Type of Data that can be Mined

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on January 31st, 2021

Type of Data that can be mined

Different kind of data can be mine. Some of the examples are mentioned below.

  1. Spatial Databases
  2. Flat Files
  3. Relational Databases – Read More
  4. Transactional Databases – Read More
  5. Multimedia Databases
  6. DataWarehouse
  7. World Wide Web(WWW)
  8. Time Series Databases

Spatial Database

Spatial Database is a suitable way to Store geographical information.

Spatial Database stores the data in the form of coordinates, lines, and different shapes, etc.

Maps, Global positioning, etc are the famous applications of Spatial Database.

Type of Data that can be Mined

Flat files?

Flat files are in the binary form or text form and having a structure that can be easily extracted by data mining algorithms.

What kind of relationship is in between data that is stored in flat files.

It has no relationship.

How to represent the Flat files?

Representation of Flat files can be done with the data dictionary. The most suitable example is the CSV file.

What are the Applications of Flat Files?

Flat Files are famous in DataWarehousing due to many reasons. Some important reasons are mentioned below;

  1. Flat Files can be used to store the data.
  2. Flat Files can be used in carrying the data to and from the server, etc.

Relational Databases

Relational Databases is an organized collection of related data. This organization is in the form of tables with rows and columns. Different kind of scheme used in relational databases. A physical and logical schema is famous schema.

  • In Physical schema, we can define the structure of tables.
  • In Logical schema, we can define a different kind of relationship among tables.

Standard API of the relational database is Structured Query Language (SQL).

Transactional Databases

Transactional databases is an organized collection of data that is organized by timestamps etc. For example, organized by any date to represent the transaction in databases. Transactional Databases must have the capability to roll back any transaction. It is most commonly used in ATM machines

Object databases, ATM machine, Banking, and Distributed systems are very famous applications of a transactional database.

Multimedia Databases

Multimedia databases are the databases that can store the followings;

  • Video
  • images
  • Audio
  • text etc

Multimedia Databases can be stored on Object-Oriented Databases.

Ebooks databases, Video websites databases, news websites databases etc are famous applications of Multimedia Databases.


A data warehouse is the collection of data that is collected and integrated from one or more sources. Later this data can be mined for business decision making.

Three famous  types of a data warehouse are mentioned below;

  1. VirtualWarehouse
  2. Data Mart
  3. Enterprise data warehouse

Business decision making and  Data mining are very useful applications of the data warehouse.


WWW stands for World wide web. WWW is a collection of documents and resources and can contain a different kind of data like video, audio, and text, etc. Each data can be identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) through web browsers.

Online tools, online video, images, and text searching sites are the famous applications of WWW.

Time-series Databases

Time-series databases are the databases that can store the stock exchange data etc. Graphite and eXtremeDB etc are the famous applications of  Time-series Databases.


Briefly explain two type of data that can be mined?

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