Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?

Question:  Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?

A   Searching source of information to locate problem

B   Survey of related literature

C   Identification of problem

D   Searching for solutions to the problem

Answer:  Identification of problem


Steps         Description
1 Identification of Problem ·        Recognize and define the research problem to be addressed.
2 Searching for Relevant Information ·        Locate sources of information to gather background knowledge and relevant data related to the research problem.
3 Survey of Related Literature ·        Review existing literature, studies and research related to the topic to understand previous findings and research gaps.
4 Formulating a Research Hypothesis ·        Develop a testable hypothesis based on the identified problem and existing knowledge.
5 Designing the Research Methodology ·        Determine the research methods, data collection techniques and data analysis approaches to be used in the study.
6 Data Collection ·        Collect data according to the chosen methodology

·        Methodology may involve surveys, experiments and observations etc.

7 Data Analysis ·        Analyze the collected data using appropriate statistical or analytical methods.
8 Drawing Conclusions ·        Based on the analysis, draw conclusions that address the research hypothesis.
9 Communicating Research Findings ·        Present the research findings through reports, papers, presentations or publications.

Reflecting and Iterating

·        Reflect on the research process, results and potential areas for improvement.

·        If necessary, refine the research approach for future studies.