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Research Topics on Nonlinear partial differential equations [Math]

Research Area/ Research Interest: Nonlinear partial differential equations Math

Research Paper Topics ideas for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1.  Numerical solution and bifurcation analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations with extreme learning machines
  2. A computational procedure for exact solutions of Burgers’ hierarchy of nonlinear partial differential equations
  3. Reduced operator inference for nonlinear partial differential equations
  4. Three ways to solve partial differential equations with neural networks—A review
  5. Local extreme learning machines and domain decomposition for solving linear and nonlinear partial differential equations
  6. New numerical approach for time-fractional partial differential equations arising in physical system involving natural decomposition method
  7.  Explicit tight frames for simulating a new system of fractional nonlinear partial differential equation model of Alzheimer disease
  8. Application of the Advanced exp (-φ (ξ))-expansion method to the Nonlinear Conformable Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations
  9.  A reliable algorithm to compute the approximate solution of KdV-type partial differential equations of order seven
  10. The optimal homotopy analysis method applied on nonlinear time-fractional hyperbolic partial differential equation s
  11. Analytical analysis of fractional-order multi-dimensional dispersive partial differential equations
  12.  Solution of partial differential equations by new double integral transform (Laplace-Sumudu transform)
  13.  An improved data-free surrogate model for solving partial differential equations using deep neural networks
  14. The neural network collocation method for solving partial differential equations
  15.  Review of the methods of transition from partial to ordinary differential equations: from macro-to nano-structural dynamics
  16.  New approximate-analytical solutions to partial differential equations via auxiliary function method
  17. Any equation is a forest: Symbolic genetic algorithm for discovering open-form partial differential equations (SGA-PDE)
  18.  Use of quantum differential equations in sonic processes
  19.  Soliton solutions of nonlinear fractional differential equations with their applications in mathematical physics
  20. A scientific machine learning approach to learning reduced models for nonlinear partial differential equations
  21.  … Neural Networks (XPINNs): A Generalized Space-Time Domain Decomposition based Deep Learning Framework for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.
  22. Learning the solution operator of parametric partial differential equations with physics-informed DeepONets
  23. Optical solitons of NLS-type differential equations by extended direct algebraic method
  24. Numerical solutions of the partial differential equations for investigating the significance of partial slip due to lateral velocity and viscous dissipation: the case of blood …
  25. Probabilistic learning on manifolds constrained by nonlinear partial differential equations for small datasets
  26. The optical soliton solutions of generalized coupled nonlinear Schrödinger-Korteweg-de Vries equations
  27. Simple equations method (SEsM) and its connection with the inverse scattering transform method
  28. Optimal system, invariance analysis of fourth-Order nonlinear ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur water wave dynamical equation using lie symmetry approach
  29. The homotopy perturbation method for fractional differential equations: part 1 Mohand transform
  30.  Exact solutions of conformable fractional differential equations
  31. Inverse Problem for a Partial Differential Equation with Gerasimov–Caputo-Type Operator and Degeneration
  32. APIK: Active physics-informed kriging model with partial differential equations
  33. Painlevé analysis and traveling wave solutions of the fourth-order differential equation for pulse with non-local nonlinearity
  34. Analytical solutions of linear fractional partial differential equations using fractional Fourier transform
  35. On the complex mixed dark-bright wave distributions to some conformable nonlinear integrable models
  36. Methods for constructing complex solutions of nonlinear PDEs using simpler solutions
  37. Peridynamics enabled learning partial differential equations
  38. Algorithms for solving high dimensional PDEs: from nonlinear Monte Carlo to machine learning
  39. Simple equations method (SEsM) and its particular cases: Hirota method
  40. Construction of different types of traveling wave solutions of the relativistic wave equation associated with the Schrödinger equation
  41. Partial differential equations discovery with EPDE framework: application for real and synthetic data
  42. A modified exp-function method for fractional partial differential equations
  43. New extended direct algebraic method for the resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation with Kerr law nonlinearity
  44.  Haar wavelet method for solving coupled system of fractional order partial differential equations
  45.  A study of the generalized nonlinear advection-diffusion equation arising in engineering sciences
  46. … of the exp-function and generalized Kudryashov methods for obtaining new exact solutions of certain nonlinear conformable time partial integro-differential equations
  47. An analytical technique, based on natural transform to solve fractional-order parabolic equations
  48.  An efficient numerical scheme based on Lucas polynomials for the study of multidimensional Burgers-type equations
  49. Explicit solutions to nonlinear Chen–Lee–Liu equation
  50. Variational Principles for Two Compound Nonlinear Equations‎ with Variable Coefficients
  51.  Generalized invariant manifolds for integrable equations and their applications
  52.  Distinct solutions of nonlinear space–time fractional evolution equations appearing in mathematical physics via a new technique
  53.  Soliton solutions, Painleve analysis and conservation laws for a nonlinear evolution equation
  54.  The solution of Poisson partial differential equations via double Laplace transform method
  55. He–Laplace variational iteration method for solving the nonlinear equations arising in chemical kinetics and population dynamics
  56. Deep learning-based method coupled with small sample learning for solving partial differential equations
  57. Dynamics of exact soliton solutions to the coupled nonlinear system using reliable analytical mathematical approaches
  58.  New iterative approach for the solutions of fractional order inhomogeneous partial differential equations
  59. Numerical solutions of coupled nonlinear fractional KdV equations using He’s fractional calculus
  60.  Solutions of fractional order pseudo-hyperbolic telegraph partial differential equations using finite difference method
  61.  Overcoming the curse of dimensionality in the numerical approximation of parabolic partial differential equations with gradient-dependent nonlinearities
  62. Homogeneous balance method and auxiliary equation method as particular cases of simple equations method (SEsM)
  63. The reducing rank method to solve third-order Duffing equation with the homotopy perturbation
  64. … framework for the numerical analysis of high-order finite difference solvers for nonlinear multi-term time-space fractional partial differential equations with time delay
  65.  On approximate solutions for fractional system of differential equations with Caputo-Fabrizio fractional operator
  66. Analysis of the fractional-order local poisson equation in fractal porous media
  67. White noise driven stochastic partial differential equations: triviality and non-triviality
  68. Multiwavelet-based operator learning for differential equations
  69.  Exact and explicit traveling wave solutions to the generalized Gardner and BBMB equations with dual high-order nonlinear terms
  70. On semi analytical and numerical simulations for a mathematical biological model; the time-fractional nonlinear Kolmogorov–Petrovskii–Piskunov (KPP) equation
  71. Some exact explicit solutions and conservation laws of Chaffee-Infante equation by Lie symmetry analysis
  72. Soliton wave solutions of nonlinear mathematical models in elastic rods and bistable surfaces
  73.  Traveling wave solutions for space-time fractional Cahn Hilliard equation and space-time fractional symmetric regularized long-wave equation
  74. Learning thermodynamically stable and Galilean invariant partial differential equations for non-equilibrium flows
  75.  New solitonic and rogue wave solutions of a Klein–Gordon equation with quadratic nonlinearity
  76.  Properties of some higher-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  77. Learning nonlinear dynamics with behavior ordinary/partial/system of the differential equations: looking through the lens of orthogonal neural networks
  78. Analytical solution of nonlinear differential equations two oscillators mechanism using Akbari–Ganji method
  79. The analytical solutions of Zoomeron equation via extended rational sin-cos and sinh-cosh methods
  80. Linearized stable spectral method to analyze two-dimensional nonlinear evolutionary and reaction-diffusion models
  81. Shifted fifth-kind Chebyshev Galerkin treatment for linear hyperbolic first-order partial differential equations
  82.  Solitary wave patterns and conservation laws of fourth-order nonlinear symmetric regularized long-wave equation arising in plasma
  83.  Approximate Numerical solutions for the nonlinear dispersive shallow water waves as the Fornberg–Whitham model equations
  84. Computation of traveling wave solution for nonlinear variable-order fractional model of modified equal width equation
  85. Searching closed form analytic solutions to some nonlinear fractional wave equations
  86. A deep learning approach to reduced order modelling of parameter dependent partial differential equations
  87.  Five semi analytical and numerical simulations for the fractional nonlinear space-time telegraph equation
  88. Lump solutions of a nonlinear PDE containing a third-order derivative of time
  89.  Learning elliptic partial differential equations with randomized linear algebra
  90.  Heuristic computational design of Morlet wavelet for solving the higher order singular nonlinear differential equations
  91. New structures for closed-form wave solutions for the dynamical equations model related to the ion sound and Langmuir waves
  92.  Optical soliton solutions of the generalized non-autonomous nonlinear Schrödinger equations by the new Kudryashov’s method
  93. The analytical solution of fractional-order Whitham–Broer–Kaup equations by an Elzaki decomposition method
  94. A combined meshfree exponential Rosenbrock integrator for the third-order dispersive partial differential equations
  95. A novel collocation approach to solve a nonlinear stochastic differential equation of fractional order involving a constant delay
  96.  Numerical continuation and bifurcation in Nonlinear PDEs
  97.  New soliton wave structures of nonlinear (4+ 1)-dimensional Fokas dynamical model by using different methods
  98.  Construction of multi-wave complexiton solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation via two efficient analyzing techniques
  99. Nonlinear mathematical model and numerical algorithm for monitoring and predicting the concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere
  100. Non-intrusive surrogate modeling for parametrized time-dependent partial differential equations using convolutional autoencoders
  101. Three semi-implicit compact finite difference schemes for the nonlinear partial integro-differential equation arising from viscoelasticity
