attributes types in data mining

What is Attribute?

The attribute is the property of the object. The attribute represents different features of the object. 


In this example, RollNo, Name, and Result are attributes of the object student.

RollNo Name Result
1 Ali Pass
2 Akram Fail

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Types Of attributes

  • Binary
  • Nominal
  • Numeric
    • Interval-scaled
    • Ratio-scaled

Nominal data:

Nominal data is in alphabetical form and not in integer.


Attribute Value
Categorical data Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Professor
States New, Pending, Working, Complete, Finish
Colors Black, Brown, White, Red

Binary data:

Binary data have only two values/states.


Attribute Value
HIV detected Yes, No
Result Pass, Fail

Binary attribute is of two types;

  1. Symmetric binary
  2. Asymmetric binary
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Symmetric data:

Both values are  equally important


Attribute Value
Gender Male, Female

Asymmetric data:

Both values are  not equally important


Attribute Value
HIV detected Yes, No
Result Pass, Fail


Ordinal data:

All Values have a meaningful order. 


Attribute Value
Grade A, B, C, D, F
BPS- Basic pay scale 16, 17, 18


Discrete Data:

Discrete data have finite value. It can be in numerical form and can also be  in categorical form.


Attribute Value
Profession Teacher, Bussiness Man, Peon etc
Postal Code 42200, 42300 etc

Continuous data:

Continuous data technically have an infinite number of steps.

Continuous data is in float type. There can be many numbers in between 1 and 2


Attribute Value
Height 5.4…, 6.5….. etc
Weight 50.09….  etc
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