Transitive and intransitive Verbs Examples

Transitive and intransitive Verbs Examples [List]

Transitive verb

A transitive verb needs a direct object. The verb transmits the action to the object. There may be an indirect object in intransitive verbs.

Intransitive verb

In intransitive verbs, there is no object. The action is not done to something or someone. It involves the subject.

Examples of direct and indirect objects:

Dell gave her a cup of tea.

Her (indirect object), a cup of tea (direct object)

He gave me a present on my birthday.

Me (indirect object), a present (direct object)

Examples of transitive verbs

Verbs  Transitive  Intransitive 
move Can you move this jeep, please? Move out.
close Close your eyes Today, the market is closed.
start I can’t start this motorbike. The race has started now.
open Open the main gate. The shops remain open late at night.
do Do your homework. He can’t do well in his plan.
run Sana is running a school. A man is running.
set Set your toys on the table. The sun is setting.
live He lived his life with honesty. Dell is living in America.
write Write the answer to this question. Can you read or write?
wash I washed my clothes. He washed, dressed, and went out.
complain I complained of load shedding. She complains frequently.
see Can you see the car? I can’t see now.
go We will go to the market tomorrow. Go out from here.
eat I eat healthy food. You should not eat too much.
bite The dog bit my finger. It bites very sharply.
look Look at me. They were looking outside.
play She is playing with her doll. Don’t play outside.
drink He drinks milk before sleeping. Drink slowly.
jump He jumped on the bed They jumped.
sing I was singing a song. She sang.
leave Dell usually leaves his keys on the rack. He left early on Monday.
walk Michael walked his friend to the market. Walk slowly.
cheer He cheered his group on their success. At their victory, the whole team cheered.
order The boss ordered him to go out. He constantly keeps ordering.
punish The teacher punished his students. He punishes strictly.
slip Dell slipped down from a slope. He slipped.
stand She stood up to her students. Stand silently
steal He stole a pen. He is in habit of stealing.
speak You should always speak the truth. He can’t speak.
survive Michael survived his friend. Out of ten, he only survived.
think I thought of a plan. Never think a lot.
wake We wake her up at 6 am. I wake up early in the morning.
wash Wash your face. He washed, dressed up, and went out.
see Have you seen my shoes? I can’t see.
wave He waved his hand. He waved goodbye.
dry Please dry these clothes. My mouth remains dry.
disappear Stan Shih disappeared from his brother. She disappeared after school.
vote We voted for the election. All the people voted.
demonstrate She demonstrated some of the designs. He demonstrated outside the college.

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