Metamaterials Research Topics Ideas in Mathematics 

Metamaterials Research Topics Ideas in Mathematics

1. Optimal electromechanical bandgaps in piezo-embedded mechanical metamaterials
2. Seismic barriers filled with granular metamaterials: Mathematical models for granular metamaterials
3. Implementing fractional Fourier transform and solving partial differential equations using acoustic computational metamaterials in space domain
4. Temporal metamaterials with gain and loss
5. Analogue computing with metamaterials
6. Mathematical analysis of subwavelength metamaterials: sensors, waveguides and biomimicry
7. A novel graphene based tunable semiconductor metamaterial: A mathematical analysis
8. Additive manufacturing introduced substructure and computational determination of metamaterials parameters by means of the asymptotic homogenization
9. Strategic damping placement in viscoelastic bandgap structures: dissecting the metadamping phenomenon in multiresonator metamaterials
10. Roton-like acoustical dispersion relations in 3D metamaterials
11. Topological design of pentamode lattice metamaterials using a ground structure method
12. Properties of translation operator and the solution of the eigenvalue and boundary value problems of arbitrary space–time periodic metamaterials
13. In-depth gaze at the astonishing mechanical behavior of bone: A review for designing bio-inspired hierarchical metamaterials
14. Contact interactions in complex fibrous metamaterials
15. Nonlocal approaches to the dynamics of metamaterials
16. Traveling wave with beta derivative spatial-temporal evolution for describing the nonlinear directional couplers with metamaterials via two distinct methods
17. Spectral entropy and strain energy trends in composite mechanical metamaterials
18. Metamaterials Realization and Circuit Models–I
19. Optical Realization of Wave-Based Analog Computing with Metamaterials
20. Size effects of mechanical metamaterials: a computational study based on a second-order asymptotic homogenization method

21. Optical wave patterns in cubic–quintic nonlinear metamaterials
22. Optical solitons to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in metamaterials and modulation instability
23. Theoretical verification of three-dimensional manufacturable pentamode metamaterial microstructure
24. Optimal design of chiral metamaterials with prescribed nonlinear properties
25. Inverse analysis of metamaterials and parameter determination by means of an automatized optimization problem
26. A novel phase‐field approach to brittle damage mechanics of gradient metamaterials combining action formalism and history variable
27. Looking Into Surface Plasmon Polaritons Guided by the Acoustic Metamaterials
28. A mathematical study of a hyperbolic metamaterial in free space
29. Theoretical circuit modeling of tetra bands DNG metamaterial by transmission line theory with very small frequency
31. Multi-resonator metamaterials as multi-band metastructures
32. Design of single-phase chiral metamaterials for broadband double negativity via shape optimization
33. Optical soliton propagation patterns in anti-cubic nonlinear metamaterials by a unified integral approach

34. A rate-independent internal friction to describe the hysteretic behavior of pantographic structures under cyclic loads
35. Design and modeling of the 2D auxetic metamaterials with hyperelastic properties using topology optimization approach
36. Exploiting space-time duality in the synthesis of impedance transformers via temporal metamaterials
37. Electromagnetics for Zero-Index Metamaterials
38. Design of metamaterial mechanisms using robust topology optimization and variable linking scheme
39. A Portable Electromagnetic Head Imaging System Using Metamaterial Loaded Compact Directional 3D Antenna
40. Universal route for the emergence of exceptional points in PT-symmetric metamaterials with unfolding spectral symmetries

41. Cubic–quartic solitons for twin-core couplers in optical metamaterials
42. Investigation of deformation behavior of PETG-FDM-printed metamaterials with pantographic substructures based on different slicing strategies
43. Directional infrasound sensing using acoustic metamaterials
44. Geometric design classification of kirigami-inspired metastructures and metamaterials
45. Mechanical behavior of 3D‐printed polymeric metamaterials for lightweight applications
46. Characterization of underwater acoustic metamaterials inspired by transformation acoustics
47. Multi-physics of dynamic elastic metamaterials and earthquake systems
48. Momentum space toroidal moment in a photonic metamaterial
49. FETD Study of the Wave Propagation in Chiral Metamaterials
50. Modeling and Analysis of the Transient Behavior of an Elastic Metamaterial as a Generalized Cosserat Continuum
51. New Energy Analysis of Yee Scheme for Metamaterial Maxwell’s Equations on Non-Uniform Rectangular Meshes
52. Rapid design of metamaterials via multitarget Bayesian optimization
53. Low frequency topologically protected wave transport in sinusoidal lightweight acoustic metamaterials
54. An adaptive boundary element method for the transmission problem with hyperbolic metamaterials
55. Numerical homogenization of second gradient, linear elastic constitutive models for cubic 3D beam-lattice metamaterials
56. Are higher-gradient models also capable of predicting mechanical behavior in the case of wide-knit pantographic structures?
57. On the modified transmission eigenvalue problem with an artificial metamaterial background
58. Metamaterial Acoustics on the (2+ 1) D Einstein Cylinder
59. Impact of fractional effects on modulational instability and bright soliton in fractional optical metamaterials
60. A mathematically defined 3D auxetic metamaterial with tunable mechanical and conduction properties

61. Lattice shells composed of two families of curved Kirchhoff rods: an archetypal example, topology optimization of a cycloidal metamaterial
62. Wallpaper Groups and Auxetic Metamaterials
63. Design of one-dimensional acoustic metamaterials using machine learning and cell concatenation
64. Soap film inspired mechanical metamaterials approaching theoretical bound of stiffness across full density range
65. Mechanical activity and odd elasticity of passive, 2D chiral metamaterials
66. A review on application of mechanical metamaterials for vibration control
67. Designing nonlinear thermal devices and metamaterials under the Fourier law: A route to nonlinear thermotics
68. Stacked-origami mechanical metamaterial with tailored multistage stiffness
69. Modeling the Mechanical Response of Auxetic Metamaterials to Dynamic Effects
70. Solitons dynamics in optical metamaterial with quadratic cubic nonlinearity using modified extended direct algebraic method

71. Design and Wave Propagation Characterization of Starchiral Metamaterials
72. Homogenization and free-vibration analysis of elastic metamaterial plates by Carrera Unified Formulation finite elements
73. Acoustic-Elastic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals for Energy Harvesting: A Review
74. Finite memory model of bone healing in analysis of moving interface between mandible tissue and bone substitute material after tooth implant application
75. Compliant curved-crease origami-inspired metamaterials with a programmable force-displacement response
76. Compact Ultrawide Band Metamaterial-Inspired Split Ring Resonator Structure Loaded Band Notched Antenna
77. Vibration properties and optimized design of a nonlinear acoustic metamaterial beam
78. A reprogrammable mechanical metamaterial with stable memory
79. Mathematical and numerical analyses for the div-curl and div-curlcurl problems with a sign-changing coefficient
80. Nonlinear Optics with Zero-Index Metamaterials

81. Data-driven topology optimization of spinodoid metamaterials with seamlessly tunable anisotropy
82. Widening, Transition and Coalescence of Local Resonance Band Gaps in Multi-resonator Acoustic Metamaterials: From Unit Cells to Finite Chains
83. Transmission of layered nanoresonators including epsilon-near-zero metamaterials: interference-enabled opportunities to realize ultrathin polarization converters
84. Inductively tuned modified split ring resonator based quad band epsilon negative (ENG) with near zero index (NZI) metamaterial for multiband antenna …
85. Bandgap and vibration transfer characteristics of scissor-like periodic metamaterials
86. Deep Learning the Electromagnetic Properties of Metamaterials—A Comprehensive Review
87. Influence of Resonator Configuration on Band Gap Range in Acoustic Metamaterials
88. Frequency-division-multiplexing information transmission based on index-near-zero metamaterials
89. Auxetics-Inspired Tunable Metamaterials for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
90. Fractional dynamics in nonlinear magnetic metamaterials

91. Design of a free space metamaterial lens based on LC parameters at S-band
92. Chiralisation of Euclidean polygonal tessellations for the design of new auxetic metamaterials
93. On principal component analysis of the convex combination of two data matrices and its application to acoustic metamaterial filters
94. Time-Domain Finite-Element Method for Near-Field Applications With Magnetic Metamaterials
95. Metamaterials and their applications: an overview
96. Metamaterials with high degrees of freedom: space, time, and more
97. Neuromorphic Metamaterial Structures
98. Metamaterial‐loaded multiband antenna for embedded automotive Internet‐of‐Things communications
99. Unifying approach to multilayer metamaterials absorber for bandwidth enhancement
100. A Novel Elastic Metamaterial with Multiple Resonators for Vibration Suppression

101. Emergent mechanical properties of biomimetic exoskeletal metamaterials
102. Goos-Hanchen-effect for near-zero-index metamaterials excited by fractional dual fields
103. The Saint-Venant problem for general anisotropic piezoelectric cylinders with applications to smart metamaterials design
104. Active feedback control of sound radiation in elastic wave metamaterials immersed in water with fluid–solid coupling
105. Spectro-spatial wave features in nonlinear metamaterials: Theoretical and computational studies
106. Novel Planar Auxetic Metamaterial Perforated with Orthogonally Aligned Oval‐Shaped Holes and Machine Learning Solutions
107. Dynamics of pantographic sheet around the clamping region: experimental and numerical analysis
108. Backward-energy Propagation in Nonlinear Magnetic Metamaterials
109. The 3D-Printed Honeycomb Metamaterials Tubes with Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio for High-Performance Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties
110. Metamaterials for radiactive cooling
111. The study of the genesis of novel mathematical and mechanical theories provides an inspiration for future original research
112. Structural Mechanics of Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Metamaterials
113. On the validity of the tight-binding method for describing systems of subwavelength resonators
114. Sound Transmission Comparisons of Active Elastic Wave Metamaterial Immersed in External Mean Flow
115. Calculation of characteristics of planar antenna arrays with substrates made of chiral metamaterials taking into account the dispersion of macroscopic parameters
116. Parameter modulation of periodic waves and solitons in metamaterials with higher-order dispersive and nonlinear effects
117. Metamaterial and Helmholtz coupled resonator for high-density acoustic energy harvesting
118. Wallpaper Groups and Auxetic Metamaterials
119. Torsional bandgap switching in metamaterials with compression–torsion interacted origami resonators
120. Study of room temperature coupling of colloidal quantum dots to plasmonic arrays and metamaterials: from single quantum dot to quantum dot assemblies

