Confusing Verbs Examples [List]

Confusing Verbs Examples [List]

Some verbs sound similar and some have similar meanings. We get confused about them. It becomes a challenge for us to use a suitable verb in a certain context. These are called confusing verbs.

Examples of Confusing Verbs 

Verb Meaning / Use The verb in context
lend To give a loan Can you lend me $10?
borrow To take a loan Can I borrow $50 from you?
tell To narrate,

to instruct

He tells stories.

Never tell a lie.

say To ask something,

to report someone’s words

Did you say thank you to uncle?

She says she is a  good girl.

do To carry out tasks and activities You must do your homework then go outside.
make To build or create something,

To cause to happen

Make a list of guests.

Don’t make her frustrated.

can To request,

To show ability

Can you help me?

I can do this task

may To express a possibility,

To request

I may come to the party.

May I come in?

adopt To take She adopted a baby girl.
adapt To change,

To get used to

He adapted his rules.

Micheal S adapted to a new lifestyle.

rise To go up,

To get up

Electric prices are rising.

She rises at 6:00 daily.

raise To make higher The whole nation raised its voice against inflation.
immigrate To move to another country Dell immigrated to America.
emigrate To leave a country They emigrated from Canada.
bring To carry something He forgot to bring a gift for me.
take To carry away She takes her child to her office.
waste To spoil Don’t waste your time.
waist back His waist is 42inches.
spend To pass time,

To payout

She spends much of her time in the library.

They spent a large amount to buy this home.

refuse To decline, to accept I refused to accept his offer.
deny Disown something Dell denied that he did not steal his pen.
admit To declare or accept Zhang Yiming admitted his defeat.
confess To admit sin or wrong deed He confessed to Dell’s murder.
stay To live somewhere for some days How many days will you stay here?
remain To go on, persist He remains silent.
sit To be seated Sit here quietly.
seat Space for sitting Why are you sitting in my seat?
complement To complete a task You should be determined to complement your goal.
compliment admiration I received a compliment from the boss.
dessert A sweet dish She likes the dessert most.
desert An area with so much sand I don’t have experience visiting a desert.
see To see something without intent Dell opened the window and saw his sister.
look To see something with the intention He looked at me with anger.
watch To look intensely They were watching T.V.
speak General conversation She speaks loudly.
talk Conversational exchange They were talking about the teacher.
known familiar He is a well-known person.
Know to understand truth or fact I know about the skills.
lie To not speak the truth,

To rest

She is lying and accusing his brother.

My dog lies on the carpet.

lay To place or put Micheal
lose Be deprived, drop He lost his job.
loose Free, movable She wears loose clothes.

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