  102.  Exact traveling wave solutions for two prolific conformable M-Fractional differential equations via three diverse approaches
  103. Adomian decomposition and fractional power series solution of a class of nonlinear fractional differential equations
  104.  ARA-residual power series method for solving partial fractional differential equations
  105. Traveling wave solutions to the nonlinear evolution equation using expansion method and addendum to Kudryashov’s method
  106.  New analytical solutions for the oskolkov-type equations in fluid dynamics via a modified methodology
  107. Solving nonlinear PDEs using the higher order Haar wavelet method on nonuniform and adaptive grids
  108. A variational inequality based stochastic approximation for inverse problems in stochastic partial differential equations
  109. Extension of operational matrix technique for the solution of nonlinear system of Caputo fractional differential equations subjected to integral type boundary constrains
  110.  Matrix computational collocation approach based on rational Chebyshev functions for nonlinear differential equations
  111. Abundant optical solitons to the Sasa-Satsuma higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  112. A residual power series method for solving pseudo hyperbolic partial differential equations with nonlocal conditions
  113. A new (3+ 1)-dimensional Painlevé-integrable Sakovich equation: multiple soliton solutions
  114. Maximum principle for space and time-space fractional partial differential equations
  115.  Mathematical control theory for stochastic partial differential equations
  116. On some neural network architectures that can represent viscosity solutions of certain high dimensional Hamilton–Jacobi partial differential equations
  117. Actor-critic method for high dimensional static Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman partial differential equations based on neural networks
  118. Application of combination schemes based on radial basis functions and finite difference to solve stochastic coupled nonlinear time fractional sine-Gordon equations
  119. He’s frequency formulation for fractal nonlinear oscillator arising in a microgravity space
  120. Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy-model-based event-triggered point control for semilinear partial differential equation systems using collocated pointwise measurements
  121.  Partial differential equations
  122. Some applications of Wright functions in fractional differential equations
  123.  Search for adequate closed form wave solutions to space–time fractional nonlinear equations
  124. The blow-up and global existence of solution to Caputo–Hadamard fractional partial differential equation with fractional Laplacian
  125. Exact solutions of the fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver equation and the fractional Bogoyavlenskii’s breaking soliton equations
  126. Analytical study of fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation with harmonic oscillator
  127. Existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional nonlinear hybrid impulsive system
  128. Bilinear residual network method for solving the exactly explicit solutions of nonlinear evolution equations
  129. Space–time generalized finite difference nonlinear model for solving unsteady Burgers’ equations
  130. A computational algorithm for the numerical solution of fractional order delay differential equations
  131. Distributed learning machines for solving forward and inverse problems in partial differential equations
  132. The homogeneous balance method and its applications for finding the exact solutions for nonlinear equations
  133.  Fundamental solutions to the stochastic perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation via gamma distribution
  134. New exact traveling wave solutions to the (2+ 1)-dimensional Chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  135. An efficient numerical approach for fractional multidimensional diffusion equations with exponential memory
  136. Non-Newtonian based micropolar fluid flow over nonlinear starching cylinder under Soret and Dufour numbers effects
  137. Generalized-expansion method for some soliton wave solutions of Burgers-like and potential KdV equations
  138.  Analytical study of soliton solutions for an improved perturbed Schrödinger equation with Kerr law non-linearity in non-linear optics by an expansion algorithm
  139. Lump, soliton, and interaction solutions to a generalized two-mode higher-order nonlinear evolution equation in plasma physics
  140. A new perspective on the study of the fractal coupled Boussinesq–Burger equation in shallow water
  141. Numerical solution of nonlinear delay differential equations of fractional variable-order using a novel shifted Jacobi operational matrix
  142. Averaging principle for impulsive stochastic partial differential equations
  143. An effective computational approach and sensitivity analysis to pseudo-parabolic-type equations
  144. Nonlinear pantograph-type diffusion PDEs: Exact solutions and the principle of analogy
  145. Meta-mgnet: Meta multigrid networks for solving parameterized partial differential equations
  146. ReLie: a Reduce program for Lie group analysis of differential equations
  147. Analytical and semi-analytical solutions for time-fractional Cahn–Allen equation
  148. Heat and mass transfer analysis for bioconvective flow of Eyring Powell nanofluid over a Riga surface with nonlinear thermal features
  149. Abundant exact solutions to a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation with local fractional derivative
  150.  Numerical computations for Buongiorno nano fluid model on the boundary layer flow of viscoelastic fluid towards a nonlinear stretching sheet
  151. On successive linearization method for differential equations with nonlinear conditions
  152. Computational Analysis of MHD Nonlinear Radiation Casson Hybrid Nanofluid Flow at Vertical Stretching Sheet
  153. Extreme theory of functional connections: A fast physics-informed neural network method for solving ordinary and partial differential equations
  154.  Solitary and periodic wave solutions to the family of new 3D fractional WBBM equations in mathematical physics
  155. Development of mathematical modeling of multi-phase flow of Casson rheological fluid: Theoretical approach
  156. A nonlinear solver based on an adaptive neural network, introduction and application to porous media flow
  157. On the soliton solutions for an intrinsic fractional discrete nonlinear electrical transmission line
  158.  Periodic and solitary wave solutions to a family of new 3D fractional WBBM equations using the two-variable method
  159. Nonlinear vibration of fractional Kelvin–Voigt viscoelastic beam on nonlinear elastic foundation
  160.  Explicit wave phenomena to the couple type fractional order nonlinear evolution equations
  161. Theory of functional connections applied to linear odes subject to integral constraints and linear ordinary integro-differential equations
  162. On the conformable nonlinear Schrödinger equation with second order spatiotemporal and group velocity dispersion coefficients
  163. A finite-difference procedure to solve weakly singular integro partial differential equation with space-time fractional derivatives
  164. Selectnet: Self-paced learning for high-dimensional partial differential equations
  165. Abundant exact solutions to the strain wave equation in micro-structured solids
  166. A method for constructing exact solutions of nonlinear delay PDEs
  167. Neural ordinary differential equations for data-driven reduced order modeling of environmental hydrodynamics
  168.  A new numerical scheme for solving pantograph type nonlinear fractional integro-differential equations
  169. Abundant wave solutions to two novel KP-like equations using an effective integration method
  170.  Physical properties for bidirectional wave solutions to a generalized fifth-order equation with third-order time-dispersion term
  171. Nonlinear acoustic wave structures to the Zabolotskaya-Khokholov dynamical model
  172.  On the exact solutions to some system of complex nonlinear models
  173. Solitary wave solutions for the KdV-type equations in plasma: a new approach with the Kudryashov function
  174. Robust data-driven discovery of partial differential equations under uncertainties
  175. Efficient quantum algorithm for dissipative nonlinear differential equations
  176. An analytical Technique for Solving New Computational‎ Solutions of the Modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov‎ Equation Arising‎ in Electrical Engineering
  177.  Onset of the broad-ranging general stable soliton solutions of nonlinear equations in physics and gas dynamics
  178. A priori generalization analysis of the deep ritz method for solving high dimensional elliptic partial differential equations
  179. Conserved quantities and travelling wave profiles to the nonlinear transmission line via Lie group analysis
  180.  Solution of third order linear and nonlinear boundary value problems of integro-differential equations using Haar wavelet method
  181. Explicit high-order energy-preserving methods for general Hamiltonian partial differential equations
  182. New traveling solutions of the fractional nonlinear KdV and ZKBBM equations with fractional operator
  183. Qualitative analysis and wave propagation of the nonlinear model for low-pass electrical transmission lines
  184. Exact solution of the time fractional variant Boussinesq-Burgers equations
  185.  The analysis of fractional-order nonlinear systems of third order KdV and Burgers equations via a novel transform
  186. Computability of differential equations
  187.  Existence and uniqueness results for two-term nonlinear fractional differential equations via a fixed point technique
  188. Neural partial differential equations for chaotic systems
  189. Numerical simulation for coupled nonlinear Schrödinger–Korteweg–de Vries and Maccari systems of equations
  190. Mathematical modeling and study of MHD flow of Williamson nanofluid over a nonlinear stretching plate with activation energy
  191. Models base study of inclined MHD of hybrid nanofluid flow over nonlinear stretching cylinder
  192. MIM: A deep mixed residual method for solving high-order partial differential equations
  193. On solution of a class of nonlinear variable order fractional reaction–diffusion equation with Mittag–Leffler kernel
  194. Adomian decomposition and homotopy perturbation method for the solution of time fractional partial integro-differential equations
  195. Numerical solution of two-dimensional stochastic time-fractional Sine–Gordon equation on non-rectangular domains using finite difference and meshfree methods
  196.  Analysis of the fractional-order Kaup–Kupershmidt equation via novel transforms
  197. Physics-informed neural operator for learning partial differential equations
  198.  Nonlocal PT-symmetric integrable equations and related Riemann–Hilbert problems
  199. Exponential convergence of deep operator networks for elliptic partial differential equations
  200. Pde-gcn: Novel architectures for graph neural networks motivated by partial differential equations
  201. A new semi-analytical method for solving a class of time fractional partial differential equations with variable coefficients
  202. On entire solutions to eikonal-type equations
  203.  Spectral methods to solve nonlinear problems: A review
  204. Supplementary variable method for thermodynamically consistent partial differential equations
  205. Asymptotic stability of fractional order (1, 2] stochastic delay differential equations in Banach spaces
  206. Implicit solitary waves for one of the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  207. On the new exact traveling wave solutions of the time-space fractional strain wave equation in microstructured solids via the variational method