121. Poynting effects in pantographic metamaterial captured via multiscale DVC
122. Propagation and attenuation of Rayleigh and pseudo surface waves in viscoelastic metamaterials
123. Band-gap Properties of Elastic Sandwich Metamaterial Plates with Composite Periodic Rod Core
124. Adaptive topology optimization for innovative 3D printed metamaterials
125. Time-dependent high-contrast subwavelength resonators
126. Topology optimisation for isotropic mechanical metamaterials considering material uncertainties
127. Artificial intelligence-enabled smart mechanical metamaterials: advent and future trends
128. Bio-Inspired Design of a Porous Resorbable Scaffold for Bone Reconstruction: A Preliminary Study
129. Multistability phenomenon in signal processing, energy harvesting, composite structures, and metamaterials: A review
130. Reinforcement learning applied to metamaterial design

131. Dynamically controllable multi-switch and slow light based on a pyramid-shaped monolayer graphene metamaterial
132. Dynamic Elastic Metamaterials
133. Bézier-based metamaterials: Synthesis, mechanics and additive manufacturing
134. Time-dispersive behaviour of resonant media
135. Free and forced wave propagation in beam lattice metamaterials with viscoelastic resonators
136. A Conformal Metamaterial with Wide DNG Region for C and X Microwave Bands
137. … hyperelastic constitutive models for finite deformations combining material theory and data-driven approaches with application to cubic lattice metamaterials
138. Geometric construction of auxetic metamaterials
139. Electro-mechanical coupling diode of elastic wave in nonlinear piezoelectric metamaterials
140. Metamaterial based fractal-ground loaded frequency-reconfigurable monopole-antenna with gain-bandwidth enhancement

141. Nonlinear dispersion properties of one-dimensional mechanical metamaterials with inertia amplification
142. Tailored Mechanical Metamaterials with Programmable Quasi‐Zero‐Stiffness Features for Full‐Band Vibration Isolation
143. Inverted and programmable Poynting effects in metamaterials
144. Broadening band gaps of shear horizontal waves of metamaterials via graded hierarchical architectures
145. Multi-wave trains and Sasa-Satsuma freak events generation in an optical metamaterial
146. Novel metamaterials with thermal-torsion and tensile-torsion coupling effects
147. Metamaterial structure analysis using graphs
148. Programming nonreciprocity and reversibility in multistable mechanical metamaterials
149. Radiative thermal diode via hyperbolic metamaterials
150. Radiation Improvement of Microstrip Antenna by Metamaterial Superstrate

151. A topological-metamaterial-based vibration energy harvester
152. Cutting-Edge Metastructures: Micro-Architected and Active Metamaterials
153. From photonic crystals to seismic metamaterials: A review via phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials
155. Numerical study of the influence of relative parameters of the metamaterial structure on its mechanical behavior
156. Air-bridged Schottky diodes for dynamically tunable millimeter-wave metamaterial phase shifters
157. Computational study of seismic wave propagation through metamaterial foundation
158. Topology optimization of acoustic metasurfaces by using a two-scale homogenization method
159. Using High-k VPP Modes in Grating-Coupled Graphene-Based Hyperbolic Metamaterial for Tunable Sensor Design
160. Characterization of an underwater metamaterial made of aluminum honeycomb panels at low frequencies

161. Exact Solutions and Dynamics of the Raman Soliton Model in Nanoscale Optical Waveguides, with Metamaterials, Having Anti-cubic Nonlinearity
162. Mechanical design and energy absorption performances of rational gradient lattice metamaterials
163. Bright and Singular Optical Solitons in Nonlinear Negative-Index Materials with Quadratic–Cubic Nonlinearity
164. Optimization of connection architectures and mass distributions for metamaterials with multiple resonators
165. Steady-state antiplane crack considering the flexoelectrics effect: surface waves and flexoelectric metamaterials
166. Introduction: Mathematical Sciences and Naval Engineering
167. Metamaterial hydrodynamic flow concentrator
168. Observation of roton-like dispersion relations in acoustic metamaterials
169. A seismic metamaterial concept with very short resonators using depleted uranium
170. Design of Microfabricated Mechanically Interlocking Metamaterials for Reworkable Heterogeneous Integration

171. Trapped Modes and Negative Refraction in a Locally Resonant Metamaterial: Transient Insights into Manufacturing Bounds for Ultrasonic Applications
172. An integrated toolchain for the design of aeroacoustic metamaterials: the AERIALIST H2020 project.
173. Compression-torsion conversion behavior of a cylindrical mechanical metamaterial based on askew re-entrant cells
174. Propagation of nonlinear waves in graded flexible metamaterials
175. Novel multifunctional negative stiffness mechanical metamaterial structure: Tailored functions of multi-stable and compressive mono-stable
176. Higher order constitutive relations and interface conditions for metamaterials with strong spatial dispersion
177. Computational analysis of acoustic metamaterials: An outsider’s perspective

178. Dynamic behavior of soft, resonant metamaterials: Experiments and simulations
179. Mathematical modeling of antireflection coating based on double negative index materials
180. Optimisation of three-dimensional hierarchical structures with tailored lattice metamaterial anisotropy
181. Optical magnetic response without metamaterials
182. A topology optimisation of composite elastic metamaterial slabs based on the manipulation of far-field behaviours
183. An analytical approach for calculating natural frequencies of finite one-dimensional acoustic metamaterials
184. Finite element analysis as a tool to design acoustic metamaterials by a non-expert user
185. Homogenization of piezoelectric planar Willis materials undergoing antiplane shear
186. Unlabeled Far‐Field Deeply Subwavelength Topological Microscopy (DSTM)
188. Robust topological designs for extreme metamaterial micro-structures
189. Wave modulation in a nonlinear acoustic metamaterial
190. Transformable topological mechanical metamaterials based on Maxwell lattices

191. Simulating wave propagation in acoustic metamaterials with isogeometric analysis
192. Extraordinary wave modes in purely imaginary metamaterials beyond the critical angle
193. Non local effects in cone-shaped metamaterials
194. Analysis of the interaction of Helmholtz resonators in periodic acoustic metamaterials depending on its orientation with the acoustic source
195. Topological surface wave metamaterials for robust vibration attenuation and energy harvesting
196. Total multiple scattering cross section evaluation using convolutional neural networks for forward and inverse designs of acoustic metamaterials
197. Distribution of electromagnetic energy density in a dispersive and dissipative metamaterial
198. Tunable Toroidal Response in a Reconfigurable Terahertz Metamaterial
199. Nanophotonics as computing machines
200. Electrostriction-induced third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility in metamaterials
201. Imaging through an imperfect skull with non-Hermitian complementary acoustic metamaterials
202. A novel bi-material negative stiffness metamaterial in sleeve-type via combining rigidity with softness
203. Compression behaviours of 3D-printed CF/PA metamaterials: Experiment and modelling
204. An enhanced dual-resonator metamaterial beam for low-frequency vibration suppression
205. Spectral variational multiscale enrichment method—A new computational approach to transient dynamics of phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials
206. Sequentially tunable buckling in 3D printing auxetic metamaterial undergoing twofold viscoelastic resonances
207. Graphene-integrated hybridized metamaterials for wide-angle tunable THz absorbers
208. Design and development of metamaterial bandpass filter for WLAN applications using circular split ring resonator
209. Enhanced compressive and energy absorption properties of braided lattice and polyurethane foam hybrid composites
210. Tunable asymmetric acoustic transmission via binary metasurface and zero-index metamaterials

211. Programmable mechanical metamaterials based on hierarchical rotating structures
212. Dynamically Tunable Electromagnetically Induced Transparency-Like Effect in Terahertz Metamaterial Based on Graphene Cross Structures
213. Coherent amplification and inversion less lasing of surface plasmon polaritons in a negative index metamaterial with a resonant atomic medium
214. Wearable metamaterial for electromagnetic radiation shielding
215. Emulating interacting waveguide quantum electrodynamics with wire metamaterials
217. Design and mathematical analysis of a metasurface-based THz bandpass filter with an equivalent circuit model
218. eneral Inverse Design of Thin-Film Metamaterials With Convolutional Neural Networks
219. Large programmable coefficient of thermal expansion in additively manufactured bi-material mechanical metamaterial
220. Designing polymer metamaterial for protective armor: a coarse-grained formulation

221. A perfect electrically tunable graphene-based metamaterial absorber
222. Limiting amplitude principle and resonances in plasmonic structures with corners: numerical investigation
223. A single inverse-designed photonic structure that performs parallel computing
224. Modified Hexagonal Split Ring Resonator Based on an Epsilon-Negative Metamaterial for Triple-Band Satellite Communication
225. Multidimensional Image and Beam Splitter Based on Hyperbolic Metamaterials
226. Terahertz Dual-Band Near-Zero Effective Index Metamaterial Based on Double-Sided Metal Microstructure
227. A novel metamaterial slow wave structure with larger space-charge-limited current
228. Broadband water-based metamaterial absorber for millimeter-wave, high-power applications
229. Elastic and elasto-plastic analysis of Ti6Al4V micro-lattice structures under compressive loads
230. Reduced linear viscoelastic isotropic Cosserat medium with rotational viscosity: an acoustic metamaterial

231. A low-frequency and wideband resonant metamaterial plate with front radial membrane
232. Research on Ultrabroadband Acoustic Absorbers Based on Slow-wave Metamaterials
233. General Inverse Design of Thin-Film Metamaterials With Convolutional Neural Networks
234. High-efficiency asymmetric transmission of linear polarized waves based on tri-layered metamaterial structure
235. Acoustic metamaterials
236. Design and Analysis of an Ultra-thin Dual-band Metamaterial Absorber for S-Band and X-Band
237. A comparison between rotating squares and anti-tetrachiral systems: Influence of ligaments on the multi-axial mechanical response
238. Research project to reduce the sound level in the pit
239. On control of harmonic waves in an acoustic metamaterial
240. Acoustic Metamaterials: A Review of Theories, Structures, Fabrication Approaches, and Applications
241. A Fano-based acoustic metamaterial for ultra-broadband sound barriers
242. Strain sensing metacomposites of polyaniline/silver nanoparticles/carbon foam
243. Homogenization Theory of Space-Time Metamaterials
244. Induced magnetic field by the interaction between electromagnetic waves and a plasma metamaterial: quantum effect
245. Mesoscale modeling and experimental analyses for pantographic cells: effect of hinge deformation

