Smart Travel Agent Tourism Management Android App Project

Smart Travel Agent Tourism Management Android App Project

Here, we are showing you a detailed summary of the project of Smart Travel Agent Tourism Management Android App Project.

Project Domain / Category

Mobile app

Abstract / Introduction

Tourism is one of the fastest growing agency now a days and playing a vital role in the economic development of any country. The proposed application gives customer the flexibility to avail different travel and tour services online on a single platform which includes ticket booking, hotel reservation, transportation service, and tour packages etc.

Customer can manage all their plans on mobile phones, so by using mobile application they can make online booking, can view the weather condition, nearest tourist attractions based on current location, transportation type available to reach that location, and rout to the selected tourist point.

Smart Travel Agent Tourism Management Android App Project
Figure: Smart Travel Agent Tourism Management Android App Project

Functional Requirements

This “Smart Travel Agent” mobile app has following features:

  • User register to the app by providing necessary information.
  • User can make online booking for the visit to any tourist location.
  • User can select tour packages depending upon their needs. Package can vary in price and facilities. For example every package has different rate, service like transportation facility, hotel room space, and food etc.
  • Before booking user can view the weather condition on that specific day on which he/she is going to visit.
  • User can view the route, type of transportation to selected location.
  • Using Smart travel agent application user can get detailed information about attraction place including text, pictures and video.
  • Smart travel agent provide location based information which can be browsed through a map.
  • User can search nearby attractions points, can figure out the distance between these point and current location.
  • When user moves then this app must automatically update the new position send the updated list of attraction points to the user.
  • When user login to the system on his/her mobile, application will trigger the GPS (Global

Positioning System) to get and update information of user’s location.

  • Smart Travel agent also analyze the user information stored in database to get user’s preferred requirements.
  • After visiting a place user give rating also so that it can help the other users who are planning to visit.


  • Andriod Studio
  • Java or C#
  • SQL Lite (Or any other modern database)