  208.  The analytical analysis of nonlinear fractional-order dynamical models
  209. Research on high precision solution of fractional partial differential equations under heat conduction model
  210. A review on arbitrarily regular conforming virtual element methods for elliptic partial differential equations
  211.  A solitary wave solution to the generalized Burgers-Fisher’s equation using an improved differential transform method: A hybrid scheme approach
  212.  On the analysis of an analytical approach for fractional Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equations
  213.  Nonlinear dispersion in parabolic law medium and its optical solitons
  214. Similarity solution of the partial differential equations that model water/magnetite nanofluid flow and heat transfer on a stretchable rotating disk subject to thermal …
  215.  The unified technique for the nonlinear time-fractional model with the beta-derivative
  216. On the behaviors of solutions of systems of non-linear differential equations with multiple constant delays
  217.  Mathematical modeling of tsunami wave propagation at mid ocean and its amplification and run-up on shore
  218.  Abundant new exact solutions to the fractional nonlinear evolution equation via Riemann-Liouville derivative
  219. Numerical solutions for solving model time-fractional Fokker–Planck equation
  220. A new analysis of fractional-order equal-width equations via novel techniques
  221. Some Results on a Two Variables Pell Polynomials
  222.  An Itô Formula for rough partial differential equations and some applications
  223. Dynamic selective edge-based integer/fractional-order partial differential equation for degraded document image binarization
  224. A radial basis function finite difference (RBF-FD) method for numerical simulation of interaction of high and low frequency waves: Zakharov–Rubenchik equations
  225.  Abundant closed-form wave solutions and dynamical structures of soliton solutions to the (3+ 1)-dimensional BLMP equation in mathematical physics
  226.  Tangent nonlinear equation in context of fractal fractional operators with nonsingular kernel
  227.  Exact analytical wave solutions for space-time variable-order fractional modified equal width equation
  228. Numerical solution using radial basis functions for multidimensional fractional partial differential equations of type Black–Scholes
  229. New soliton configurations for two different models related to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation through a graded-index waveguide
  230. Numerical investigation of fractional-order Swift–Hohenberg equations via a Novel transform
  231. Data-driven modeling of nonlinear traveling waves<? A3B2 show [editpick]?>
  232. Numerical analysis of time-fractional Whitham-Broer-Kaup equations with exponential-decay kernel
  233. Dynamics of soliton solutions in saturated ferromagnetic materials by a novel mathematical method
  234. Design of backpropagated intelligent networks for nonlinear second-order Lane–Emden pantograph delay differential systems
  235. A new analytical solution of Klein–Gordon equation with local fractional derivative
  236. An effective computational method to deal with a time-fractional nonlinear water wave equation in the Caputo sense
  237. A novel approach to find exact solutions of fractional evolution equations with non-singular kernel derivative
  238.  A novel design of Gudermannian function as a neural network for the singular nonlinear delayed, prediction and pantograph differential models
  239. Neural networks-based backward scheme for fully nonlinear PDEs
  240. Nonlinearity-managed lump waves in a spatial symmetric HSI model
  241. A pseudo-spectral fourier collocation method for inhomogeneous elliptical inclusions with partial differential equations
  242.  A polynomial conjecture connected with rogue waves in the KdV equation
  243.  Inverse boundary value problem for a fractional differential equations of mixed type with integral redefinition conditions
  244. Exact solutions of the generalized multidimensional mathematical physics models via sub-equation method
  245.  An attractive numerical algorithm for solving nonlinear Caputo–Fabrizio fractional Abel differential equation in a Hilbert space
  246. Exploring the unknown: the work of Louis Nirenberg on partial differential equations
  247. Bifurcation of new optical solitary wave solutions for the nonlinear long-short wave interaction system via two improved models of ( G ′ G ) expansion method
  248.  Partial differential equations in anisotropic Musielak-Orlicz spaces
  249.  On nonlinear pantograph fractional differential equations with Atangana–Baleanu–Caputo derivative
  250. Optimal control of nonlinear time-delay fractional differential equations with Dickson polynomials
  251. Refraction simulation of internal solitary waves for the fractional Benjamin–Ono equation in fluid dynamics
  252.  A novel homotopy perturbation method with applications to nonlinear fractional order KdV and Burger equation with exponential-decay kernel
  253.  Nonlinear parabolic stochastic evolution equations in critical spaces Part I. Stochastic maximal regularity and local existence
  254. Numerical solution of fractional partial differential equations via Haar wavelet
  255. Functional inequalities: nonlinear flows and entropy methods as a tool for obtaining sharp and constructive results
  256. New variational theory for coupled nonlinear fractal Schrödinger system
  257. The impact of LRBF-FD on the solutions of the nonlinear regularized long wave equation
  258. A convex optimization framework for the inverse problem of identifying a random parameter in a stochastic partial differential equation
  259.  The effect of multiplicative noise on the exact solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  260. Lie symmetries, exact solutions, and conservation laws of the nonlinear time-fractional Benjamin-Ono equation
  261. Heat transfer of TiO2− EG nanoliquid with active and passive control of nanoparticles subject to nonlinear Boussinesq approximation
  262. A ring vibration isolator enhanced by a nonlinear energy sink
  263. Dynamics of optical solitons and nonautonomous complex wave solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with variable coefficients
  264.  Best approximation of a nonlinear fractional Volterra integro-differential equation in matrix MB-space
  265. Accurate sets of solitary solutions for the quadratic–cubic fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  266. Exact solutions of the KdV equation with dual-power law nonlinearity
  267. Optical solitons of the resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation with arbitrary index
  268. Dynamical behaviour of Chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  269.  A generalized operational matrix of mixed partial derivative terms with applications to multi-order fractional partial differential equations
  270. A popular reaction-diffusion model fractional Fitzhugh-Nagumo equation: analytical and numerical treatment
  271. On the Solvability of One Class of Third-Order Differential Equations
  272.  Abundant analytical solutions to the new coupled Konno-Oono equation arising in magnetic field
  273. Numerical treatment of multi-term time fractional nonlinear KdV equations with weakly singular solutions
  274. Blow-up result for a semilinear wave equation with a nonlinear memory term
  275. An approximation technique for first Painlevé equation
  276. DeepXDE: A deep learning library for solving differential equations
  277. Some important criteria for oscillation of non-linear differential equations with middle term
  278. … numerical method based on shifted fractional-order Jacobi operational matrices for solving some classes of two-dimensional nonlinear fractional integral equations
  279. Solving nonlinear differential equations with differentiable quantum circuits
  280. Bäcklund transformation, exact solutions and diverse interaction phenomena to a (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation
  281. Nonlinear instability of two streaming-superposed magnetic Reiner-Rivlin Fluids by He-Laplace method
  282. A spectral approach to analyze the nonlinear oscillatory fractional-order differential equations
  283.  Employing Hirota’s bilinear form to find novel lump waves solutions to an important nonlinear model in fluid mechanics
  284. Applications of a fixed point result for solving nonlinear fractional and integral differential equations
  285. Investigation of magneto-electro-thermo-mechanical loads on nonlinear forced vibrations of composite cylindrical shells
  286. Inverse problem of recovering the initial condition for a nonlinear equation of the reaction–diffusion–advection type by data given on the position of a reaction front with …
  287. Dynamics and exact solutions of non-evolutionary partial differential equations
  288. On a Volterra type fractional integro-differential equation with degenerate kernel
  289. Distribution dependent stochastic differential equations
  290.  Boundary value problem in a domain with deviation from the characteristics for one nonlinear equation of a mixed type
  291. Comparison of Finite-Difference Schemes for the Burgers Problem
  292.  The analysis of fractional-order proportional delay physical models via a novel transform
  293. A self-adjoint coupled system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations with nonlocal multi-point boundary conditions on an arbitrary domain
  294.  New analytical solitary and periodic wave solutions for generalized variable-coefficients modified KdV equation with external-force term presenting …
  295.  Advanced Numerical Methods for Differential Equations: Applications in Science and Engineering
  296. Boundary value problem for a fully nonlinear elliptic equation
  297. New optical solitons perturbation in the birefringent fibers for the CGL equation with Kerr law nonlinearity using two integral schemes methods
  298.  Study on the training model of football movement trajectory drop point based on fractional differential equation
  299. Dynamics of a D’Alembert wave and a soliton molecule for an extended BLMP equation
  300. Solving forward and inverse problems of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with the generalized-symmetric Scarf-II potential via PINN deep learning
  301.  An application of Genocchi wavelets for solving the fractional Rosenau-Hyman equation☆
  302.  Numerical solution for multi-term fractional delay differential equations
  303.  Solution of wave equation by Double Laplace and Double Sumudu transform
  304. Qualitative analysis of Caputo fractional integro-differential equations with constant delays
  305. To study existence of at least three weak solutions to a system of over-determined Fredholm fractional integro-differential equations
  306. Numerical treatment of a fractional order system of nonlinear stochastic delay differential equations using a computational scheme
  307. Analytical solutions to the M-derivative resonant Davey–Stewartson equations
  308. Asymptotic behavior of nonlocal partial differential equations with long time memory
  309.  Fractional simulation for Darcy-Forchheimer hybrid nanoliquid flow with partial slip over a spinning disk
  310.  Some exact wave solutions to a variety of the Schrödinger equation with two nonlinearity laws and conformable derivative
  311. Inverse differential quadrature method: mathematical formulation and error analysis
  312. Dynamics of lump-periodic and breather waves solutions with variable coefficients in liquid with gas bubbles
  313. Local symmetry structure and potential symmetries of time-fractional partial differential equations
  314. The bright and singular solitons of (2+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation with spatio-temporal dispersions
  315. Equivalent finite difference and partial differential equations for the lattice Boltzmann method