246. Graded Elastic Metamaterials for Energy Harvesting
247. Experimental characterization of a one-dimensional nonreciprocal acoustic metamaterial with anti-parallel diodes
248. Tunable ultralow frequency wave attenuations in one-dimensional quasi-zero-stiffness metamaterial
249. Developing and Analyzing New Unconditionally Stable Finite Element Schemes for Maxwell’s Equations in Complex Media
250. Tunable frequency response of topologically protected interface modes for membrane-type metamaterials via voltage control

251. High Q-factor multi-Fano resonances in all-dielectric double square hollow metamaterials
252. Linear regression of sensitivity for meander line parasitic resonator based on ENG metamaterial in the application of sensing
253. Near-perfect transmission of a low-profile resonant structure with artificial magnetic conductor metamaterials
254. Additively manufactured mechanical metamaterials based on triply periodic minimal surfaces: Performance, challenges, and application
255. Ultra-broadband metamaterial absorbers from long to very long infrared regime
256. Numerical simulation of the effect of absorption on the transmission of acoustic waves through 3D-printed ABS-plastic metamaterial
257. Breaking reciprocity and preserving-frequency using linear acoustic metamaterials
258. Dyakonov plasmon-polaritones along a hyperbolic metamaterial surface
259. A review of additive manufacturing of metamaterials and developing trends
260. An optic to replace space and its application towards ultra-thin imaging systems

261. Harnessing bulging or sloshing modes to design locally resonant liquid-solid metamaterials
262. Pragmatic generative optimization of novel structural lattice metamaterials with machine learning
263. Elasticity Approach to Predict Shape Transformation of Functionally Graded Mechanical Metamaterial under Tension
264. Zero-Index Metamaterials
265. An Origami Flexiball-Inspired Metamaterial Actuator and Its In-Pipe Robot Prototype
266. Mumerical Models for the Phase Shi of the Permittivity and Permeability for Magnet-Electric Latice in Metamate…
267. Controlling properties of metamaterials with chiral fields using light and chiral molecules
268. Prediction of local resonance band gaps in 2D elastic metamaterials via Bloch mode identification
269. Topological design of pentamode metamaterials with additive manufacturing
270. Chalcogenides-based, all-dielectric, ultrathin metamaterials with perfect, incidence-angle sensitive, mid-infrared absorption: inverse design, analysis, and applications
271. Mathematical analysis of plasmon resonances for curved nanorods
273. Learning Nonlinear Waves in Plasmon-induced Transparency
274. Study of Phases of Matter: Dipolar Dimer Liquid and Topological Metamaterials with Odd Elasticity
275. Plate-type acoustic metamaterials with strip masses
276. Quo Vadis, Metasurfaces?
277. Vortex beam manipulation through a tunable plasma-ferrite metamaterial
278. Thermal camouflaging metamaterials
279. Two layers pantographs: a 2D continuum model accounting for the beams’ offset and relative rotations as averages in SO (3) Lie groups
280. Tunable mechanical diode of nonlinear elastic metamaterials induced by imperfect interface
281. Homogenization of piezoelectric planar Willis materials
282. Effect of metamaterial engineering on the superconductive properties of ultrathin layers of NbTiN
283. Acoustic multi-layer Helmholtz resonance metamaterials with multiple adjustable absorption peaks
284. A frequency response function-based optimization for metamaterial beams considering both location and mass distributions of local resonators
285. Metamaterial inspired pin wheel fractal shaped antenna using parasitic split ring resonator for modern wireless applications
286. Core-shell pentamode metamaterials with broader mechanical response and higher sensitivity
287. Soft Adaptive Mechanical Metamaterials
288. Fabrication of silver helix microstructures in a large area by a two-photon absorption DLW method
289. Computational design of innovative mechanical metafilters via adaptive surrogate-based optimization
290. Active control of the dynamic density of acoustic metamaterials

291. Chiral triclinic metamaterial crystals supporting isotropic acoustical activity and isotropic chiral phonons
292. Optimal design of acoustic metamaterial cloaks under uncertainty
293. Experimental observation of non-Abelian topological acoustic semimetals and their phase transitions
294. Design and analysis of position chirped metamaterial photonic crystal array for confinement of light pulse
295. Realization of frequency hopping characteristics of an epsilon negative metamaterial with high effective medium ratio for multiband microwave applications
296. On the validation of homogenized modeling for bi-pantographic metamaterials via digital image correlation

297. Reducing flow-induced noise and vibrations by resonant metamaterials with multiple stop band behavior
298. Dynamics of mechanical metamaterials: A framework to connect phonons, nonlinear periodic waves and solitons
299. An Origami Flexiball-Inspired Metamaterial Actuator and Its In-Pipe Robot Prototype. Actuators 2021, 10, 67
300. Nanoporous gold nanoleaf as tunable metamaterial
301. Viscoelastic truss metamaterials as time-dependent generalized continua
302. Dynamic characterization of 3D printed mechanical metamaterials with tunable elastic properties
303. Electromagnetic characterization of strong-coupled Omega-type bianisotropic metamaterials using the state transition matrix method
304. Practical sub-λ/2 acoustic focusing using a liquid-immersed metamaterial lens
305. A Stair‐Building Strategy for Tailoring Mechanical Behavior of Re‐Customizable Metamaterials
306. Electromagnetically induced transparency analog in terahertz hybrid metal–dielectric metamaterials
307. Optimization design of metamaterial vibration isolator with honeycomb structure based on multi-fidelity surrogate model
308. Design and simulation of broadband multiphase pentamode metamaterials
309. Modeling the Nonlinear Mechanics of Elastic and Viscoelastic Architected Materials
310. Reflective acoustic metamaterial for dynamic axial sub-wavelength field control in acoustic levitation

311. Micromorphic Continuum Model: Granular Materials to Designed Granular Metamaterials
312. Stimulated Brillouin scattering in metamaterials: a new method for estimation based on homogenization approach
313. Modeling acoustic metamaterials based on reused buttons using data fitting with neural network
314. Metallic Foam Metamaterials for Vibration Damping and Isolation
315. Fish scales: Primitive basis for modern metamaterials
316. Bricked Subwavelength Gratings: A Tailorable On‐Chip Metamaterial Topology
317. Adjustable positive and negative hygrothermal expansion metamaterial inspired by the Maltese cross
318. Acoustic coherent perfect absorber and laser modes via the non-Hermitian dopant in the zero index metamaterials
319. Guiding temperature waves with graded metamaterials
320. Temporal multilayer structures for designing higher-order transfer functions using time-varying metamaterials
321. Computing with Square Electromagnetic Pulses
322. Entropy based designing and analysis of a compact single layer double negative metamaterial with oblique incidents
323. Metamaterial mechanical antenna for very low frequency wireless communication
324. A Microfluidic Acoustic Metamaterial using Electrowetting: Enabling Active Broadband Tunability
325. Integrated photonic metasystem for image classifications at telecommunication wavelength
326. Double negative bend headed I-shaped metamaterial based Terahertz optical power splitter
327. Unraveling interactions of resonances for tunable low frequency bandgap in multiphase metamaterials under applied deformation
328. Numerical investigation of tunable multistacked metamaterial‐based graphene grating
329. (Generalized) Bloch mode synthesis for the fast dispersion curve calculation of 3D periodic metamaterials
330. Nonlinear waves in flexible mechanical metamaterials

331. Thermally tunable polarization-insensitive ultra-broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber based on the coupled toroidal dipole modes
332. Holey-structured tungsten metamaterials for broadband ultrasonic sub-wavelength imaging in water
333. Designing a tuned-shunt electrodynamic metamaterial in the presence of uncertainties
334. The Emergence of Sequential Buckling in Reconfigurable Hexagonal Networks Embedded into Soft Matrix
335. Aperiodic Hyperbolic Metamaterial Superlens with Random Distribution
336. On the approximation of electromagnetic fields by edge finite elements. Part 4: analysis of the model with one sign-changing coefficient
337. Functional mechanical metamaterial with independently tunable stiffness in the three spatial directions
338. About the possibility of metamaterials application at the band–pass microwave filters designing with superwide pass transmission band
339. Analog signal processing through space-time digital metasurfaces
340. Experimental realization of an active non-reciprocal metamaterial using an eigen-structure assignment control strategy
341. Acceleration of radiative recombination in quasi-2D perovskite films on hyperbolic metamaterials
342. The application of chiral metamaterials for sensing and active plasmonics
343. Improving the accuracy of analytical relationships for mechanical properties of permeable metamaterials
344. Highly Sensitive THz Refractive Index Sensor Based on Folded Split-Ring Metamaterial Graphene Resonators
345. Microlattice Metamaterials with Simultaneous Superior Acoustic and Mechanical Energy Absorption
346. Retrieving the Effective Parameters of an Electromagnetic Metamaterial Using the Nicolson-Ross-Weir Method: An Analytic Continuation Problem Along the Path …
347. Concentric shell gradient index metamaterials for focusing ultrasound in bulk media
348. On a surprising instability result of Perfectly Matched Layers for Maxwell’s equations in 3D media with diagonal anisotropy
349. A broadband acoustic panel based on double-layer membrane-type metamaterials
350. Theoretical and Experimental Verification of 90° Polarization Converter Based on Chiral Metamaterials

351. A metamaterial lens based on transformation optics for horizontal radiation of OAM vortex waves
352. Three-dimensional Kinematic Metamaterial with tuneable directional permeability
353. Combinational design of linear and nonlinear elastic metamaterials
354. Voltage-dependent modulation of elastic moduli in lattice metamaterials: Emergence of a programmable state-transition capability
355. Design of elastic metamaterials with ultra-wide low-frequency stopbands via quantitative local resonance analysis
356. Zero Index Metamaterials: Trends and Applications
357. Achieving selective snapping-back and enhanced hysteresis in soft mechanical metamaterials via fiber reinforcement
358. Transient multi-scale analysis with micro-inertia effects using Direct FE 2 method
359. The Study of the Altering Substrate Refractive Index on Single Symmetry Split-Ring Resonator Unit Cell Metamaterial
360. Advanced numerical techniques for the multi-scale modelling of non-linear dynamic metamaterials

