Distance measure for symmetric binary variables

How to calculate proximity measure for symmetric binary attributes?

Contingency table for binary data:

Object 2
Object 1   1 / True / Positive 0 / False / Negative Sum
1 / True / Positive A B A + B
0 / False / Negative C D C + D
Sum A + C B + D  
Name Gender Job_Status
Akram Male Regular
Ali Male Contract

Consider 1 for positive/True  and 0 for negative/False

Here we are considering Male and regular as positive and female and contract as negative.

A = Akram is positive and Ali is also positive. so A=1 because Ali and Akram both are male and the male is positive.

B = Akram is positive and Ali is negative. So B=1 because Akram is regular that is positive and Ali is on contract that is negative 

C = Akram is negative and Ali is 1. So C = 0 because Akram is never negative. He is male and regular. and male and regular both are positive.

D = Akram is negative and Ali is also negative. So D=0 because Akram is never negative. He is always positive(male and regular).

procimity measure for symmetric binary attributes

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