  316. An exploratory study on machine learning to couple numerical solutions of partial differential equations
  317. Error estimation for second-order partial differential equations in nonvariational form
  318. A comparison of automatic differentiation and continuous sensitivity analysis for derivatives of differential equation solutions
  319.  Effects of fractional order time derivative on the solitary wave dynamics of the generalized ZK–Burgers equation
  320.  Spectral methods for nonlinear functionals and functional differential equations
  321. Ordinary differential equations and generalized functions
  322. Double-diffusive natural convective stream due to moving vertical plate with nonlinear thermal radiation and Newton’s boundary constraint
  323. On the Formulaic Solution of a ( n + 1 ) th Order Differential Equation
  324.  New conservation laws and exact solutions of the special case of the fifth-order KdV equation
  325.  Computational Simulations; Abundant Optical Wave Solutions Atangana Conformable Fractional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
  326. On the boundary value problems of Hadamard fractional differential equations of variable order via Kuratowski MNC technique
  327.  Explicit blowing up solutions for a higher order parabolic equation with Hessian Nonlinearity
  328. Analysis of transient thermal distribution in a convective–radiative moving rod using two-dimensional differential transform method with multivariate Pade approximant
  329. Numerical simulation of a nonlinear coupled differential system describing a convective flow of Casson gold–blood nanofluid through a stretched rotating rigid disk in …
  330.  Informatisation of educational reform based on fractional differential equations
  331. Generalized squared remainder minimization method for solving multi-term fractional differential equations
  332. Numerical solution of the second order linear and nonlinear integro-differential equations using Haar wavelet method
  333. Quantum quantile mechanics: solving stochastic differential equations for generating time-series
  334. Nonlinear Differential Equations with Distributed Delay: Some New Oscillatory Solutions
  335. On the modified Gardner type equation and its time fractional form
  336.  Nonlinear discrete fractional sum inequalities related to the theory of discrete fractional calculus with applications
  337. Solve fractional differential equations via a hybrid method between variational iteration method and gray wolf optimization algorithm
  338. An encyclopedia of Kudryashov’s integrability approaches applicable to optoelectronic devices
  339.  Optical soliton solutions for the coupled conformable Fokas–Lenells equation with spatio-temporal dispersion
  340. A new computational method based on fractional Lagrange functions to solve multi-term fractional differential equations
  341. An efficient stochastic numerical computing framework for the nonlinear higher order singular models
  342.  On some novel solution solutions to the generalized Schrödinger-Boussinesq equations for the interaction between complex short wave and real long wave …
  343. Computational examination of Casson nanofluid due to a non-linear stretching sheet subjected to particle shape factor: Tiwari and Das model
  344.  Nonlinear fractional mathematical model of tuberculosis (TB) disease with incomplete treatment under Atangana-Baleanu derivative
  345. Analysis of Time-Fractional ϕ 4 -Equation with Singular and Non-Singular Kernels
  346.  … wave solution to the time-fractional phi-four and (2+ 1) dimensional CBS equations using the modified extended tanh-function method in mathematical …
  347. Nonlinear diffusion equation with selective source for binarization of degraded document images
  348. Lump solutions to a (2+ 1)-dimensional fourth-order nonlinear PDE possessing a Hirota bilinear form
  349. Periodic-soliton and periodic-type solutions of the (3+ 1)-dimensional Boiti–Leon–Manna–Pempinelli equation by using BNNM
  350. The analysis of the soliton-type solutions of conformable equations by using generalized Kudryashov method
  351. Suppressing the vibration of the third-order critically damped Duffing equation
  352. Construction of an approximate analytical solution for multi-dimensional fractional Zakharov–Kuznetsov equation via Aboodh Adomian decomposition method
  353. Fast-diffusion limit for reaction-diffusion equations with multiplicative noise
  354. Soliton solutions for fractional DNA Peyrard-Bishop equation via the extended-expansion method
  355. New exact solutions for the doubly dispersive equation using the improved Bernoulli sub-equation function method
  356.  New computational results for a prototype of an excitable system
  357. New localized and periodic solutions to a Korteweg–de Vries equation with power law nonlinearity: applications to some plasma models
  358. Nonlinear vibrations of functionally graded graphene reinforced composite cylindrical panels
  359. Solving coefficient inverse problems for nonlinear singularly perturbed equations of the reaction-diffusion-advection type with data on the position of a reaction front
  360. Localized Chebyshev collocation method for solving elliptic partial differential equations in arbitrary 2D domains
  361. Solitons dynamics in optical metamaterial with quadratic–cubic nonlinearity using modified extended direct algebraic method
  362.  An optimal Galerkin-homotopy asymptotic method applied to the nonlinear second-order bvps
  363. An analytical solution for nonlinear vibration analysis of functionally graded rectangular plate in contact with fluid
  364. Novel trial functions and rogue waves of generalized breaking soliton equation via bilinear neural network method
  365.  Analytical behavior of the fractional Bogoyavlenskii equations with conformable derivative using two distinct reliable methods
  366.  Heat and mass transfer analysis of the peristaltic driven flow of nanofluid in an asymmetric channel
  367. The Radhakrishnan–Kundu–Lakshmanan equation with arbitrary refractive index and its exact solutions
  368. Taylor approximation for chance constrained optimization problems governed by partial differential equations with high-dimensional random parameters
  369. Construction of Lump and optical solitons solutions for (3+ 1) model for the propagation of nonlinear dispersive waves in inhomogeneous media
  370. Two linearized schemes for time fractional nonlinear wave equations with fourth-order derivative
  371. Nonlinear vibration analysis of nanowire resonators for ultra-high resolution mass sensing
  372. A unified Petrov–Galerkin spectral method and fast solver for distributed-order partial differential equations
  373.  A novel analytical method for solving (2+ 1)-dimensional extended Calogero-Bogoyavlenskii-Schiff equation in plasma physics
  374.  Deep neural network for system of ordinary differential equations: Vectorized algorithm and simulation
  375. Can transfer neuroevolution tractably solve your differential equations?
  376. A novel perspective for the fractal Schrödinger equation
  377. On nonlinear Feynman–Kac formulas for viscosity solutions of semilinear parabolic partial differential equations
  378. Notes on the existence of entire solutions for several partial differential-difference equations
  379.  The Schrödinger-KdV equation of fractional order with Mittag-Leffler nonsingular kernel
  380.  Computational techniques to study the dynamics of generalized unstable nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  381. Symbolic computation and sensitivity analysis of nonlinear Kudryashov’s dynamical equation with applications
  382.  … solitary wave solutions, bifurcation analysis and first order conserved quantities of resonance nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation with Kerr law nonlinearity
  383. Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics coupled to the global circulation in holistic setting: mathematical models, numerical methods and applications
  384. Simulation and refraction event of complex hyperbolic type solitary wave in plasma and optical fiber for the perturbed Chen-Lee-Liu equation
  385. Dromion− like structures in a cubic− quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation using analytical methods
  386. Legendre wavelet method for fractional delay differential equations
  387. Soliton interaction of a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation in an optical fiber
  388.  Nonlinear vibrations and time delay control of an extensible slowly rotating beam
  389. Tukey Depths and Hamilton–Jacobi Differential Equations
  390. An integro quadratic spline-based scheme for solving nonlinear fractional stochastic differential equations with constant time delay
  391.  Nonlinear optimization of district heating networks
  392. Uniqueness of solution for higher-order nonlinear fractional differential equations with multi-point and integral boundary conditions
  393. Neural stochastic partial differential equations
  394. Numerical and theoretical discussions for solving nonlinear generalized Benjamin–Bona–Mahony–Burgers equation based on the Legendre spectral element method
  395. A method of solving a nonlinear boundary value problem for the Fredholm integro-differential equation
  396. New wave behaviors and stability analysis of the Gilson–Pickering equation in plasma physics
  397. Parameterized neural ordinary differential equations: Applications to computational physics problems
  398. Probabilistic error estimation for non-intrusive reduced models learned from data of systems governed by linear parabolic partial differential equations
  399. Stable optical solitons for the Higher-order Non-Kerr NLSE via the modified simple equation method
  400. A stable computational approach to analyze semi-relativistic behavior of fractional evolutionary problems
  401. Rogue wave solutions and the bright and dark solitons of the (3+ 1)-dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation
  402.  Numerical simulations and analysis for mathematical model of avascular tumor growth using Gompertz growth rate function
  403. Propagation of wave solutions of nonlinear Heisenberg ferromagnetic spin chain and Vakhnenko dynamical equations arising in nonlinear water wave models
  404. On a Fractional Parabolic Equation with Regularized Hyper-Bessel Operator and Exponential Nonlinearities
  405. Investigation of internal dynamics of soliton with the help of traveling wave soliton solution of Hamilton amplitude equation
  406. Integral Equation Methods for Evolutionary PDE A Convolution Quadrature Approach
  407. Space–time Chebyshev spectral collocation method for nonlinear time-fractional Burgers equations based on efficient basis functions
  408. Collocation methods based on Gegenbauer and Bernoulli wavelets for solving neutral delay differential equations
  409. Investigation of fractional order sine-Gordon equation using Laplace Adomian decomposition method
  410. An efficient computational approach for local fractional Poisson equation in fractal media
  411. Periodic solutions for second order totally nonlinear iterative differential equations
  412. Diverse acoustic wave propagation to confirmable time–space fractional KP equation arising in dusty plasma
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  414. Numerical solution of fractional differential equations using hybrid Bernoulli polynomials and block pulse functions
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  418. PINN deep learning method for the Chen–Lee–Liu equation: Rogue wave on the periodic background
  419. The Comparative Study for Solving Fractional-Order Fornberg–Whitham Equation via ρ-Laplace Transform