361. Theoretical analysis on the stiffness of compression–torsion coupling metamaterials
362. T-coercivity for the asymptotic analysis of scalar problems with sign-changing coefficients in thin periodic domains
363. Adaptively reverse design of terahertz metamaterial for electromagnetically induced transparency with generative adversarial network
364. Negative index metamaterial through multi-wave interactions: numerical proof of the concept of low-frequency Lamb-wave multiplexing
365. Wave and vibration analysis of elastic metamaterial and phononic crystal beams with slowly varying properties
366. Enhancement of wave damping for metamaterial beam structures with embedded inerter-based configurations
367. Multi-resonator coupled metamaterials for broadband vibration suppression
368. A comment: a set square design metamaterial absorber for X-band applications
369. Elastic Wave Propagation in Infinite Branched Metamaterials and Finite Phononic Crystals
370. Acoustic labyrinthine porous metamaterials for subwavelength low-frequency sound absorption

371. Evanescent waves attenuation and stiffness enhancement of viscoelastic locally resonant metamaterials by nanofiller addition-a multi-scale k (ω) based modeling
372. A miniaturized frequency reconfigurable antenna with half-mode CRLH-embedded metamaterial arm
373. Validation of FEM models based on Carrera Unified Formulation for the parametric characterization of composite metamaterials
374. Ultra-wideband polarization-and angle-insensitive metamaterial absorber based on multilayer resistive ink
375. Anisotropy and domain formation in a dipolar magnetic metamaterial
376. Linear-polarization metasurface converter with an arbitrary polarization rotating angle
377. Experimental Study on Wave Propagation in One-Dimensional Viscoelastic Metamaterial
378. Low-frequency flexural wave attenuation in metamaterial sandwich beam with hourglass lattice truss core
379. Metamaterial Inspired Electrically Small Multiband Monopole Antenna Using Single DNG MTM and Ring Resonators
380. 3D gradient auxetic soft mechanical metamaterials fabricated by additive manufacturing

381. Mechanical metamaterials: does toughness characterize fracture?
382. Strength and energy absorption characteristics of Ti6Al4V auxetic 3D anti-tetrachiral metamaterials
383. An Auxetic Metamaterial with Tunable Positive to Negative Hygrothermal Expansion by Means of Counter‐Rotating Crosses
384. Conformal Elasticity of Mechanism-Based Metamaterials
385. A Dual-Mode Power Divider With Embedded Meta-Materials and Additional Grounded Resistors
386. Dynamic tuning of near-field radiative transport between an overlapping pair of movable comb-like metamaterials
387. The influence of clamping, structure geometry and material on seismic metamaterial performance
388. Seismic metamaterials for energy attenuation of shear horizontal waves in transversely isotropic media
389. Attenuating surface gravity waves with mechanical metamaterials
390. Active cloaking and illusion of electric potentials in electrostatics

391. Microwave-heated high-silica glass cloth reinforced polyimide-based metamaterial absorber for aircraft deicing
392. Correlated disorder in rainbow metamaterials for vibration attenuation
393. Solitons in nonlinear directional couplers with optical metamaterials by unified Riccati equation approach
394. Discrete Transformation Elasticity: An Approach to Design Lattice-based Polar Metamaterials
395. Spontaneous emission dynamics of Eu3+ ions coupled to hyperbolic metamaterials
396. Ultra-wideband THz metamaterial filter with steep cut-off
397. Plate arrays as a perfectly-transmitting negative-refraction metamaterial
398. Design and modulation of tunable metamaterials with metal/dielectric particles
399. Brief review of metamaterials and auxetic materials
400. Theoretical stiffness limits of 4D printed self-folding metamaterials

401. Metamaterial-based sensor design using split ring resonator and Hilbert fractal for biomedical application
402. Experimental observation of multi-functional plasma-metamaterial composite for manipulation of electromagnetic-wave propagation
403. Phase singularity annihilation in plasmonic nano-apertures via epsilon-near-zero metamaterials
404. Meta-Programmable Analog Differentiator
405. A practically designed acoustic metamaterial sheet with two-dimensional connection of local resonators for sound insulation applications
406. Stochastic analysis of locally resonant linear and hysteretic metamaterials for seismic isolation of process equipment
408. A wide-angle and ultra-wideband metamaterial absorber based on a cascaded graphite involute windmill blade structure
409. Enhancing the transmission properties of tunable metamaterials based on Dirac semimetals
410. Novel beam-like mechanical metamaterials with different flexural rigidities in two directions

411. Waveguide metamaterial rod as mechanical acoustic filter for enhancing nonlinear ultrasonic detection
412. Optimizing the gain and directivity of a microstrip antenna with metamaterial structures by using artificial neural network approach
413. A Postscript Technical Report on Gravitational Driving
414. Hybrid analytical-numerical optimization design methodology of acoustic metamaterials for sound insulation
415. An auxetic system based on interconnected Y-elements inspired by Islamic geometric patterns
416. Stability domain and design of a plane metamaterial made up of a periodic mesh of rods with cross-bracing cables

417. Analysis of small-scale topology and macroscale mechanical properties of shape memory chiral-lattice metamaterials
418. Nanophotonics enhanced coverslip for phase imaging in biology
419. Sound insulation performance of sandwich structure compounded with a resonant acoustic metamaterial
420. Investigation of methanol contaminated local spirit using metamaterial based transmission line sensor
421. Neural Networks for Structural Optimisation of Mechanical Metamaterials
422. Tunable band gap in distorted square lattice’s phonon spectrum
423. Subwavelength optical localization with toroidal excitations in plasmonic and Mie metamaterials
424. Sub-and supersonic elastic waves in an annular hole phononic metamaterial
425. Ultra-broadband sound absorption of a hierarchical acoustic metamaterial at high temperatures
426. Sub-and supersonic elastic waves in an annular hole phononic metamaterial
427. A novel chiral metamaterial with multistability and programmable stiffness
428. Testing Electrophysical Parameters of Metamaterials by the Method of Surface Electromagnetic Waves
429. Proca Metamaterials, Massive Electromagnetism, and Spatial Dispersion
430. Two-dimensional graded metamaterials with auxetic rectangular perforations

431. Can confined mechanical metamaterials replace adhesives?
432. Frequency conversion cascade by crossing multiple space and time interfaces
433. Simulated and experimental verification of the microwave dual-band metamaterial perfect absorber based on square patch with a 450 diagonal slot structure
434. Tunable pipe-type acoustic metamaterials based on piezoelectric composite side-branches
435. Generative adversarial networks for the design of acoustic metamaterials
436. METASET: Exploring shape and property spaces for data-driven metamaterials design
437. Tunable underwater acoustic metamaterials via quasi-Helmholtz resonance: From low-frequency to ultra-broadband
438. Origami inspired phononic structure with metamaterial inclusions for tunable angular wave steering
439. Biomimetic Metamaterial Design Simulation and Evaluation for Building Acoustics by Impedance Measurements
440. Influence of detuning and Kerr nonlinearity on atom-atom entanglement in the double two-photon Jaynes–Cummings model

441. Synthesis and characterization of Mg–Zn ferrite based flexible microwave composites and its application as SNG metamaterial
442. A broadband metamaterial absorber design using characteristic modes analysis
443. Design of compact and broad-bandwidth rectangular patch antenna using cylindrical rods artificial dielectric
444. Experimental implementation of an active synthesis of a gyroscopic-nonreciprocal acoustic metamaterial
445. A metamaterial beam with inverse nonlinearity for broadband micro-vibration attenuation
446. Tunable infrared metamaterial-based biosensor for detection of hemoglobin and urine using phase change material
447. On the dynamic behaviour of discrete metamaterials: From attenuation to energy localization
448. Dynamical evolution of Sasa–Satsuma rogue waves, breather solutions, and new special wave phenomena in a nonlinear metamaterial
449. Time domain finite element method for metamaterial-based low frequency near field systems
450. Interface-dependent tunable elastic interface states in soft metamaterials

451. Prediction of Ultraslow Magnetic Solitons via Plasmon-induced Transparency by Artificial Neural Networks
452. Perspectives in flow-induced vibration energy harvesting
453. Metamaterial beam with graded local resonators for broadband vibration suppression
454. Holographic communication using intelligent surfaces
455. A multi-band metamaterial absorber based on VO2 layer
456. Investigating the mechanical response of microscale pantographic structures fabricated by multiphoton lithography
457. Comments on “A set square design metamaterial absorber for X band applications”
458. Block Copolymer Directed Metamaterials and Metasurfaces for Novel Optical Devices
459. Propagation of longitudinal waves in the broadband hybrid mechanism gradient elastic metamaterials rods
460. Rotating squares auxetic metamaterials with improved strain tolerance
461. Computational modeling and rational design of flexoelectric metamaterials and devices
462. Flexible and Conformal Metamaterial based Microwave Absorber for WLAN, Wi-MAX and ISM Band Applications
463. Latitude-and-longitude-inspired three-dimensional auxetic metamaterials
464. Additive manufactured thermal metamaterial devices for manipulating heat flow: Geometric configuration design and SLM-assisted fabrication
465. Strong coupling, hyperbolic metamaterials and optical Tamm states in layered dielectric-plasmonic media
466. Stopping and reversing sound via dynamic dispersion tuning in a phononic metamaterial
467. Topology and broken Hermiticity
468. Metamaterials with a controllable thermal-mechanical stability: Mechanical designs, theoretical predictions and experimental demonstrations
469. Highly tunable thermal emitter with vanadium dioxide metamaterials for radiative cooling
470. Excitation of near field coupled dual toroidal resonances in a bilayer terahertz metamaterial configuration

471. Enhancement in the multi-junction thermophotovoltaic system based on near-field heat transfer and hyperbolic metamaterial
472. Bifurcations and Exact Solutions of the Raman Soliton Model in Nanoscale Optical Waveguides with Metamaterials
473. Mechanical behavior of ultralight nickel metamaterial
474. A tunable metamaterial absorber based on liquid crystal with the compact unit cell and the wideband absorption
475. High-amplitude sound propagation in acoustic transmission-line metamaterial
476. Control the structure to optimize the performance of sound absorption of acoustic metamaterial: A review
477. mmWall: A Reconfigurable Metamaterial Surface for mmWave Networks
478. Engineering three-dimensional labyrinthine fractal acoustic metamaterials with low-frequency multi-band sound suppression
479. Bandgap characteristics and wave attenuation of metamaterials based on negative-stiffness dynamic vibration absorbers
480. High gain and frequency reconfigurable copper and liquid metamaterial tooth based microstrip patch antenna

