Child Security Mobile Application Android Project

Child Security Mobile Application Android Project.

Project Domain

Mobile Application


This mobile application will be designed especially for school-going children. The application will track the children’s movement while they are on the way to school or vice versa.

Nowadays the android phone is very popular and they have embedded a Global positioning system (GPS ) system which is the main requirement of this app.

This app will keep the record of the exact time at which a child reaches the school and what time the child will leave the school. The app will also provide information about the vehicle location which provides pick and drop services to the school-going children.

Functional Requirements:

  • There will be two admins for this app Parents and school.
  • User authentication will be done by using Facebook or Google account
  • Complete information about the user will be saved in the app like user first and last name, Email id, cell number, vehicle number, child name, class name and batch, information about the driver of the vehicle Like Name, Phone number, CNIC.
  • The expected school arrival time will be saved in the application and if there is some delay, an SMS will be sent to the parents and school about the delay.
  • On the other hand, when the child leaves the school, the departure time will be noted and again if a child does not reach home within the expected time a notification will be generated via SMS.
  • Parents and schools can locate the position of the vehicle anytime during pick and drop timings.
  • SMS will also be generated on the safe arrival of the child to his/her destination.


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