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  421. Wick-type stochastic multi-soliton and soliton molecule solutions in the framework of nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  422. Resonant optical solitons with conformable time-fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  423. Entropy optimization of first-grade viscoelastic nanofluid flow over a stretching sheet by using classical Keller-box scheme
  424. Fractional system of Korteweg-De Vries equations via Elzaki transform
  425. Linear embedding of nonlinear dynamical systems and prospects for efficient quantum algorithms
  426.  An analytical solution for the nonlinear inverse cauchy problem
  427. Introducing students to research codes: a short course on solving partial differential equations in Python
  428. Dark and bright soliton solutions and computational modeling of nonlinear regularized long wave model
  429. Dynamics of soliton and mixed lump-soliton waves to a generalized Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko equation
  430.  Nonlinear wave equations
  431. Solving localized wave solutions of the derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation using an improved PINN method
  432.  Bivariate Chebyshev polynomials of the fifth kind for variable-order time-fractional partial integro-differential equations with weakly singular kernel
  433.  Investigation on Ginzburg-Landau equation via a tested approach to benchmark stochastic Davis-Skodje system
  434. Learning physically consistent differential equation models from data using group sparsity
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  436.  On nonlinear evolution model for drinking behavior under Caputo-Fabrizio derivative
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  440. On a Nonlinear Mixed Problem for a Parabolic Equation with a Nonlocal Condition
  441. On the discrete symmetry analysis of some classical and fractional differential equations
  442. Laguerre polynomial-based operational matrix of integration for solving fractional differential equations with non-singular kernel
  443.  Numerical methods for fractional-order Fornberg-Whitham equations in the sense of Atangana-Baleanu derivative
  444. New stochastic solutions for a new extension of nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  445. A fractional model for population dynamics of two interacting species by using spectral and Hermite wavelets methods
  446. An efficient numerical method for forward-backward stochastic differential equations driven by G-Brownian motion
  447. Analytical optical pulses and bifurcation analysis for the traveling optical pulses of the hyperbolic nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  448.  On the physical nonlinear (n+ 1)-dimensional Schrödinger equation applications
  449. An analysis of controllability results for nonlinear Hilfer neutral fractional derivatives with non-dense domain
  450.  A thermal conductivity model for hybrid heat and mass transfer investigation of single and multi-wall carbon nano-tubes flow induced by a spinning body
  451.  The MHD Newtonian hybrid nanofluid flow and mass transfer analysis due to super-linear stretching sheet embedded in porous medium
  452.  Optical solitons to a perturbed Gerdjikov-Ivanov equation using two different techniques
  453. Significance of viscous dissipation on MHD Eyring–Powell flow past a convectively heated stretching sheet
  454. The Rank Upgrading Technique for a Harmonic Restoring Force‎ of Nonlinear Oscillators
  455.  Application of intelligent paradigm through neural networks for numerical solution of multiorder fractional differential equations
  456. Analysis of the time fractional-order coupled burgers equations with non-singular kernel operators
  457. Generalized stokes’ flow and radiative heat transfer model of a non-Newtonian fluid in a darcy porous medium subject to Navier’s slip conditions on the penetrable …
  458. New visions of the soliton solutions to the modified nonlinear Schrodinger equation
  459. Numerical simulation for entropy optimized nonlinear radiative flow of GO-Al2O3 magneto nanomaterials with auto catalysis chemical reaction
  460. An approach to the solution of nonlinear forced vibration problem of structural systems reinforced with advanced materials in the presence of viscous damping
  461.  Linear and nonlinear effects analysis on wave profiles in optics and quantum physics
  462. Driving bifurcating parametrized nonlinear PDEs by optimal control strategies: application to Navier–Stokes equations with model order reduction
  463. Deep learning schemes for parabolic nonlocal integro-differential equations
  464. Quasi-periodic, chaotic and travelling wave structures of modified Gardner equation
  465.  Exact solutions of the stochastic new coupled Konno-Oono equation
  466.  Abundant analytical soliton solutions and Evolutionary behaviors of various wave profiles to the Chaffee–Infante equation with gas diffusion in a …
  467.  Deep-learning based discovery of partial differential equations in integral form from sparse and noisy data
  468. Some newly explored exact solitary wave solutions to nonlinear inhomogeneous Murnaghan’s rod equation of fractional order
  469.  A study of variational iteration method for solving various types of problems
  470. Exponential decay of sensitivity in graph-structured nonlinear programs
  471.  A novel study of Morlet neural networks to solve the nonlinear HIV infection system of latently infected cells
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  474.  New exact solutions of the fractional complex Ginzburg–Landau equation
  475.  Specific wave structures of a fifth-order nonlinear water wave equation
  476. Bright–dark soliton waves’ dynamics in pseudo spherical surfaces through the nonlinear Kaup–Kupershmidt equation
  477. Entropy generation on double-diffusive MHD slip flow of nanofluid over a rotating disk with nonlinear mixed convection and Arrhenius activation energy
  478. Diverse novel solutions for the ionic current using the microtubule equation based on two recent computational schemes
  479.  Initial boundary value problems for a multi-term time fractional diffusion equation with generalized fractional derivatives in time
  480. A fast insight into the nonlinear oscillation of nano-electro-mechanical resonators considering the size effect and the van der Waals force
  481. Towards understanding the algorithms for solving the Navier–Stokes equations
  482. Robust numerical method for singularly perturbed semilinear parabolic differential difference equations
  483. Numerical solution of convection–diffusion–reaction equations by a finite element method with error correlation
  484. Shape optimization of a Dirichlet type energy for semilinear elliptic partial differential equations
  485. Theoretical Analysis on Absorption of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Solutions of Phenyl Glycidyl Ether (PGE) Using Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous Neural …
  486. D’Alembert wave and soliton molecule of the generalized Nizhnik–Novikov–Veselov equation
  487. Study of W-shaped, V-shaped, and other type of surfaces of the ZK-BBM and GZD-BBM equations
  488.  Inverse problems for nonlinear hyperbolic equations
  489. Higher-order algorithms for stable solutions of fractional time-dependent nonlinear telegraph equations in space
  490.  New algorithm for the approximate solution of generalized seventh order Korteweg-Devries equation arising in shallow water waves
  491. Nonlinear dynamic responses of sandwich functionally graded porous cylindrical shells embedded in elastic media under 1: 1 internal resonance
  492.  Numerical simulation and thermal enhancement of multi-based nanofluid over an embrittled cone
  493.  Physically significant wave solutions to the Riemann wave equations and the Landau-Ginsburg-Higgs equation
  494. A new fractal transform frequency formulation for fractal nonlinear oscillators
  495.  Design of an efficient algorithm for solution of Bratu differential equations
  496. Novel expressions for the derivatives of sixth kind Chebyshev polynomials: spectral solution of the non-linear one-dimensional Burgers’ equation
  497. Physics-constrained deep learning for solving seepage equation
  498.  New impressive behavior of the exact solutions to the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burgers equation with dual power-law nonlinearity against its numerical …
  499. Numerical and mathematical analysis of induction motor by means of AB–fractal–fractional differentiation actuated by drilling system
  500.  Presence and diversity of positive solutions for a Caputo-type fractional order nonlinear differential equation with an advanced argument
  501.  Mathematical modeling and thermodynamics of Prandtl–Eyring fluid with radiation effect: a numerical approach
  502.  New nonlinear theory for a piston-type wavemaker: The classical Boussinesq equations
  503. Optical solitons of the (2+ 1)-dimensional Biswas–Milovic equation using modified extended tanh-function method
  504. Optical envelope patterns in nonlinear media modeled by the Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel equation
  505. Solitary waves of the generalized Sasa–Satsuma equation with arbitrary refractive index
  506.  Solving a novel designed second order nonlinear Lane–Emden delay differential model using the heuristic techniques
  507. The integrable Boussinesq equation and it’s breather, lump and soliton solutions
  508.  Numerical solutions of time-fractional nonlinear water wave partial differential equation via Caputo fractional derivative: an effective analytical method and …
  509.  Lie symmetry analysis and invariant solutions for (2+ 1) dimensional Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko equation with variable-coefficient in wave propagation
  510. An analytic study on the approximate solution of a nonlinear time-fractional Cauchy reaction–diffusion equation with the Mittag–Leffler law
  511. PySINDy: A comprehensive Python package for robust sparse system identification
  512. On study of modulation instability and optical soliton solutions: the chiral nonlinear Schrödinger dynamical equation
  513. A wavelet method for nonlinear variable-order time fractional 2D Schrödinger equation
  514. Lie symmetry analysis, optimal system and invariant solutions of (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear wave equation in liquid with gas bubbles
  515. Study on date–Jimbo–Kashiwara–Miwa equation with conformable derivative dependent on time parameter to find the exact dynamic wave solutions
  516. Numerical analysis of nonlinear fractional Klein–Fock–Gordon equation arising in quantum field theory via Caputo–Fabrizio fractional operator
  517. Bright, dark, kink, singular and periodic soliton solutions of Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel model by generalized projective Riccati equations method
  518. Approximative policy iteration for exit time feedback control problems driven by stochastic differential equations using tensor train format
  519.  Numerical comparison of Caputo and Conformable derivatives of time fractional Burgers-Fisher equation
  520. Multiobjective optimal control of a non-smooth semilinear elliptic partial differential equation
  521.  New solutions for the generalized resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  522. Construction of exact solutions to nonlinear PDEs with delay using solutions of simpler PDEs without delay
  523. Neural networks-based algorithms for stochastic control and PDEs in finance
  524.  Boundary value problem for nonlinear fractional differential equations of variable order via Kuratowski MNC technique
  525. The data-driven localized wave solutions of the derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation by using improved PINN approach
  526. Investigations of the complex wave patterns to the generalized Calogero–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff equation
  527. Dynamics of D’Alembert wave and soliton molecule for a (2+ 1)-dimensional generalized breaking soliton equation