481. Deep Neural Networks for Inverse Design of Nanophotonic Devices
482. Demonstration of Topological Boundary States in Mechanical Metamaterials
483. Inverse design of locally resonant metamaterial with anisotropic mass density for perfect transmodal Fabry–Pérot interference
484. Customized meta-waveguide for phase and absorption
485. Hierarchical combinatorial design and optimization of non-periodic metamaterial structures
486. Hybrid acousto-elastic metamaterials for simultaneous control of low-frequency sound and vibration
487. Active tuning of elastic wave propagation in a piezoelectric metamaterial beam
488. Design Improvements of Negative Refractive Index Metamaterial and Characterization of Refractive Index Discontinuity in Effective Parameters Retrieval Algorithm
489. Polarization Insensitive Multiband Metamaterial Absorber for ISI reduction in X and Ku Band
490. A general, implicit, finite-strain FE 2 framework for the simulation of dynamic problems on two scales

491. Energy localization and topological protection of a locally resonant topological metamaterial for robust vibration energy harvesting
492. Integrating Metamaterial Antenna Node and LiFi for Privacy Preserving Intelligent COVID-19 Hospital Patient Management
493. Journey from solitons to nanophotonics: an interview with Professor Yuri Kivshar
494. Design of a one-dimensional underwater acoustic leaky wave antenna using an elastic metamaterial waveguide
495. Decoupling Minimal Surface Metamaterial Properties Through Multi‐Material Hyperbolic Tilings
496. Equilibria determination of elastic articulated duoskelion beams in 2D via a Riks-type algorithm
497. Anomalous elastic response of a 3D anti-tetrachiral metamaterial
498. Vortex states in an acoustic Weyl crystal with a topological lattice defect
499. 3D printing of dual phase-strengthened microlattices for lightweight micro aerial vehicles
500. Nonlinear Mechanical Metamaterials: From Statics to Dynamics

501. An Unusual 3D Metamaterial with Zero Poisson’s Ratio in Partial Directions
502. Second harmonic generation in amorphous silicon-on-silica metamaterial
503. Origami metamaterial with two-stage programmable compressive strength under quasi-static loading
504. Symmetric square shaped metamaterial structure with quintuple resonance frequencies for S, C, X and Ku band applications
505. The impact of resonant additions’ footprint on the stop band behavior of 1D locally resonant metamaterial realizations
506. Recent advances in ultraviolet nanophotonics: from plasmonics and metamaterials to metasurfaces
507. Spatiotemporal isotropic-to-anisotropic meta-atoms
508. Tunable low-frequency and broadband acoustic metamaterial absorber
509. Mechanical properties of a hybrid auxetic metamaterial and metastructure system
510. GRIN metamaterial generalized Luneburg lens for ultra-long acoustic jet

511. The solitary wave solutions to the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov equations by extended rational methods
512. A compact antipodal Vivaldi antenna with metamaterial half-lens for beam control
513. Electro-optic/metamaterial/electro-optic heterostructure defect induced resonant modes in reflectance spectrum of a band gap structure based on TiO 2/SiO 2 …
514. Backscattering cross-section from a metamaterial coated sphere covered with a metasurface
515. Metamaterial-inspired multilayered structures optimized to enable wireless communications through a plasmasonic region
516. An electrically small inverted L‐shaped asymmetric coplanar strip‐fed antenna with split‐ring resonator for multiband applications
517. Analytical model for miniaturized patch antenna on metaferrite-like substrate
518. A terahertz multi-band metamaterial absorber and its synthetic evaluation method based on multivariate resonant response fusion for trace pesticide detection
519. Non-local oddities
520. Dissipative soliton dynamics and switching in split ring resonator based metamaterial with multi-photon absorption and diffusion

521. Natural seismic metamaterials: the role of tree branches in the birth of Rayleigh wave bandgap for ground born vibration attenuation
522. An Abaqus plugin for evaluation of the Auxetic structure performance
523. Chiro-optical response of a wafer scale metamaterial with ellipsoidal metal nanoparticles
524. Low concentration noroxin detection using terahertz spectroscopy combined with metamaterial
525. Enhanced Fracture Resistance Induced by Coupling Multiple Degrees of Freedom in Elastic Wave Metamaterials with Local Resonators
526. Customized broadband pentamode metamaterials by topology optimization
527. Bidirectional elastic diode with frequency-preserved nonreciprocity
528. Metamaterial-based wearable flexible elliptical UWB antenna for WBAN and breast imaging applications
529. Quasicrystal kirigami
530. Closed Form Kramers–Kronig Relations With Shape Preserving Piecewise Cubic Interpolation

531. Designing and performance evaluation of metamaterial inspired antenna for 4G and 5G applications
532. Limiting Amplitude Principle for a Hyperbolic Metamaterial in Free Space
533. Continuous Resonance Tuning without Blindness by Applying Nonlinear Properties of PIN Diodes
534. Enabling the complete mode conversion of Lamb waves into shear horizontal waves via a resonance-based elastic metamaterial
535. Stepwise analysis of pantographic beams subjected to impulsive loads
536. Design and additive manufacturing of thermal metamaterial with high thermal resistance and cooling capability
537. Metamaterial Based Design of Compact UWB/MIMO Monopoles Antenna with Characteristic Mode Analysis
538. High temperature metamaterial enhanced electromagnetic absorbing coating prepared with alumina ceramic
539. Thermal field manipulation via a two-phase thermal metamaterial
540. Light propagation in anisotropic and metamaterial media by a Finslerian vector eikonal method

541. Dynamic multiple nanoparticle trapping using metamaterial plasmonic tweezers
542. Study on broadband low-frequency sound insulation of multi-channel resonator acoustic metamaterials
544. Engineering a U (1) lattice gauge theory in classical electric circuits
545. Analysis of a Geometrical-Stiffening Membrane Acoustic Metamaterial with Individually Tunable Multi-Frequencies
546. Toroidal Excitations in Metamaterials
547. The Discrete Analysis of the Tissue Biopsy Images With Metamaterial Formalization: Identifying Tumor Locus
548. Transmissive nonlocal multilayer thin film optical filter for image differentiation
549. Rayleigh waves in locally resonant metamaterials
550. Hybrid Bessel beam and metamaterial lenses for deep laparoscopic nondestructive evaluation
551. A tunable metamaterial based on plasmon-induced transparency effect
552. Polarization-insensitive 3D conformal-skin metasurface cloak
553. Experimental evidence of a hiding zone in a density-near-zero acoustic metamaterial
554. Nonperturbative decay dynamics in metamaterial waveguides
555. Scattering Evaluation of Equivalent Surface Impedances of Acoustic Metamaterials in Large FDTD Volumes Using RLC Circuit Modelling
556. A Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Using Metamaterial-Based Transmitter.
557. Особенности расчета киральной среды в зависимости от концентрации киральных элементов
558. Обобщение задачи Фурье о температурных волнах в полупространстве
559. Ultrawide bandgap by 3D monolithic mechanical metastructure for vibration and noise control
560. Оценка стойкости технических средств космических систем и комплексов к воздействию электростатических разрядов

561. Angularly stable and broadband chiral metamaterial based design for asymmetric transmission of linearly polarized waves
562. Ultra-wideband metamaterial absorber doped GaAs in the infrared region
563. Performance Analysis of Dual-band, Triple-band and Multi-band Microstrip Antenna Using Metamaterial
564. Broadband inverted T-shaped seismic metamaterial
565. Acoustoelastic phononic metamaterial for isolation of sound and vibrations
566. Design and Analysis of Metamaterial based-check board AMC Backed EBG Antenna for Body Placement Applications
567. Metamaterial beam for flexural wave resonance rainbow trapping and piezoelectric energy harvesting
568. Precise and target-oriented control of the low-frequency Lamb wave bandgaps
569. Addressing and flood-based communications for the software-defined metamaterial paradigm
570. Spacetime modulation in floating thin elastic plates

571. Phase-Changing Morphing Metamaterial with Hieararchical Musco-Skeletal Structure
572. Finite-Difference Time-Domain Modeling of Periodic Structures: A Review of Constant Wave Vector Techniques
573. Highly efficient transmissive metasurface for polarization control
574. Interpenetrating lattices with enhanced mechanical functionality
575. Tunable Fano Resonance and Enhanced Sensing in Terahertz Metamaterial
576. High‐Efficiency Optical Filters Based on Nanophotonics
577. A wrenched-square shaped polarization independent and wide angle stable ultra-thin metamaterial absorber for S-band, X-band and Ku-band applications
578. Investigation of Topological Phonons in Discrete Mechanical Metamaterials
579. Sound absorption by a metasurface comprising hard spheres in a soft medium
580. Coordinate Transformations-Based Antenna Elements Embedded in a Metamaterial Shell with Scanning Capabilities

581. Inducing topology in a wire medium based metamaterial
582. Edge-Coupled Parasitic Split Ring Resonator based Metamaterial Inspired Low-Cost Diamond Shaped Fractal Antenna for Multiband Wireless Applications
583. Miniaturized Dual-Band Metamaterial-Loaded Antenna for Heterogeneous Vehicular Communication Networks
584. Quasi-static in-plane compression of zig-zag folded metamaterials at large plastic strains
585. 1D Photonic Crystal With Anisotropic Defect Layer Containing Graphene-based Hyperbolic Metamaterial With a Focus on Spectral Statistics
586. Boundary and interface conditions in the relaxed micromorphic model: exploring finite-size metastructures for elastic wave control
587. Mathematical modeling of auxetic systems: bridging the gap between analytical models and observation
588. A Numerical and Experimental Study on an Interconnected Metamaterial for Flexural Vibration Control Based on Modal Strain Energy
589. A review of dielectric optical metasurfaces for spatial differentiation and edge detection
590. CFRP Origami Metamaterial with Tunable Buckling Loads: A Numerical Study

591. A new non targeted bone remodeling model combined with an interpolation meshless method
592. A miniaturized band-reject filter using metamaterial structures on silicon substrate for X-band application
593. Tunable polaritons enhanced by the spiral nanowire metamaterials
594. Recent Progress in Chiral Absorptive Metamaterials
595. Novel and Efficient Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Analysis and Architecting of Ultralight Cellular Materials and their Macrostructural …
596. Analog optical edge detection by spatial high-pass filtering using lithography-free structures
597. Design and Analysis of Metamaterial Patch Antenna 5G and X Band Applications
598. Particle swarm optimization based metamaterial inspired circularly polarized patch antenna for S band applications
599. Elastic foundation induced wide bandgaps for actively-tuned topologically protected wave propagation in phononic crystal beams
600. Building Multifunctional Metasystems via Algorithmic Construction

