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How to maintain software security and application security

secure Software development life cycle SDLC

secure Software development life cycle SDLC

What is software security?

Software security is an idea which is used for protecting the software from virus, malicious attack and other hacker risks so that software can continue its work correctly under such risks. It is the requirement

of every computer user that software must provide integrity, authentication, privacy, and security.

How we maintain security while developing the software?

Application security

Figure: application software security

Risks occurring if you not secure software?

  1. Efficiency Weaknesses.
  2. System Vulnerabilities.
  3. Stability problem.
  4. Security flaws.
  5. Compliance issues.
  6. Performance Degradation.

What kind of security?


Privacy is must for most of the data for security. Privacy is for sensitive information. Some privacy requirement for data encryption for database tables, data regarding 3rd parties( e.g; user account number)etc. Source for privacy requirement could be corporate and legislative.


In which they include the physical protection of the system. Physical requirement includes such as elevated floors, fire prevention system etc.


In this requirement define group/account type their access right. Example of access requirement limit each account to one login at the time or restrict where the application can be deployed or used.

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