Difference between system software and application software

Difference between system software and application software

Difference between system software and application software

What is Software?

Software is the set of instructions that are given to the computer to solve a particular problem.

Different software’s are used for different problems. The user used different software according to their needs. Basically the software is the instruction given to the computer. The computer can work according to these instructions. The software cannot be touched. computer can not work without software. Basically there are two types of computer software application software and system software computer will be able to work when both software are combined.

software is also known as the program.


A set of instructions given to solve a particular problem is called the program.program  is a sequence of instructions.

For example MS Word MS Excel PowerPoint etc.

 Types of Softwares

There are two types of software

  1.  System software
  2.  Application software
  1. System software

The system software is the type of software that is used to control the actual working of the computer hardware. The system software is an interface between the computer user and the computer hardware. without system software, the computer cannot work.

Example of system software

  1. Operating system
  2. Utility program
    1. Operating System

An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer program operating system is act as an interface between the computer and computer uses. for example Window XP Windows 7  etc.

Without windows or operating system, the computer cannot work.

 Basic functions of the Operating System.

  1. Manage computer resources memory disk driver printer processor etc.
  2. It provides an interface between the computer and the user. basically there are two types of interfaces
  3.   GUI( graphical user interface)I_In graphical user interface user can easily communicate with computers. it consists of menu buttons, menu bars, icon, etc. It provides user-friendly environment.. it is very easy to use.
  4. Command Line Interface(CLI)

In Command-Line Interface user interact with the computer through commands. There is no graphical representation. User has to remember all the command for communication. it is very difficult to use.

  1. It provides services for application software.
  2. It performs memory management.
  3. is responsible for loading and execution of the program.
  4. it provides data security.
  5. it provides disk management.
  6. it managed devices.
  7. it controls process management.
  8. it provides the booting process.

Booting_Booting is the process of starting or restarting of computer.

Types of operating system

  1. Simple batch Operating System
  2. Multiprocessor system
  3. Desktop System
  4. Distributed Operating System
  5. Real-Time Operating System
  6. Handheld System
  7. Utility Program

Programs help the operating system to manage the different programs. it provides help to manage and maintain control the computer resources.

Example of utility program.

i.Anti-virus program

ii.Device driver

iii.Backup system

  1. Disk Cleaner
  2. Compiler
  3. Assembler

Example of System Software are as follows

  1.  The  BIOS (  basic input-output system)

Prepare the computer system for running. after that running, it manages on the data flow between the operating system and attached hard disk, video adapter, keyboard, and mouse, etc.

  1. An assembler takes basic computer instruction and changes into a form of the bit. The computer understands it easily, used to perform the basic operations.
  2. A device driver used to control the devices that are attached with the computer keyboard printer etc.

Application software

Application for the type of software that we used to perform different application according to our needs. We use application software when we required it. Different application software’s are used for different purposes. It is also called a productivity program. Because they enable the user to complete their record their voice, creating the document, spreadsheet, doing online research, sending an email , running the business, playing games, listening to music, designing graph.

Application software is specific software it is designed for and can be as simple as word processing application. All the application software has the setting for a document for example in MS Word when you create a document it has many formatting options. you have applied font change the font style copy  text, cut it, And also perform many  functions the document

A most popular example of application Microsoft Word.

Types of application software

  1.  Word processing(MS Word)

This software and label the user create and manage the documents easily. The most popular example of the application software is the MS Word and Notepad then others text editor. In MS-word which is the best application software, we create any type of documents, latter, memos etc because it provides many features to the uses.

2,  Databases software

It is also a type of application software. it is the structured collection of data. It organizes all the data in a good manner. The user can easily perform many operations on data like retrieving data, updating data , deleting data. Example of the database, for example, Oracle, My SQL, and MS Access, etc

  1. Spreadsheet software(MS-excel)

It is basically used for the calculation of data. It allows the user to perform the calculation using the spreadsheet. It has many built-in features. It is basically used for mathematical purposes.

  1. Multimedia software

It is basically used for the creation of audio and video files. They enable the user to create audio and video files and playing again It also provides the conversion of audio to video. Example of multimedia software’s RealPlayer and Media player

  1. Presentation software(PowerPoint)

This software is used to display the information in the form of slides. The user can prepare a beautiful presentation of their data by applying a different animation and other features. User can also attach the different graphics and videos along with their documents. Microsoft PowerPoint is a big example of presentation software.

  1. Enterprise software

it is basically used for controls the flow of data in the different organization. With the help of enterprise software, different organizations easily manage their financial transaction.

  1. Individual Project 

This software is used by any user to manage its data. Its documentation tools and different resources enable the user to perform their activities very easily. the user can easily manage data by using this software.

  1. Educational software

It is basically used for the study purpose. it has the capability of running and tracking progress. it also has the ability of collaborative software. for the mathematical purpose software like  Mat lab and others like Google Earth and NASA  are used.

Examples of application software

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. MS Excel such as separate sheet
  3.  PowerPoint
  4.  Corel Draw
  5.  Outlook
  6.  internet browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Difference between application and system software

Application software  System software
It is a specific purpose software  It is a general purpose software
Application software used to perform different application according to the user needs System software all time running on the system because of its control the basic hardware
Application software installed on the computer. System software installed in a computer when the operating system is installed
 The user interacts with the application software  System software works in the background that’s why user cannot directly interact with the system software
Application software cannot Run independently they can’t run without the system software. System software runs independently they need no  sport of application software
Application Software Install when they are need. System software must be installed on every system because it controls the basic hardware operations.
Examples of applications include word ,web browser, media player ,Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook etc. Examples of the system software include a compiler, assembler, debugger device driver, operating system, and utility program, etc.

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