  528. Elliptic partial differential equations from an elementary viewpoint
  529.  Overview of configuring adaptive activation functions for deep neural networks-a comparative study
  530. Integrability, qualitative analysis and the dynamics of wave solutions for Biswas–Milovic equation
  531. Orthonormal ultraspherical operational matrix algorithm for fractal–fractional Riccati equation with generalized Caputo derivative
  532. Deep learning of parameterized equations with applications to uncertainty quantification
  533. Adapting the Laplace transform to create solitary solutions for the nonlinear time-fractional dispersive PDEs via a new approach
  534.  Novel dynamics of wave solutions for Cahn–Allen and diffusive predator–prey models using MSE scheme
  535. Dark and trigonometric soliton solutions in asymmetrical Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation with (2+ 1)-dimensional
  536.  Cubic spline based differential quadrature method: A numerical approach for fractional Burger equation
  537. D’Alembert wave and soliton molecule of the modified Nizhnik–Novikov–Veselov equation
  538. Learning Size and Shape of Calabi-Yau Spaces
  539. Existence and uniqueness results for initial value problem of nonlinear fractional integro-differential equation on an unbounded domain in a weighted Banach space
  540. The deep learning Galerkin method for the general Stokes equations
  541.  Physics-informed learning of governing equations from scarce data
  542. Finite Dimensional Dynamics of Evolutionary Equations with Maple
  543. An MHD of nanofluid flow over a porous stretching/shrinking plate with mass transpiration and Brinkman ratio
  544.  A novel application of Lobatto IIIA solver for numerical treatment of mixed convection nanofluidic model
  545. Radiative heat transfer of second grade nanofluid flow past a porous flat surface: a single-phase mathematical model
  546. Dynamics of aluminum oxide and copper hybrid nanofluid in nonlinear mixed Marangoni convective flow with entropy generation: Applications to renewable energy
  547.  New Exact Soliton Solutions of the ()-Dimensional Conformable Wazwaz–Benjamin–Bona–Mahony Equation via Two Novel Techniques
  548. Fractional approach for a mathematical model of atmospheric dynamics of CO2 gas with an efficient method
  549. Learning partial differential equations in reproducing kernel hilbert spaces
  550.  New explicit solutions to the fractional-order Burgers’ equation
  551. Discovery of nonlinear dynamical systems using a Runge–Kutta inspired dictionary-based sparse regression approach
  552.  Dynamical behaviors of nonlinear coronavirus (COVID-19) model with numerical studies
  553. Optimal perturbation iteration method for solving fractional FitzHugh-Nagumo equation
  554. Solitons in birefringent fibers for CGL equation with Hamiltonian perturbations and Kerr law nonlinearity using modified extended direct algebraic method
  555. Numerical analysis of nonlinear variable fractional viscoelastic arch based on shifted Legendre polynomials
  556. Some more invariant solutions of (2+ 1)-water waves
  557. Semi-Hyers–Ulam–Rassias Stability of a Volterra Integro-Differential Equation of Order I with a Convolution Type Kernel via Laplace Transform
  558.  An analytical analysis to solve the fractional differential equations
  559. Pseudo-operational matrix method for the solution of variable-order fractional partial integro-differential equations
  560.  Variational theory and new abundant solutions to the (1+ 2)-dimensional chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation in optics
  561.  Nonlinear PDE-based models for photon-limited image restoration
  562. A uniformly convergent quadratic B-spline collocation method for singularly perturbed parabolic partial differential equations with two small parameters
  563.  Laplace-based method for the linearized dynamical models in the presence of Hilfer fractional operator
  564.  Connections between numerical algorithms for PDEs and neural networks
  565.  Well posedness of a nonlinear mixed problem for a parabolic equation with integral condition
  566. Model-based comparative study of magnetohydrodynamics unsteady hybrid nanofluid flow between two infinite parallel plates with particle shape effects
  567.  Solitary and periodic wave solutions of (2+ 1)-dimensions of dispersive long wave equations on shallow waters
  568. Study of multiple lump and rogue waves to the generalized unstable space time fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  569. Optical soliton solutions for the (1+ 1)-dimensional resonant nonlinear Schröndinger’s equation arising in optical fibers
  570. Validated numerical approximation of stable manifolds for parabolic partial differential equations
  571. Fractal Fractional Derivative Operator Method on MCF-7 Cell Line Dynamics
  572. Homotopy analysis Shehu transform method for solving fuzzy differential equations of fractional and integer order derivatives
  573. Sub pico-second Soliton with Triki–Biswas equation by the extended (G′ G2)-expansion method and the modified auxiliary equation method
  574. Novel deep neural networks for solving bayesian statistical inverse
  575.  Uniform convergence guarantees for the deep Ritz method for nonlinear problems
  576. New rational and breather solutions of a higher-order integrable nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  577. Numerical investigation of MHD radiative heat and mass transfer of nanofluid flow towards a vertical wavy surface with viscous dissipation and Joule heating effects …
  578.  Numerical simulation of the fractal-fractional reaction diffusion equations with general nonlinear
  579.  Non-linear convective flow of the thin film nanofluid over an inclined stretching surface
  580.  Data-driven vector soliton solutions of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation using a deep learning algorithm
  581. New soliton solutions of Heisenberg ferromagnetic spin chain model
  582. On numerical approximation of Atangana-Baleanu-Caputo fractional integro-differential equations under uncertainty in Hilbert Space
  583.  Numerical method of the line for solving one dimensional initial-boundary singularly perturbed Burger equation
  584.  On the role of bioconvection and activation energy for time dependent nanofluid slip transpiration due to extending domain in the presence of electric and …
  585. Weak SINDy for partial differential equations
  586. Magnetized nanofluid flow of ferromagnetic nanoparticles from parallel stretchable rotating disk with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity
  587.  Nematicons in liquid crystals with Kerr Law by sub-equation method
  588. Improved partial differential equation-based total variation approach to non-subsampled contourlet transform for medical image denoising
  589. New similarity variable to transform the fluid flow from PDEs into fractional-order ODEs: Numerical study
  590. Structural identification with physics-informed neural ordinary differential equations
  591. Abundant solitary wave solutions of the Chen–Lee–Liu equation via a novel analytical technique
  592.  Gyrotactic micro-organism flow of Maxwell nanofluid between two parallel plates
  593. Novel techniques for a verified simulation of fractional-order differential equations
  594.  Insight into the dynamics of time-dependent cross nanofluid on a melting surface subject to cubic autocatalysis
  595. Lump, rogue wave, multi-waves and Homoclinic breather solutions for (2+ 1)-Modified Veronese Web equation
  596. Numerical simulation of band propagation in nonlinear chromatography
  597. Image denoising by nonlinear nonlocal diffusion equations
  598.  The fractional comparative study of the non-linear directional couplers in non-linear optics
  599. Investigations of non-linear induction motor model using the Gudermannian neural networks
  600. Entropy generation applications in flow of viscoelastic nanofluid past a lubricated disk in presence of nonlinear thermal radiation and Joule heating
  601. A novel meshless space-time backward substitution method and its application to nonhomogeneous advection-diffusion problems
  602.  Singularly perturbed methods for nonlinear elliptic problems
  603. Model of propagation pulses in an optical fiber with a new law of refractive indices
  604.  Study of Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Flow of Sutterby Nanofluid over a Curved Stretching Sheet with Magnetic Dipole and Effect
  605. Gevrey index theorem for the inhomogeneous n-dimensional heat equation with a power-law nonlinearity and variable coefficients
  606. Uniqueness for nonlinear Fokker–Planck equations and weak uniqueness for McKean–Vlasov SDEs
  607. On the approximate solutions for a system of coupled Korteweg–de Vries equations with local fractional derivative
  608. Analysis of third-order nonlinear multi-singular Emden–Fowler equation by using the LeNN-WOA-NM algorithm
  609.  An efficient local meshless approach for solving nonlinear time-fractional fourth-order diffusion model
  610.  Thermal features and heat transfer enhancement of a casson fluid across a porous stretching/shrinking sheet: analysis of dual solutions
  611. Soliton solutions to the Fokas system arising in monomode optical fibers
  612.  Exact solutions of (2+ 1)-Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur equation
  613.  EGA for a convective regime over a vertical cylinder stretching linearly
  614. Ensemble-SINDy: Robust sparse model discovery in the low-data, high-noise limit, with active learning and control
  615. Significance of Coriolis force on Eyring-Powell flow over a rotating non-uniform surface
  616.  A new financial chaotic model in Atangana-Baleanu stochastic fractional differential equations
  617. Brownian motion and thermophoretic effects on non-Newtonian nanofluid flow via Crank–Nicolson scheme
  618. An existence of an isolated solution to nonlinear two-point boundary value problem with parameter
  619. Entropy generation approach with heat and mass transfer in magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow of a tangent hyperbolic nanofluid
  620.  Non-polynomial B-spline and shifted Jacobi spectral collocation techniques to solve time-fractional nonlinear coupled Burgers’ equations numerically
  621. Hilfer-Hadamard fractional differential equations; Existence and attractivity
  622. A binary Darboux transformation for multicomponent NLS equations and their reductions
  623. Solitary and periodic wave solutions of the generalized fourth-order Boussinesq equation via He’s variational methods
  624.  Three new approaches for solving a class of strongly nonlinear two-point boundary value problems
  625.  Entropy optimization and heat transfer analysis in MHD Williamson nanofluid flow over a vertical Riga plate with nonlinear thermal radiation
  626. A semi-analytical approach for fractional order Boussinesq equation in a gradient unconfined aquifers
  627.  Two-dimensional nonlinear time fractional reaction–diffusion equation in application to sub-diffusion process of the multicomponent fluid in porous media
  628. Computational approach based on wavelets for financial mathematical model governed by distributed order fractional differential equation
  629. Optical solitons solution of resonance nonlinear Schrödinger type equation with Atangana’s-conformable derivative using sub-equation method
  630.  Numerical analysis of higher order chemical reaction on electrically MHD nanofluid under influence of viscous dissipation
  631.  Unsteady radiative slip flow of MHD Casson fluid over a permeable stretched surface subject to a non-uniform heat source
  632. Solving and learning nonlinear PDEs with Gaussian processes
  633. Effects of nonlinear thermal radiation over magnetized stagnation point flow of Williamson fluid in porous media driven by stretching sheet
