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Dialogue between vendor and customer [Conversation]

Grocery Store Manager: Sir, welcome to our store!

Customer: Thank you! I would love to have a bag for shopping.

Manager: Sir you would like to do shopping by yourself? if you have a list of goods then helper can provide you the goods at one place.

Customer: No, I would like to shop by myself, last month I used your store’s online shopping service but there were some errors, the product belonging to the company was not in my shopping cart but your representative sent me another company’s product, I didn’t think it was appropriate to return it.

Manager: Sir, our online shopping is going well, we supply the goods according to the customer’s choice of the same company that the customer demands, the complaint you made is surprising why all this happened. We would be glad to change because it is our responsibility to improve the service and satisfy the customer, bringing convenience to the home is the motto of our store. Home delivery is done by ourselves, so that customer complaints are redressed immediately.

The customer collects his goods in the basket and stands in front of the cashier at the bill counter

Cashier: Sir, your total bill is eight thousand and seven hundred rupees only.


After paying the bill, the customer checks the order of the goods again, checking the bill finds that the bill is more than the goods, he comes to the manager with the bill and lodges his complaint.


Customer: Look, sir! This is a computerized bill, the number of goods and the amount in the bill do not match, what is the problem?

Manager: The bill is created according to the number of goods written in the head computer.

Customer: But the quantity of the goods is less because I have done the shopping myself and I know the quantity of the goods.

Manager: Sir, we take the call, there may have been some mistake.

Customer: An error occurred, please correct it

Manager: Sorry for it.

Customer: No problem, but I suggest that the cashier should not deviate from his focus despite the rush of people, such mistakes are harmful to the store because when the trust of the people is lost, how will the store becomes successful, the management should pay attention to this.

Manager: Sir, we respect your opinion, we will do our best to maintain the relationship of trust between the customer and the store and to address any deficiencies.

Customer: Thank you very much

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