Phrasal verbs Examples

Phrasal verbs Examples [List]

Phrasal verbs are common verbs. They are made with a verb and one or two particles. These particles can be prepositions or adverbs.

What is the meanings of phrasal verbs?
There are two meanings of phrasal verbs:

  1. Literal meaning of phrasal verbs
  2. Idiomatic meaning of phrasal verbs

1. Literal meaning of phrasal verbs

Some phrasal verbs can be understood easily. They have a literal meaning.

He tore up the paper.

2. Idiomatic meaning of phrasal verbs

Some phrasal verbs have an idiomatic or figurative meaning. They are difficult to understand.

You can put me up for tomorrow. (it means you can stay at my house tomorrow).

Types of phrasal verbs

There are two types of phrasal verbs.

  1. Separable
  2. Non-separable/inseparable

1. Separable phrasal verbs

As the name indicates, in this type, the particle and verb can be together or separate.

She put her baby’s dress out.
She put out her baby’s dress.

2. Non-separable/inseparable Phrasal Verbs

In this type, the phrasal verbs are not separated.

She looks after the baby.
Dell came across your document and appreciated you.
He thought back and memorized his past.

Why Some verbs are non-separable/inseparable?

Some verbs are non-separable/inseparable because they are intransitive having no object.

  1. He gets up early.

  2. Get well soon.

  3. Don’t set out the journey today.

If the object of a sentence is a pronoun (him, her, them, it) then the object is written between the verb and particle.

  1. He pulled it down.
  2. Michael S holds her on.
  3. Dell succeeded to find them out.

Phrasal Verbs With two particles

If the phrasal verbs have two particles, they are also inseparable.

  1. He came up with an idea.
  2. You should get rid of bad habits.
  3. She never gets on with her cousin.

Two Phrasal verbs

Two phrasal verbs can come together in a sentence.

  1. He came out and look around.
  2. He checked it thoroughly and throw it away.

Three-word Phrasal verbs

Some sentences have three-word phrasal verbs.

  1. The teacher dropped Dell out of the school.
  2.  The car ran out of petrol.

Some miscellaneous phrasal verbs

  1. Boot up the computer before starting to work.
  2. The car engine broke down so we will be late.
  3. Should I call you back?
  4. Calm down. Your issue will be resolved.
  5. Do your job over.
  6. The teacher handed in the papers to the principal.
  7. Leave out this part of the document.
  8. During traveling, she pointed out the beautiful places.
  9. He tried on a lot of shoes but didn’t like anyone.
  10. Turn down the TV.
  11. The police are looking into the murder case.
  12. He came in through the second door.
  13. He was brought up in America.
  14. He is just showing off his possessions.
  15. You should wake up early to reach the office on time.
  16. Keep the medicines away from the children.
  17. The children grow up very quickly.
  18. We will not come back to this place.
  19. They call off the meeting.
  20. You should carry on hard work.
  21. Michael checked out of the restaurant.
  22. Cut down the number of apples.
  23. Zhang Yiming can’t deal with depression.
  24. Her engagement ended in a breakup.
  25. He is figuring out how much money he needs to go abroad.
  26. Fill out this form right now.
  27. Focus on your work.
  28. You should get along with your boss.
  29. Stan Shih joined up the party last year.
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