  634. The Exact Solutions of Stochastic Fractional-Space Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation by Using (G′ G)-Expansion Method
  635. Hierarchical deep learning of multiscale differential equation time-steppers
  636. Determining a nonlinear hyperbolic system with unknown sources and nonlinearity
  637.  New solitary wave and other exact solutions of the van der Waals normal form for granular materials
  638.  Numerical computation of buoyancy and radiation effects on MHD micropolar nanofluid flow over a stretching/shrinking sheet with heat source
  639. A blow-up result for a generalized Tricomi equation with nonlinearity of derivative type
  640. Neuro-evolution computing for nonlinear multi-singular system of third order Emden–Fowler equation
  641. An efficient computational technique for time-fractional Kaup-Kupershmidt equation
  642. Superabundant novel solutions of the long waves mathematical modeling in shallow water with power-law nonlinearity in ocean beaches via three recent analytical …
  643. Barycentric rational interpolation and local radial basis functions based numerical algorithms for multidimensional sine-Gordon equation
  644. A numerical method for two-dimensional multi-term time-space fractional nonlinear diffusion-wave equations
  645. Mathematical modeling of bio-magnetic fluid bounded within ciliated walls of wavy channel
  646. New optical soliton solutions for the thin-film ferroelectric materials equation instead of the numerical solution
  647. A space-time discretization of a nonlinear peridynamic model on a 2D lamina
  648. Fully petrov–galerkin spectral method for the distributed-order time-fractional fourth-order partial differential equation
  649. Non-linear vibration and instability of multi-phase composite plate subjected to non-uniform in-plane parametric excitation: Semi-analytical investigation
  650. N-soliton solution of a combined pKP–BKP equation
  651.  Nonlinear Young differential equations: a review
  652.  Analysis of the physical behavior of the periodic mixed-convection flow around a nonconducting horizontal circular cylinder embedded in a porous Medium
  653. On the approximate solution of fractional-order Whitham–Broer–Kaup equations
  654. Analysing regular nonlinear vibrations of nano/micro plates based on the nonlocal theory and combination of reduced order modelling and multiple scale method
  655.  The exact solutions of the stochastic Ginzburg–Landau equation
  656.  Applications of modified Darcy law and nonlinear thermal radiation in bioconvection flow of micropolar nanofluid over an off centered rotating disk
  657. Application of Euler neural networks with soft computing paradigm to solve nonlinear problems arising in heat transfer
  658. Investigation of new solutions for an extended (2+ 1)-dimensional Calogero-Bogoyavlenskii-Schif equation
  659. Convective heat transfer of a hybrid nanofluid over a nonlinearly stretching surface with radiation effect
  660.  On the solvability of a nonlocal problem for the system of Sobolev-type differential equations with integral condition
  661.  Exploring the magnetohydrodynamic stretched flow of Williamson Maxwell nanofluid through porous matrix over a permeated sheet with bioconvection and …
  662. Non-similar mixed convection analysis for magnetic flow of second-grade nanofluid over a vertically stretching sheet
  663.  A comparative study of three dimensional flow of Casson–Williamson nanofluids past a riga plate: Spectral quasi-linearization approach
  664. Symbolic computation of Caudrey–Dodd–Gibbon equation subject to periodic trigonometric and hyperbolic symmetries
  665. Soliton solutions to the B-type Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation under general dispersion relations
  666.  Studying on kudryashov-sinelshchikov dynamical equation arising in mixtures liquid and gas bubbles
  667.  An efficient approach for solution of fractional-order Helmholtz equations
  668. Nonlinear thermal radiation and activation energy features in axisymmetric rotational stagnation point flow of hybrid nanofluid
  669. A novel RBF-based meshless method for solving time-fractional transport equations in 2D and 3D arbitrary domains
  670. W-shape bright and several other solutions to the (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equations
  671.  A hybrid interpolation method for fractional pdes and its applications to fractional diffusion and buckmaster equations
  672. Investigation of optical solitons and modulation instability analysis to the Kundu–Mukherjee–Naskar model
  673.  Framing the out-turn of melting heat transport on CNT-engine oil flow adopting Natural Decomposition Method
  674. An efficient tool for solving two-dimensional fuzzy fractional-ordered heat equation
  675. Mixed-Type Discontinuous Galerkin Approach for Solving the Generalized FitzHugh–Nagumo Reaction–Diffusion Model
  676. Slip effects on MHD squeezing flow of Jeffrey nanofluid in horizontal channel with chemical reaction
  677. Highly dispersive Optical solitons to the generalized third-order nonlinear Schrödinger dynamical equation with applications
  678.  An investigation to the nonlinear (2+ 1)-dimensional soliton equation for discovering explicit and periodic wave solutions
  679. Implications of bioconvection and activation energy on Reiner–Rivlin nanofluid transportation over a disk in rotation with partial slip
  680.  A novel design of fractional Meyer wavelet neural networks with application to the nonlinear singular fractional Lane-Emden systems
  681.  Numerical solution and dynamical behaviors for solving fractional nonlinear Rubella ailment disease model
  682. Exact solutions of Hirota–Maccari system forced by multiplicative noise in the Itô sense
  683. A generalized (2+ 1)-dimensional Calogaro–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff equation: symbolic computation, symmetry reductions, exact solutions, conservation laws
  684.  … analysis, closed-form invariant solutions and dynamical wave structures of the generalized (3+ 1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation using optimal system …
  685. Nonlinear dynamics of heterogeneous shells Part 1. Statics and dynamics of heterogeneous variable stiffness shells
  686.  Numerical study for bio-convection flow of tangent hyperbolic nanofluid over a Riga plate with activation energy
  687. Optimal control of robotic systems using finite elements for time integration of covariant control equations
  688.  Solar radiation effects on MHD stagnation point flow and heat transfer of a nanofluid over a stretching sheet
  689.  Soft computing paradigm for Ferrofluid by exponentially stretched surface in the presence of magnetic dipole and heat transfer
  690. Homotopy perturbation method with rank upgrading technique for the superior nonlinear oscillation
  691. Physics informed deep learning for flow and transport in porous media
  692.  Heat transfer in steady slip flow of tangent hyperbolic fluid over the lubricated surface of a stretchable rotatory disk
  693. Insight into significance of bioconvection on mhd tangent hyperbolic nanofluid flow of irregular thickness across a slender elastic surface
  694. Two spectral Legendre’s derivative algorithms for Lane-Emden, Bratu equations, and singular perturbed problems
  695. Fast second-order time two-mesh mixed finite element method for a nonlinear distributed-order sub-diffusion model
  696. Simultaneous recovery of piecewise analytic coefficients in a semilinear elliptic equation
  697. Hybrid nanofluid flow around a triangular-shaped obstacle inside a split lid-driven trapezoidal cavity
  698. Solitary dynamics of longitudinal wave equation arises in magneto-electro-elastic circular rod
  699. A Combination of the orthogonal polynomials with least–squares method for solving high-orders Fredholm-Volterra integro-differential equations
  700. The Variational Iteration Transform Method for Solving the Time-Fractional Fornberg–Whitham Equation and Comparison with Decomposition Transform Method
  701.  Semi-analytical solutions of the 3rd order fuzzy dispersive partial differential equations under fractional operators
  702. Optimization free neural network approach for solving ordinary and partial differential equations
  703. Numerical solutions of the fractal foam drainage equation
  704. Towards optimally weighted physics-informed neural networks in ocean modelling
  705.  NTMpy: An open source package for solving coupled parabolic differential equations in the framework of the three-temperature model
  706. Nonlinear mixed convective flow over a moving yawed cylinder driven by buoyancy
  707.  Randomised one-step time integration methods for deterministic operator differential equations
  708. Solitons and other solutions of perturbed nonlinear Biswas–Milovic equation with Kudryashov’s law of refractive index
  709. A stochastic numerical analysis based on hybrid NAR-RBFs networks nonlinear SITR model for novel COVID-19 dynamics
  710. numerical-solution-for-nonlinear-klein–gordon equation via operational-matrix by clique polynomial of complete graphs
  711.  Nonlinear optimization generating the Tomb Mural Blocks by GANS
  712.  Mixed convection flow along a curved surface in the presence of exothermic catalytic chemical reaction
  713.  Capturing of solitons collisions and reflections in nonlinear Schrödinger type equations by a conservative scheme based on MOL
  714. Data-driven femtosecond optical soliton excitations and parameters discovery of the high-order NLSE using the PINN
  715.  Some new generalizations of F-contraction type mappings that weaken certain conditions on Caputo fractional type differential equations
  716. Existence of extremal solutions of fractional Langevin equation involving nonlinear boundary conditions
  717. Discussions on diffraction and the dispersion for traveling wave solutions of the (2+ 1)-dimensional paraxial wave equation
  718. Soliton solutions of the nonlinear sine-Gordon model with Neumann boundary conditions arising in crystal dislocation theory
  719. Type (− λ,− λ∗) reduced nonlocal integrable mKdV equations and their soliton solutions
  720. Global Stabilization of Compressible Flow Between Two Moving Pistons
  721. On the convergence of adaptive stochastic collocation for elliptic partial differential equations with affine diffusion
  722.  Computational and approximate solutions of complex nonlinear Fokas–Lenells equation arising in optical fiber
  723. A deep learning improved numerical method for the simulation of rogue waves of nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  724. Novel solitary waves for fractional (2+ 1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnetic model via new extendedgeneralized Kudryashov method
  725. Variational principle, solitary and periodic wave solutions of the fractal modified equal width equation in plasma physics
  726. Choose a transformer: Fourier or galerkin
  727.  Direct algebraic method for solving fractional Fokas equation
  728. A fast ADI orthogonal spline collocation method with graded meshes for the two-dimensional fractional integro-differential equation
  729. Solitary wave solutions of mKdV–Calogero–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff equation by using Lie symmetry analysis
  730. Investigation of Hirota equation: Modified double Laplace decomposition method
  731. Coriolis effects on MHD newtonian flow over a rotating non-uniform surface
  732.  … wave, rogue wave, multi-kink solitary wave and interaction solutions in a (3+ 1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation with Bäcklund transformation
  733. Traffic reaction model
  734. On the stability of stationary solutions in diffusion models of oncological processes
  735. An entropy optimization study of non-Darcian magnetohydrodynamic Williamson nanofluid with nonlinear thermal radiation over a stratified sheet
