Essay on knowledge [500 Words]

What is knowledge? Who is the scholar? It is our misfortune that today our society does not even know the knowledge and the scholar. In common parlance, we call a scholar a person who has many degrees. But if we focus on the real meaning of education then we may not consider those who have degrees to be scholars, but we will consider those who have read many books. If we consider this point and go deeper into it, we may not only consider those who read the books as scholars, but we can consider also those whose character and actions may be impressive.

In my humble opinion, there is no real scholar among these three classes. Because knowledge is not hidden in these things.

I think that the real scholar is a person who is aware of the fact of knowledge.

Now the question arises as to what is actually knowledge. Real knowledge is a mixture of two words;

  1. Fact
  2. Knowledge

Reality: Reality means being Original.

Knowledge: Knowledge means knowing, recognizing or learning, and having knowledge about something else and being aware of it is knowledge. The real meaning of knowledge is to know the essence of truth. Knowledge to know anything.

Knowledge is an ocean whose one shore is seen by every living being. While no other human being has been able to see or reach its other coast to date and no human being will ever be able to reach this other coast. Because there is no end to knowledge.

The journey of acquiring knowledge always continues.

Knowledge is an ocean and one part of the shore can be seen by the eye of every living being, but seeing the other part of it is not an easy task for human beings. There is a secret hidden in this sea of ​​knowledge. And those secrets are known only to some special people having special wisdom, and as far as I am concerned, those are the oceans of knowledge. If they know the secrets of the sea, then they are truly and truly worthy of being called scholars.

The greatest secret of the ocean of knowledge is the fact of knowledge. And the truth is the knowledge of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Whoever knows God and considers him as his Lord and Master. And knowing his commandments and believing in him and submitting himself to him, that person can never be unfaithful to his master, because he is sincerely convinced of the existence of God.

Everybody today believes in God. If anyone knowingly does something that is against his will, I think He is a liar and does not believe in God. He makes false claims of God’s help. He does all this to show off. His heart is not convinced of the truth of God. Whoever believes in God will not do anything against his will. His thinking will be positive and he will be a true scholar.

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