Applied Classification Past Papers

Applied Classification Past Papers

Applied Classification Past Papers
Figure: Applied Classification Past Papers

Q1.      Write short notes on the following:                                                                      

  1. Classification
  2. Form Division
  3. Pure Notation
  4. LCC
  5. DDC
  6. Subject Heading

Q2.      Write short notes on various schemes of classification.

Q3.      Discuss the merits and demerits of UDC and colon classification schemes. Also, discuss at least two editions

of DDC

Q4.      Do you know about LCSH?  Write a detail note on this important subject heading list.

Q5.      S.R. Ranganathan is called the father of Librarianship is Subcontinent? Elaborate his contribution in the field of Classification.

Q6.      What is DDC? Why DDC is the more popular scheme of classification the world.

Q7.      Which classification scheme will be more appropriate for university libraries?

Q8.      Write precise notes on the following.

  1. Form Class
  2. The first summary of DDC