Importance of Education Essay 500 words

The importance of education is very high in Islam. The teachings of Islam show that the first thing that was given to man after the creation of Adam was knowledge.

Knowledge is a special and important process of leadership that is essential for the healthy evolution and development of any civilization.

It has been declared as a basic need of all human beings.  Education creates self-awareness within a nation and nurtures its feelings and emotions. It is through education that the new generation becomes aware of their cultural heritage and ways of living.

Education is mental, physical, and moral training that reveals the hidden abilities of escape, and only by getting the education, we can be highly moral and civilized human beings.

According to all religions, without knowledge goodness cannot be imagined and knowledge is beauty but the knowledge which also affects man’s character is real knowledge that burns man’s mind.

Knowledge is the sign of the paths to Paradise.

John Milton says that in my view, a complete and honorable education is one that prepares man to perform the duties of his individual and collective life in a state of war and peace with honesty, skill, and greatness.

It is linked to cultural ideologies and the education system of different nations has its own temperament, content, and themes.

But today, in the present age, it is heard that there should be no pressure to mold education and the student’s thought or character into a specific framework, that is, education should be cleansed from the mixture of faith.  A nation devoid of collective ideas, lofty goals, and goals also loses consciousness of its destination.  Allama Iqbal (“A Pakistani Author”) says.

We have nothing to do with this system of education which is more dangerous to a conscious being like a human being than an atheist substance. Such education is even more dangerous than a snake in a sleeve.

According to Professor Harold “Today’s education has distanced itself from the spiritual vision of the past but has failed to provide a viable alternative. People with a belief in education, instead of bothering to think and use their minds on great issues of real importance, surrender to the existing political and social environment.

According to the famous poet, Hazrat Allama Iqbal, the field of education is a character-building department. And the students are dear to this field. I am the people for whom nations allocate their resources and spend only differently. The programs are designed to produce a generation that will take over the reins of the country tomorrow and take it to the next level.

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