601. A numerical survey of nonlinear dynamical responses of discrete pantographic beams
602. Poroelastic lamellar metamaterial for sound attenuation in a rectangular duct
603. Topics in the mathematical design of materials
604. Time domain analysis and localization of a non-local PML for dispersive wave equations
605. Electronically Reconfigurable HM-SIW Band-pass Filter Based on New CSRR Design Using PIN Diodes
606. Topological Acoustics
607. Metamaterial-Based Sub-Microwave Electromagnetic Field Energy Harvesting System
608. Mechanical design, impact energy absorption and applications of auxetic structures in automobile lightweight engineering
609. A polarization-insensitive dual-band plasmonic metamaterial absorber for a sensor application
610. On-chip optical spatial-domain integrator based on Fourier optics and metasurface

611. Parallel Analog Computing Based on a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Metasurface Processor With Asymmetric Response
612. Multiwave Processes in Chiral Medium
613. Using Loop-Gap Resonators to Characterize the Permeability of Metamaterials at Microwave Frequencies
614. C Critical-size particles with a stochastic perturbation
615. Three-band perfect absorber with high refractive index sensing based on an active tunable Dirac semimetal
616. Volatile ultrafast switching at multilevel nonvolatile states of phase change material for active flexible terahertz metadevices
617. Analysis of planes within reduced micromorphic model
618. Inflatable Acoustic Meta-Material
619. Optical soliton and weierstrass elliptic function management to parabolic law nonlinear directional couplers and modulation instability spectra
620. 4D Printing of Shape Memory Materials for Textiles: Mechanism, Mathematical Modeling, and Challenges

621. Graphene-based terahertz metamaterial absorber for broadband applications
622. Visualization of Subatomic Movements in Nanostructures
623. Exciton-plasmon coupling in ultrathin periodically aligned carbon nanotube arrays.
624. Improving noise immunity of homography superposition for television signals
625. Beam Focusing for Multi-User MIMO Communications with Dynamic Metasurface Antennas
626. Proca Metamaterials, Massive Electromagnetism, and Nonlocality
627. Chiral transport of pseudospinors induced by synthetic gravitational field in photonic Weyl metamaterials
628. Compact antenna based on split ring resonator as high Q-factor antenna for liquid permittivity measurements
629. On weak solutions of the boundary value problem within linear dilatational strain gradient elasticity for polyhedral Lipschitz domains
630. Odd Willis coupling induced by broken time-reversal symmetry

631. Recent Advances in Vertically Aligned Nanocomposites with Tunable Optical Anisotropy: Fundamentals and Beyond
632. Asymptotic freedom and noninteger dimensionality
633. Liquid structures: A novel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) inspired metamaterial
634. Frequency Separation in Architected Structures using Inverse Methods
635. Mathematical design and graphical solution of the multiple bifurcation equations of a 4-DoF benchmark model
636. Switchable and Simultaneous Spatiotemporal Analog Computing
637. Fan Noise Attenuation with an Acoustic Metamaterial
638. Dynamic metasurface antennas for 6G extreme massive MIMO communications
639. All-dielectric transmission type three-frequency linearly polarized to circularly polarized converter
640. Extended Bound States in the Continuum with Symmetry‐Broken Terahertz Dielectric Metasurfaces

641. Hybrid materials based on polymers-filled AM steel lattices with energy absorption capabilities
642. A miniaturized triple-band planar antenna combing single-cell metamaterial structure and defected ground plane for WLAN/WiMAX applications
643. All-Addition Hyperspectral Compressed Sensing for Metasurface-Driven Miniaturized Satellite
644. A wireless communication scheme based on space-and frequency-division multiplexing using digital metasurfaces
645. A comprehensive mathematical simulation of the composite size-dependent rotary 3D microsystem via two-dimensional generalized differential quadrature method
646. Energy Plasmon Modes in Metamaterial-filled Double-layer Graphene-wrapped Cylindrical Waveguides
647. Information Metamaterials
648. Time-domain investigation of an external cloak for antiplane elastic waves
649. Topologically protected steady cycles in an icelike mechanical metamaterial
650. Reflectance and transmittance of terahertz waves from graphene embedded into metamaterial structures

651. Gain Enhancement of Applied Micro Patch Antenna in Telemedicine Applications by Changing the Calculation of the Geometry
652. Oblique and Polarization Independent Metasurface-Based Absorber for Bio-Sensing Applications
653. Plasmonic evolution maps for planar metamaterials
654. On nonlinear dilatational strain gradient elasticity
655. Interaction of circularly polarized light with an absorptive electromagnetic conductor sphere–Radiation force and spin torque
656. Spatiotemporal differentiators generating optical vortices with pure transverse orbital angular momentum and detecting sharp change of pulse envelope
657. Physical reservoir computing with origami and its application to robotic crawling
658. On Mechanical Metastructures Applied in Vibration Suppression
659. Fundamental limits to the refractive index of transparent optical materials
660. Superconducting Quantum Metamaterials

661. Radiation force of stationary elastic compressional and shear plane waves on a cylinder encased in a linear elastic solid
662. Experimental demonstration of negative refraction with 3D locally resonant acoustic metafluids
663. Infrared metamaterial for surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy: pushing the frontier of ultrasensitive on-chip sensing
664. Multiscale DIC applied to pantographic structures
665. Multifunctional meta-tribomaterial nanogenerators for energy harvesting and active sensing
666. Theoretical band-gap bounds and coupling sensitivity for a waveguide with periodically attached resonating branches
667. Study on the Dynamic Performance of Locally Resonant Plates with Elastic Unit Cell Edges
668. Sound manipulation through multi-scattering, gradient-based optimization, deep learning and reinforcement learning
669. Interaction of Harmonic Waves of Different Types with the Three-Layer Plate Placed in the Soil
670. Lamb waves propagating in one-dimensional phononic composite and nesting Fibonacci piezoelectric superlattices plate coated on a uniform substrate

671. Intrinsic in-plane nodal chain and generalized quaternion charge protected nodal link in photonics
672. Nonlinear integrable dynamics of coupled vibrational and intra-site excitations on a regular one-dimensional lattice
673. Unit cell interactions of non-local active acoustic media
674. Mathematical simulation of Coulomb forces effect on nanofluid convective flow within a permeable media
675. Using Plasmonic Cloaking Method on Infinite Cylindrical Structures and its Applications
676. Multifunctional wide-angle optics and lasing based on supercell metasurfaces
677. Metamaterial Lenses and Their Applications at Microwave Frequencies
678. Smart cities built with smart materials
679. Infinitesimal Periodic Deformations and Quadrics
680. A hybrid H 1 × H ( curl ) finite element formulation for a relaxed micromorphic continuum …

681. Overall dynamic properties of locally resonant viscoelastic layered media based on consistent field integration for oblique anti-plane shear waves
682. Editorial for the Special Issue on “Emerging Trends in Phononic Crystals”
683. Characterization of Dielectric Substrates Using Dual Band Microwave Sensor
684. Double E-shaped toroidal metasurface with high Q-factor Fano resonance and electromagnetically induced transparency
685. Mathematical modeling of the elastic properties of cubic crystals at small scales based on the Toupin–Mindlin anisotropic first strain gradient elasticity
686. Design and foldability of Miura-based cylindrical origami structures
687. Fundamentals and applications of spin-decoupled Pancharatnam—Berry metasurfaces
688. Steering flexural waves by amplitude-shift elastic metasurfaces
689. A design method of broadband metalens using time-domain topology optimization
690. Implications of Kleinian relativity

691. High Mobility 3D Dirac Semimetal (Cd3As2) for Ultrafast Photoactive Terahertz Photonics
692. Superresolution Enhancement with Active Convolved Illumination
693. Well conditioned mathematical modeling for homogenization of thermo-electro-mechanical behaviors of piezoelectric composites
694. Interaction between plasmonic silver nanorod arrays and nanosecond pulsed laser
695. Two applications of the asymptotic homogenization method
696. Design and Experimental Implementation of a Multi-Cloak Paraxial Optical System
697. Mathematical and computational modeling of flexoelectricity at mesoscopic and atomistic scales
698. Band structure calculation of 2D fluid/solid and solid/fluid phononic crystal using a modified smoothed finite element method with fluid–solid interaction
699. Geometric attenuation factor based on scattering theory from randomly rough surface
700. Modelling of metallic inclusions on non-homogeneous dielectric substrates

701. Analytical treatment of the transient motion of inertial beams attached to coupling inertial resonators
702. Tailor-made unitary operations using dielectric metasurfaces
703. Laplace metasurfaces for optical analog computing based on quasi-bound states in the continuum
704. Theoretical approach to verify the resonance frequency of a square split ring resonator
705. Propagation of diverse solitary wave structures to the dynamical soliton model in mathematical physics
706. Wideband and high-gain circularly-polarized L-shaped slot antenna array using metamaterial
707. Tunable and highly sensitive graphene-based biosensor with circle/split ring resonator metasurface for sensing hemoglobin/urine biomolecules
708. Plasmon-polariton gap and associated phenomenon of optical bistability in photonic hypercrystals
709. Engineering Origami: A comprehensive review of recent applications, design methods, and tools
710. Academician Evgeny Pavlovich Velikhov and computer optics

711. Inverse Hooke’s law and complementary strain energy in coupled strain gradient elasticity
712. Impact of the Unit Cell Choice on the Efficiency of Dispersion Curve Calculations Using Generalized Bloch Mode Synthesis
713. Mathematics and Origami: The Art and Science of Folds
714. Reinforcement learning approach to thermal transparency with particles in periodic lattices
715. Design of resistor-loaded coding metasurface for independent amplitude and phase control
716. Passive atmospheric water harvesting utilizing an ancient Chinese ink slab
717. Induced dichroism in fiber optical resonators with an embedded optically active element
718. High frequency meta-ferroelectrics by inverse design
720. A generalized finite element method for problems with sign-changing coefficients

