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Teachers Day Essay [500 Words]

Our bright future is due to our esteemed teachers. The teacher makes a real human being, otherwise, people behave like animals. As many avenues of development open up in the world. He seeks only an educated man. Man makes new inventions and discoveries day and night through effort and hard work. But he does all this when he is educated. And higher education requires a good teacher.

In today’s scientific age, there is a dire need for skilled and educated people. Because no country or nation can make progress unless it is enlightened by the light of knowledge and knowledge will be acquired in the true sense at that time. When they will be able to do so, but they will be able to teach the students with dedication and hard work. When all the students will cooperate with their professors and come together and take care of their dignity.

A teacher is a humble and respected person. Respect for teachers is the duty of all students.

Hazrat Ali (A religious personality) said: “Whoever teaches me one thing, one word, whatever it may be, I am his slave and he comes to me. If he wants, he can sell me and if he wants, he can set me free”.

The teacher is the architect of the nation. The student must respect the teacher.

Until the spirit of literature and respect rises from the depths of the heart, the flower of knowledge will not be able to flourish. Nor will it enlighten the heart of the learner. Although the teacher’s job is one of the most difficult job. But his reward is greater.

Imam Malik said that people walk towards knowledge and not knowledge goes to people. If you have something to learn, you can come to my party and so a caliph goes to his teacher for knowledge.  Just like if a drop of water gets into a snake’s mouth, it becomes poison, but if that drop falls into an oyster, it becomes a pearl. In this way, those who are rude to teachers are unlucky and those who are not rude are always lucky.

It is a fact that the branch that bends is more fruitful. So, always respect teachers.

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