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Economics multiple choice questions from books latest edition

Economics multiple choice questions from books latest edition

1: Which of the following is not the characteristic of ecnomic …

a: unlimited

b: limited

c: alternative

d: appear again and again

e :few

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2: The inflation of prices is…

a: deflation

b: quantity of money

c: velocity of money

d: rising trend

e: none of these

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3: Meaning of demand is…

a: want to decrease

b: want to purchase

c: need

d:power to purchase

e: want and power

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4: …….. bears the burden of an indirect tax…

a: retailer

b: deller

c: whole-seller

d: mill owner

e: consumer

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5: Canons of textation for the first time who present…

a: lionel robbins

b: alfred marshall

c: deficit budget

d: surplus budget

e: none of these

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6: Income tax is…

a: sales tax

b: direct tax

c: custom duty

d: excise tax

e: tarrif

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7: How maximum number of partners in a partnership…





e: 20

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8: Select one of these is not land

a: sui gas

b: a river

c: altanic ocean

d:electric power

e: none of these

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9: Mobility of labour necessary for…

a: spoils labour

b: promotes labour

c: promotes unemployment

d: increases efficiency of labour

e: none of these

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10: Equilibrium price will be ……. when supply and demand increase equally…

a: increases

b: decreases

c: remains the same

d: zero

e: none of these

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11: factor of production is…

a: wealth


c: savings

d: capital


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12: Transport and communication depends on…

a: extent of market

b: trade restrictions

c: ecnomic instability

d: political instability

e: both c and d

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