721. Temporal Parity-Time Symmetry for Extreme Energy Transformations
722. A deep learning approach to the forward prediction and inverse design of plasmonic metasurface structural color
723. An Intelligent Material with Chemical Pathway Networks
724. Optically transparent microwave absorber based on water-based moth-eye structures
725. The far‐field behaviour of Green’s function for a triangular lattice and radiation conditions
726. Metasurface: An Insight into Its Applications
727. Twist-angle dependent circular dichroism and related mechanisms in closely stacked Archimedean planar metamaterials
728. Asymptotic analysis of high-contrast subwavelength resonator structures
729. Plasma meets metamatertials: three ways to advance space micropropulsion systems
730. Monolithic metasurface spatial differentiator enabled by asymmetric photonic spin-orbit interactions

731. High order approximation of derivatives with applications to pricing of financial derivatives
732. Designing and Validation of Miniaturized CPW Based Microwave Notch Filter Using Loaded Modified Multiple Split Ring Resonator (MSRR)
733. Exploring wave propagation in heterogeneous metastructures using the relaxed micromorphic model
734. Fracture mechanics analysis of two-dimensional cracked thin structures (from micro-to nano-scales) by an efficient boundary element analysis
735. Periodic tilings and auxetic deployments
736. Dielectric Metamaterials and Metasurfaces in Transformation Optics and Photonics
737. Diffraction of acoustic waves by a wedge of point scatterers
738. Shallow water theory for structured bathymetry
739. Three-dimensional chiral meta-plate lattice structures for broad band vibration suppression and sound absorption
740. Restoration of evanescent waves in lens obeys Cesáro convergence
741. Asymmetric metal-dielectric metacylinders and their potential applications from engineering scattering patterns to spatial optical signal processing
742. Longitudinal and lateral interparticle optical binding and extrinsic radiation force and torque on a pair of lossless dielectric cylinders of arbitrary sizes and the …
743. Modeling cortical bone adaptation using strain gradients
744. Functional analysis of the polarization response in linear time-varying media: A generalization of the Kramers-Kronig relations
745. Graphene-based tunable broadband polarizer for infrared frequency
746. The eigenbuckling analysis of hexagonal lattices: closed-form solutions
747. Hybrid nanostructures superconductor-ferromagnet for superconducting spintronics
748. Classical Electrodynamics
749. New strategic method for fractional mitigating internet bottleneck with quadratic–cubic nonlinearity
750. Optical and W-shaped bright solitons of the conformable derivative nonlinear differential equation

751. Effective electrical resistivity in a square array of oriented square inclusions
752. Electromagnetic Dosimetry for Isolated Mitochondria Exposed to Near‐Infrared Continuous‐Wave Illumination in Photobiomodulation Experiments
753. A Brewster route to Cherenkov detectors
754. Embedded unit cell homogenization model for localized non-periodic elasto-plastic zones
755. Gap opening in two-dimensional periodic systems
756. Subwavelength metamaterials for high-performances photonic microdevices
757. Light localization in one-dimensional photonic crystal heterostructures
758. Auxetic interval determination and experimental validation for a three-dimensional periodic framework
759. Interconnect-Free Multibit Arithmetic and Logic Unit in a Single Reconfigurable 3 μm2 Plasmonic Cavity
760. Dielectric Nonlocal Metasurfaces for Fully Solid-

761. Coupled phase field and nonlocal integral elasticity analysis of stress-induced martensitic transformations at the nanoscale: boundary effects, limitations and …
762. Complementary Metaresonator Sensor with Dual Notch Resonance for Evaluation of Vegetable Oils in C and X Bands
763. Tunable nonlocal purely active nonreciprocal acoustic media
764. Ultraefficient Förster-Type Nonradiative Energy Transfer Enabled by the Complex Dielectric Medium with Tuned Permittivity
765. Breaking the acoustic diffraction limit with an arbitrary shape acoustic magnifying lens
766. Atomically Thin, Optically Isotropic Films with 3D Nanotopography
767. Ultrathin Conformal Magnetic Invisible Cloak for Irregular Objects
768. Design and finite element simulation of information-open cloaking devices
769. Green’s functions and integral representation of generalized continua: the case of orthogonal pantographic lattices
770. Activation, development, and attenuation of modeling-and remodeling-based bone formation in adult rats

771. Design and Characterization of Microscale Auxetic and Anisotropic Structures Fabricated by Multiphoton Lithography
772. Metalenses: from design principles to functional applications
773. Solving 2D parabolic equations by using time parareal coupling with meshless collocation RBFs methods
774. Application of deep learning for nanophotonic device design
775. Hawking fragmentation and Hawking attenuation in Weyl semimetals
776. Terahertz Microfluidic Sensing with Dual‐Torus Toroidal Metasurfaces
777. Configurable Phase Transitions in a Topological Thermal Material
778. Simplified model of elastic wave propagation in cylindrical shell chain under impact load and its analytical solution
779. The extended auxiliary equation mapping method to determine novel exact solitary wave solutions of the nonlinear fractional PDEs
780. Non-asymptotic homogenization of 3-D periodic structures

781. High-NA optical edge detection via optimized multilayer films
782. Kansa Method for Unsteady Heat Flow in Nonhomogenous Material with a New Proposal of Finding the Good Value of RBF’s Shape Parameter
783. All-Optical Synthesis of an Arbitrary Linear Transformation Using Diffractive Surfaces
784. Adaptive Radiative Thermal Camouflage via Synchronous Heat Conduction
785. Applications of nonlinearity in passive vibration control: a review
786. Observation of non-Abelian topological semimetals and their phase transitions
787. Acoustic research at the National University of Singapore
788. Fabrication of perfect plasmonic absorbers for blue and near-ultraviolet lights using double-layer wire-grid structures
789. Active topolectrical circuits
790. Reinvigorating the Wiener-Hopf technique in the pursuit of understanding processes and materials

791. High-NA optical edge detection via optimized multilayer films
792. Kansa Method for Unsteady Heat Flow in Nonhomogenous Material with a New Proposal of Finding the Good Value of RBF’s Shape Parameter
793. All-Optical Synthesis of an Arbitrary Linear Transformation Using Diffractive Surfaces
794. Adaptive Radiative Thermal Camouflage via Synchronous Heat Conduction
795. Applications of nonlinearity in passive vibration control: a review
796. Observation of non-Abelian topological semimetals and their phase transitions
797. Acoustic research at the National University of Singapore
798. Fabrication of perfect plasmonic absorbers for blue and near-ultraviolet lights using double-layer wire-grid structures
799. Active topolectrical circuits
800. Reinvigorating the Wiener-Hopf technique in the pursuit of understanding processes and materials

801. Spontaneous emission in micro-or nanophotonic structures
802. Uniqueness theorem in coupled strain gradient elasticity with mixed boundary conditions
803. Compact Tri-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Complementary Split Ring Resonator Structure.
804. A near infrared plasmonic perfect absorber as a sensor for hemoglobin concentration detection
805. Far field superlensing inside biological media through a nanorod lens using spatiotemporal information
806. Microwave Metalens Antennas for 5G Network
807. A novel geometrical design of gas‐to‐gas planar membrane humidifier for proton electrolyte membrane fuel cells
808. Living things are not (20th Century) machines: updating mechanism metaphors in light of the modern science of machine behavior
809. Granular micromechanics‐based identification of isotropic strain gradient parameters for elastic geometrically nonlinear deformations

811. Low-frequency scattering defined by the Helmholtz equation in one dimension
812. A compact triband antipodal Vivaldi antenna with frequency selective surface inspired director for IoT/WLAN applications
813. Spectral Isoperimetric Inequality for the δ′-Interaction on a Contour
814. Absorber Materials for Solar Cells
815. Microparticles separation using acoustic topological insulators
816. Discrete Symmetries Control Mechanical Response in Parallelogram-based Origami
817. Negative-stiffness composite systems and their coupled-field properties
818. Fourth-order exceptional points in correlated quantum many-body systems
819. Modal approach improves insight into scattering of lossy anisotropic materials
820. Spin-orbit interactions of transverse sound

821. Observation of elastic spin with chiral meta-sources
822. In-plane wave propagation analysis for waveguide design of hexagonal lattice with Koch snowflake
823. Pseudo-anapole regime in terahertz metasurfaces
824. A dual-band power divider based on higher-order modes of spoof surface plasmon polaritons
825. A perspective on the next generation of invisibility cloaks—Intelligent cloaks
826. Emergent order in hydrodynamic spin lattices
827. Optimization under Uncertainty of a Chain of Nonlinear Resonators using a Field Representation
828. Broadband acoustic vortex beam generator based on coupled resonances
829. Fast soliton interactions in cubic-quintic nonlinear media with weak dissipation
830. Research on the Processing Method of Acoustic Focusing Cavities Based on the Temperature Gradient

831. Probing rotated Weyl physics on nonlinear lithium niobate-on-insulator chips
832. Computation of brittle fracture propagation in strain gradient materials by the FEniCS library
833. Multi-material topology optimisation of micro-composites with reduced stress concentration for optimal functional performance
834. Complex Permittivity Retrieval of Dispersive Liquids Based on Varactor-Loaded Split-ring Resonator
835. Scalable 3D printing of aperiodic cellular structures by rotational stacking of integral image formation
836. Perturbation method to study scattering from a dielectric-chiral rough interface
837. Design of a resonant Luneburg lens for surface acoustic waves
838. A five biases, three layers graphene based THz absorber: Exploiting dual bias periodic arrays of grapheme ribbons
839. Electrically Tunable All-PCM Visible Plasmonics
840. Effective anisotropy of periodic acoustic and elastic composites

841. Observation of toroidal pulses of light
842. Recurrence Analysis Applied to Ultrasonic Absorptive Coating
843. Experimental demonstration of a three-dimensional acoustic hyperlens for super-resolution imaging
844. Coherent Plasmonic Absorption in the Femtosecond Regime
845. Realization of quasicrystalline quadrupole topological insulators in electrical circuits
846. Controlling the Load Distribution in High-Strength Materials Army Science Planning and Strategy Meeting (ASPSM)
847. Linear and nonlinear plasmon polariton defect modes in a finite heterostructure
848. The Beginner’s Guide to Chiral Plasmonics: Mostly Harmless Theory and the Design of Large‐Area Substrates
849. Stochastic averaging in parametric regions near separatrices of integrability
850. Local material symmetry group for first-and second-order strain gradient fluid

