered Regression

408. Combining site‐specific and regional information: An empirical Bayes approach
409. Analysis of the vibrations of inflatable dams under overflow conditions
410. NEGATIVELY CURVED MOBIUS STRIPS ON A GIVEN KNOT (Pursuit of the Essence of Singularity Theory)
411. Structural stability of a light rotating beam under combined loads
412. Mixed sectional-Ricci curvature obstructions on tori
413. Flutter and response of a mistuned cascade in incompressible flow
414. A university examination‐scheduling model to minimize multiple‐examination days for students
415. Estimator bias in a lake phosphorus model with observation error
416. Mixing solutions for IPM
417. Radiative transfer within the framework of extended irreversible thermodynamics

418. tJJ2-DISTRIBUTION-See’Omega-squared’distribu-tion.
419. Stability theory for dissipatively perturbed Hamiltonian systems
420. Consciousness is a Form of Life,# 2–Dynamic Systems Theory and The Dynamic World Picture.
421. Dynamic stability of shallow shells subjected to follower forces
422. Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics BGSMath
423. Kinetic Equations of Active Soft Matter
424. On the Various Forms of the Energy Equation for a Dilute, Monatomic Mixture of Nonreacting Gases
425. Econometrics: Survey of course reading materials in universities in Canada and the United States
426. Open problems in geometry of curves and surfaces
427. An evaluation of teacher trainees at the University of Massachusetts, 1938-48.

429. Frequency-specific threshold determination with the CERAgram method: basic principle and retrospective evaluation of data
430. A Contribution to the Rehabilitation of Mixed Estimation
431. Flutter analysis using transversality theory
432. Bibliography of Modern Language Methodology in America for 1922
433. The Effects of Non-line of Sight (NLOS) Channel on a User with Varying Device Orientations
434. Byrne, FJ, 65
435. Contact and isocontact embedding of $${\varvec {\pi}} $$ π-manifolds
436. Control of non-self-adjoint distributed-parameter systems
437. Assumed mode methods for structural analysis and simulation

438. dmrff: identifying differentially methylated regions efficiently with power and control
439. The development of Galois theory from Lagrange to Artin
440. Holomorphic jets in symplectic manifolds
442. Round about Theta. Part I Prehistory
443. Berg, A. Wozzeck
445. s in italic are of books reviewed; titles in roman are of articles in the journal.
446. A relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and Cantor’s ternary set
447. Metamorphoses of characteristic curves in circulatory systems

448. An econometric analysis of advertising, retail availability, and sales of a new brand
449. Biophysical model of the role of actin remodeling on dendritic spine morphology
450. On stationary heat conduction in 3D symmetric domains: an application of extended thermodynamics
451. Real world applications of network related problems and breakthroughs in solving them efficiently
452. The optimal extended balanced loss function estimators
453. F-Rough Information Fusion and Its Feature Recognition
454. Unbiasedness of predictions from estimated autoregressions when the true order is unknown
455. Universality of Euler flows and flexibility of Reeb embeddings
456. Bemerkungen zum gebrauch von saison-variblen bei der schätzung von bistributed-lag-moiellen unter polynomialen restriktionen
457. Interval-based Solar PV Power Forecasting Using MLP-NSGAII in Niroo Research Institute of Iran

458. Kontribusi Ilmu Manajemen dalam Pengembangan Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
459. Stable memory with unstable synapses
460. Constructing exact Lagrangian immersions with few double points
461. Teoretisk psykologi
462. Field variational principles for irreversible energy and mass transfer
463. Álgebra Linear Diagonalizaçao de Operadores
464. Impact of mycelia on the accessibility of fluorene to PAH-degrading bacteria
465. The kinetic foundations of non-local nonequilibrium thermodynamics
466. An analysis of case mix complexity using information theory and diagnostic related grouping
467. Синергия геометрических инвариантов двумерных многообразий на основе математического и компьютерного моделирования
468. Weinstein manifolds revisited
469. Abordarea STEM și transdisciplinaritatea la lecțiile de Fizică
470. A relative h-principle via cobordism-like categories
471. A Principal Components Analysis of the National Accounting Data of Eighteen OECD Countries
472. Partial differential relations
473. Reduced-order short-period model of flexible aircraft
475. Fitting aerodynamic forces in the Laplace domain: An application of a nonlinear nongradient technique to multilevel constrained optimization
476. Moderate rotations of shells under circulatory loading
477. Machine learning from computer simulations with applications in rail vehicle dynamics
478. Weinstein manifolds revisited
479. Abordarea STEM și transdisciplinaritatea la lecțiile de Fizică
480. A relative h-principle via cobordism-like categories
481. A Principal Components Analysis of the National Accounting Data of Eighteen OECD Countries
482. Partial differential relations
483. Reduced-order short-period model of flexible aircraft
485. Fitting aerodynamic forces in the Laplace domain: An application of a nonlinear nongradient technique to multilevel constrained optimization
486. Moderate rotations of shells under circulatory loading
487. Machine learning from computer simulations with applications in rail vehicle dynamics

488. Massive database generation for 2.5 D borehole electromagnetic measurements using refined isogeometric analysis
489. Adsorption on the walls of a cylindrical channel
490. Existence of complete conformal metrics of negative Ricci curvature on manifolds with boundary
491. Supply And Demand Stabilization And Economic Welfare In Agriculture: Some Dynamic Considerations
492. Impacts of statistical feedback on the flexibility-accuracy trade-offin biological systems
493. Psychiatry rides madly in all directions
494. Form of the Energy in the Brain
495. Efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency in human resource use: A primer on the three e’s
496. Least squares and entropy: A penalty function perspective

497. John Russell Reynolds
498. A flexible method for empirically estimating probability functions
499. Gust Loads Calculation of a Flying Wing Configuration
500. Phase Transitions, Chaos and Joint Action in the Life Space Foam
501. Modeling and evaluating cross-layer elasticity strategies in cloud systems
502. Colliding Coupled Harmonic Oscillators: Ideal vs. Real
503. a guide to recent publications in the social and behavioral sciences
504. Dependence of object identification upon edge and surface
505. Dynamical analysis of the EEG and treatment of human status epilepticus by antiepileptic drugs
506. What can synergetics contribute to the understanding of brain functioning?