851. Fish save energy swimming in schools
852. Fractional order models for the homogenization and wave propagation analysis in periodic elastic beams
853. Structure Genome: a Unified Multiscale Approach to Bridging Materials Genome and Structural Analysis
854. ‘Magnetic illusion’can create magnetic fields at a distance
855. Single-layer phase gradient mmWave metasurface for incident angle independent focusing
856. The electromomentum coupling in generalized Willis media
857. Analysis of Goos–Hanchen Shift for an epsilon-near-zero slab sandwiched between two non-integer dimensional media
858. Design of Superlens Using 2D Triangular Photonic Crystal Under Both TE and TM Mode of Propagations
859. A Plausible Description of Continuum Material Behavior Derived by Swarm Robot Flocking Rules
860. Electronically steered metasurface antenna

861. Optical soliton solutions of the generalized non-autonomous nonlinear Schrödinger equations by the new Kudryashov’s method
862. Nondestructive testing and antenna measurements using UWB radar in industrial applications
863. Tunable Nonlinear Band Gaps in a Sandwich-Like Meta-Plate
864. Trace Hardy inequality for the Euclidean space with a cut and its applications
865. Second-order topological modes in two-dimensional continuous media
866. Miscellaneous optical solitons in magneto-optic waveguides associated to the influence of the cross-phase modulation in instability spectra
867. Active Control of Nanodielectric‐Induced THz Quasi‐BIC in Flexible Metasurfaces: A Platform for Modulation and Sensing
868. Inherent Non-Linear Damping in Resonators with Inertia Amplification
869. Flexomagneticity in buckled shear deformable hard-magnetic soft structures
870. Rapid additive manufacturing of optimized anisotropic metaporous surfaces for broadband absorption

871. Optimización topológica de un panel de metamaterial para la supresión de vibraciones a través de un metamodelo generado por Kriging
872. Sparse quantum Gaussian processes to counter the curse of dimensionality
873. Optical Forces and Light Scattering In Carbon Nanotubes
874. Three-dimensional electromagnetic void space
875. A multilayer graphene-based absorber for the sub-THz regime
876. Machine learning and computation-enabled intelligent sensor design
877. Ultra-thin and broadband low-frequency underwater acoustic meta-absorber
878. Two-dimensional optical spatial differentiation and high-contrast imaging
879. Highly‐Efficient Focusing of Terahertz Waves with an Ultra‐Thin Superoscillatory Metalens: Experimental Demonstration
880. Diffraction problems for two-dimensional lattice waves in a quadrant

881. Research progress of elastic topological materials
882. Low-cost ELC-UWB Fan-Shaped Antenna Using Parasitic SRR Triplet for ISM band and PCS Applications
883. Acoustic and Elastic Wave Functional Materials
884. Inertial amplification band-gap generation by coupling a levered mass with a locally resonant mass
885. Machine learning approach for the prediction and optimization of thermal transport properties
886. An isogeometric approach to topological optimization design of auxetic composites with tri-material micro-architectures
887. Demonstration of negative refraction induced by synthetic gauge fields
888. Propagation of waves in nonlocal-periodic systems
889. Microarchitecture-dependent nonlinear bending analysis for cellular plates with prismatic corrugated cores via an anisotropic strain gradient plate theory of …
890. Advanced structural material design based on simulation and data-driven method

891. Isolating low-frequency vibration from power systems on a ship using spiral phononic crystals
892. Emergence of Fano response in trimer structure with asymmetric permittivity
893. Parallel convolutional processing using an integrated photonic tensor core
894. Band gaps for elastic flexural wave propagation in periodic composite plate structures with star-shaped, transversely isotropic, magneto-electro-elastic inclusions
895. Designing Broadband Nanoimaging with Anomalous Hyperbolic Dispersion
896. Repulsive Casimir Forces & Topological Insulators
897. Full‐Space Manipulations of Electromagnetic Wavefronts at Two Frequencies by Encoding Both Amplitude and Phase of Metasurface
898. The road to atomically thin metasurface optics
899. Topological mode switching in modulated structures with dynamic encircling of an exceptional point
900. Performing Two-Dimensional Differentiation with Gap Plasmon-based Metasurface

901. Pressure-robust staggered DG methods for the Navier-Stokes equations on general meshes
902. A novel framework for approximating resistance–temperature characteristics of a superconducting film based on artificial neural networks
903. The Analytical Structure of Acoustic and Elastic Material Properties
904. On the Directional Elastic Modulus of the TPMS Structures and a Novel Hybridization Method to Control Anisotropy
905. New analytical solutions for the inextensible Heisenberg ferromagnetic flow and solitonic magnetic flux surfaces in the binormal direction
906. A comb-like beam based piezoelectric system for galloping energy harvesting
907. A microarchitecture design methodology to achieve extreme isotropic elastic properties of composites based on crystal symmetries
908. Theoretical characterization of a non-rigid-foldable square-twist origami for property programmability
909. Metasurfaces Based on Huygen’s Wavefront Manipulation

911. Normal Waves in an Electromagnetic Metachiral Isotropic Medium with Losses
912. Theoretical Generalization of the Optical Chirality to Arbitrary Optical Media
913. Additive manufacturing of polymeric composites from material processing to structural design
914. Size-Dependent Continuum Mechanics Approaches
915. Fabrication and testing of re-entrant auxetic samples and sensor: Numerically and experimentally
916. Analytical survey of the predator–prey model with fractional derivative order
917. Quasi-static and dynamic compressive behaviour of sheet TPMS cellular structures
918. Terahertz linear to circular polarization converter based on reflective metasurface
919. Development and analysis of a new finite element method for the Cohen–Monk PML model
920. Broadband low-frequency sound absorbing metastructures based on impedance matching coiled-up cavity

921. Exploring the property space of periodic cellular structures based on crystal networks
922. Plasmon resonances of graphene-dielectric-metal structures calculated by the method of recurrence relations
923. Compressibility-Near-Zero Acoustic Radiation
924. Exact sub and supersonic pressure wave-fronts in nonlinear thermofluid medium
925. The influence of spatially varying materials and buckling instabilities on elastic band gaps
926. Experimental Verification of Shape‐Independent Surface Cloak Enabled by Nihility Transformation Optics
927. Investigation of optical transmission and reflection of the interface with a nanocomposite film on an amorphous silicon substrate
928. Antiferromagnetic spatial photonic Ising machine through optoelectronic correlation computing
929. Моделирование механической реакции ауксетических метаматериалов на динамические воздействия
930. Metasurfaces for bioelectronics and healthcare

931. Damping and Bandgap Characteristics of a Viscoelastic Tensegrity Damper
932. On the polar nature and invariance properties of a thermomechanical theory for continuum-on-continuum homogenization
933. DNA Dynamics under Periodic Force Effects
934. Integrating ultrasound directed self-assembly and additive manufacturing to fabricate engineered materials
935. Effects of operating parameters and load mode on dynamic cell performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
936. A continuum model reproducing the multiple frequency crossovers in acoustic attenuation in glasses

937. Properties of Vibration Fields in a Two-Dimensional Lattice Structure Colliding with an Obstacle
938. Ultrahigh mid-infrared electric field enhancement via nanoantenna plasmonic resonance coupled to a novel hyperbolic metalens
939. Controllable refractive index in a four-level left-handed medium using pulse shaping
940. Broadband noise mitigation using coupled Helmholtz resonators: a numerical study
941. Multiplicative inverse with quantum search algorithm under π/18 phase rotation
942. Quadramode materials: Their design method and wave property
943. Feynman-Kac Formulation of Stochastic String DBI Helmholtz Action
944. Deep learning for the design of photonic structures
945. Advances in Brillouin–Mandelstam light-scattering spectroscopy
946. Towards Recognition of Scale Effects in a Solid Model of Lattices with Tensegrity-Inspired Microstructure
947. Edge Location Method for Multidimensional Image Based on Edge Symmetry Algorithm
948. Systematic generation of Hamiltonian families with dualities
949. The effect of a pre-existing nanovoid on martensite formation and interface propagation: a phase field study
950. Optimization of graded filleted lattice structures subject to yield and buckling constraints

951. The geometric optical characteristics of Morse lens and its inside-out version
952. Controlling the radiative damping of an on-chip artificial magnon mode
953. Machine-learning optimized method for regional control of sound fields
954. Broadband second-harmonic generation from artificial optical nonlinearity
955. Three-dimensional phononic crystal with ultra-wide bandgap at megahertz frequencies
956. Substrate-supported dielectric arrays for refractometric sensing purposes
957. Directivity enhancement of a cylindrical wire antenna by a graded index dielectric shell designed using strictly conformal transformation optics
958. Smooth approximation of a varying refractive-index profile and its application in the computation of light waves
959. Some open problems in the theory of composites
960. Distance estimations in unknown sea underwater conditions by power LED for robotics swarms

961. Theoretical band-gap bounds and coupling sensitivity for a periodic medium with branching resonators
962. Electrically Tunable Singular Phase and Goos–Hänchen Shifts in Phase‐Change‐Material‐Based Thin‐Film Coatings as Optical Absorbers
963. Anisotropic circular topological structures
964. Ultra-wideband, wide angle, asymmetric transmission based chiral metasurface for C and X band applications
965. Existence results for non‐homogeneous boundary conditions in the relaxed micromorphic model
966. Effective permittivity of co-evaporated metal-organic mixed films
967. Applied Auxetics: Utilising Parametric Customisation to Translate Auxetic Structure Theory into Additively Manufactured Multi-Material Performative Geometries
968. Multiscale optimisation of resonant frequencies for lattice-based additive manufactured structures
969. Investigation of an additively manufactured pentamode material using non-contact vibration transmissibility measurements
970. Design of a reconfigurable antenna based on graphene for terahertz communication

971. Nonspecular effects in the vicinity of a photonic Dirac point
972. Bending behavior of octet-truss lattice structures: Modelling options, numerical characterization and experimental validation
973. Dynamically reconfigurable high-efficiency terahertz metasurface holograms
974. Sound reception system by an acoustic meta-lens

975. Investigation on the Acoustic Performance of Multiple Helmholtz Resonator Configurations
976. All-dielectric chiral coding metasurface based on spin-decoupling in terahertz band
977. Extreme Frequency Conversion from Soliton Resonant Interactions
978. Pragmatic Association of the Two Evaluation Concepts of Operational Observation and Mathematical Modeling
979. A 2D Lattice with Dense Packing of the Particles
980. Deterministic Approach to Achieve Full-Polarization Cloak
981. Simulation of Multilayer Atom Nanostructures for Spinmechatronics
982. Toroidic and antitoroidic orders in hexagonal arrays of dielectric trimers: Magnetic group approach