  736. Physics informed neural networks (PINNs) for approximating nonlinear dispersive PDEs
  737. Integrated intelligent computing paradigm for nonlinear multi-singular third-order Emden–Fowler equation
  738. Probabilistic ODE solutions in millions of dimensions
  739. Some optical soliton solutions of space-time conformable fractional Schrödinger-type models
  740.  On solutions of fractional-order gas dynamics equation by effective techniques
  741. Finite element analysis of unsteady MHD Blasius and Sakiadis flow with radiation and thermal convection using Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model
  742.  Solving First Order Ordinary Differential Equations using Least Square Method: A comparative study
  743. Analytical wave solutions of the (2+ 1)-dimensional Boiti–Leon–Pempinelli and Boiti–Leon–Manna–Pempinelli equations by mathematical methods
  744. Effects of fractional order derivative on the solution of time-fractional Cahn–Hilliard equation arising in digital image inpainting
  745. Propagation of dust-acoustic nonlinear waves in a superthermal collisional magnetized dusty plasma
  746. … transformation, Lax pair and interactions of nonlinear waves for a generalized (2+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear wave equation in nonlinear optics/fluid mechanics/plasma …
  747. An inverse problem for non-linear fractional magnetic schrodinger equation
  748. Optical bidirectional wave-solutions to new two-mode extension of the coupled KdV–Schrodinger equations
  749. Insight into the dynamics of Oldroyd-B fluid over an upper horizontal surface of a paraboloid of revolution subject to chemical reaction dependent on the first-order …
  750. Physics-informed neural networks for solving Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations
  751. Weak Harnack inequalities for eigenvalues and constant rank theorems
  752. On the representation of solutions to elliptic pdes in barron spaces
  753.  A novel design of morlet wavelet to solve the dynamics of nervous stomach nonlinear model
  754.  Novel approach to the analysis of fifth-order weakly nonlocal fractional Schrödinger equation with Caputo derivative
  755. Darcy-Forchheimer flow of dusty tangent hyperbolic fluid over a stretching sheet with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux
  756.  Blood based hybrid nanofluid flow together with electromagnetic field and couple stresses
  757. Darcy-forchheimer hybrid nano fluid flow with mixed convection past an inclined cylinder
  758. Influence of Soret and Dufour effects on mixed convection flow over a vertical cone with injection/suction effects
  759. Parametric analysis of the heat transfer behavior of the nano-particle ionic-liquid flow between concentric cylinders
  760.  Impact of stratification phenomena on a nonlinear radiative flow of sutterby nanofluid
  761. Numerical simulation for the mixed convective flow of non-Newtonian fluid with activation energy and entropy generation
  762.  Stability of fractional differential equations with new generalized hattaf fractional derivative
  763.  Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  764.  Numerical simulation of the nonlinear fractional regularized long-wave model arising in ion acoustic plasma waves
  765. On heated surface transport of heat bearing thermal radiation and MHD Cross flow with effects of nonuniform heat sink/source and buoyancy opposing/assisting flow
  766. Quadratic residual networks: A new class of neural networks for solving forward and inverse problems in physics involving pdes
  767. Fractional order Alpert multiwavelets for discretizing delay fractional differential equation of pantograph type
  768.  Some solutions for a stochastic NLSE in the unstable and higher order dispersive environments
  769. Conservation laws, optical molecules, modulation instability and Painlevé analysis for the Chen–Lee–Liu model
  770. On Solvability of a Poincare–Tricomi Type Problem for an Elliptic–Hyperbolic Equation of the Second Kind
  771. Thermal transport analysis in stagnation-point flow of Casson nanofluid over a shrinking surface with viscous dissipation
  772. Hermite multiwavelets representation for the sparse solution of nonlinear Abel’s integral equation
  773.  Boundary value problem for a quasilinear elliptic equation with two perpendicular line of degeneration
  774.  Numerical solutions of time fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation via natural transform decomposition method with nonsingular kernel derivatives
  775. Numerical study of the nonlinear anomalous reaction–subdiffusion process arising in the electroanalytical chemistry
  776.  Generalized variational principle and periodic wave solution to the modified equal width-Burgers equation in nonlinear dispersion media
  777. Suction and Injection Impacts on Casson Nanofluid With Gyrotactic Micro-Organisms Over a Moving Wedge
  778. On the approximate solutions of a class of fractional order nonlinear Volterra integro-differential initial value problems and boundary value problems of first kind and …
  779.  Influence of radially magnetic field properties in a peristaltic flow with internal heat generation: Numerical treatment
  780. An operational matrix based on the Independence polynomial of a complete bipartite graph for the Caputo fractional derivative
  781. Study on soliton solutions of the longitudinal wave equation and magneto-electro-elastic circular rod dynamical model
  782. The inviscid limit of third-order linear and nonlinear acoustic equations
  783. Compactness of nonlinear integral operators with discontinuous and with singular kernels
  784. Jacobi collocation method for the fractional advection-dispersion equation arising in porous media
  785. Periodic solution of the time-space fractional complex nonlinear Fokas-Lenells equation by an ancient Chinese algorithm
  786. Knowledge-based learning of nonlinear dynamics and chaos
  787.  Dynamics of hybrid nanofluid through a semi spherical porous fin with internal heat generation
  788. Invariance Analysis, Exact Solution and Conservation Laws of (2+ 1) Dim Fractional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) System
  789. Some dynamical models involving fractional-order derivatives with the Mittag-Leffler type kernels and their applications based upon the Legendre spectral collocation …
  790. Analysis of a nonstandard computer method to simulate a nonlinear stochastic epidemiological model of coronavirus-like diseases
  791. Novel solitary and shock wave solutions for the generalized variable-coefficients (2+ 1)-dimensional KP-Burger equation arising in dusty plasma
  792.  Numerical investigation on unsteady MHD convective rotating flow past an infinite vertical moving porous surface
  794. Soliton, breather, and rogue wave solutions for solving the nonlinear Schrödinger equation using a deep learning method with physical constraints
  795. Micropolar fluid past a convectively heated surface embedded with nth order chemical reaction and heat source/sink
  796. Numerical investigation of the stagnation point flow of radiative magnetomicropolar liquid past a heated porous stretching sheet
  797. A granular recurrent neural network for multiple time series prediction
  798. Physics-informed graph neural Galerkin networks: A unified framework for solving PDE-governed forward and inverse problems
  799. On the stability, integrability and boundedness analyses of systems of integro-differential equations with time-delay retardation
  800. Variational principle and approximate solution for the fractal generalized Benjamin–Bona–Mahony–Burgers equation in fluid mechanics
  801.  Thermal analysis of a radiative slip flow of an unsteady casson nanofluid toward a stretching surface subject to the convective condition
  802.  A unique solution of the iterative boundary value problem for a second-order differential equation approached by fixed point results
  803.  Hybrid impact of thermal and concentration convection on peristaltic pumping of Prandtl nanofluids in non-uniform inclined channel and magnetic field
  804. On the nondifferentiable exact solutions to Schamel’s equation with local fractional derivative on Cantor sets
  805. Dynamics of lump collision phenomena to the (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation
  806.  New numerical scheme with Newton polynomial: theory, methods, and applications
  807. Bioconvection in a convectional nanofluid flow containing gyrotactic microorganisms over an isothermal vertical cone embedded in a porous surface with chemical …
  808. Unconditionally optimal error estimates of BDF2 Galerkin method for semilinear parabolic equation
  809. Numerical solving of the generalized Black-Scholes differential equation using Laguerre neural network
  810. On some novel optical wave solutions to the paraxial M-fractional nonlinear Schrödinger dynamical equation
  811.  A comparative analysis of the fractional-order coupled Korteweg–De Vries equations with the Mittag–Leffler law
  812. Oceanic studies via a variable-coefficient nonlinear dispersive-wave system in the Solar System
  813.  Complete solution for the time fractional diffusion problem with mixed boundary conditions by operational method
  814. Significant involvement of double diffusion theories on viscoelastic fluid comprising variable thermophysical properties
  815.  Some novel integration techniques to explore the conformable M-fractional Schrödinger-Hirota equation
  816.  Laplace Decomposition Method for Time-Fractional Fornberg-Whitham Type Equations
  817.  Gudermannian neural networks using the optimization procedures of genetic algorithm and active set approach for the three-species food chain nonlinear …
  818. A modified perturbation method for mathematical models with randomness: An analysis through the steady-state solution to Burgers’ partial differential equation
  819. Comparison between the new exact and numerical solutions of the Mikhailov–Novikov–Wang equation
  820. Generic differential equations are strongly minimal
  821. Soliton solutions of high-order nonlinear Schrödinger equations with different laws of nonlinearities
  822.  Sensitive visualization of the fractional Wazwaz-Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation with fractional derivatives: A comparative analysis
  823. Wave behaviors of Kundu–Mukherjee–Naskar model arising in optical fiber communication systems with complex structure
  824. Three-dimensional water-based magneto-hydrodynamic rotating nanofluid flow over a linear extending sheet and heat transport analysis: A numerical approach
  825. Nonlocal symmetries and new interaction waves of the variable-coefficient modified Korteweg–de Vries equation in fluid-filled elastic tubes
  826. Abundant novel wave solutions of nonlinear Klein–Gordon–Zakharov (KGZ) model
  827. A Maxwell’s equations based deep learning method for time domain electromagnetic simulations
  828.  Compact implicit difference approximation for time-fractional diffusion-wave equation
  829. Novel analytical cnoidal and solitary wave solutions of the Extended Kawahara equation
  830. Summability of formal solutions for some generalized moment partial differential equations
  831.  Global existence and decay estimates of energy of solutions for a new class of-Laplacian heat equations with logarithmic nonlinearity
  832.  Bifurcation and new exact traveling wave solutions to time-space coupled fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  833. Initial value problem for fractional Volterra integrodifferential pseudo-parabolic equations
  834.  Double Mahgoub transform for the solution of parabolic boundary value problems
  835. Nonlinear forced vibration of in-plane bi-directional functionally graded materials rectangular plate with global and localized geometrical imperfections
  836. Fractional residual series for conformable time-fractional Sawada–Kotera–Ito, Lax, and Kaup–Kupershmidt equations of seventh order
  837.  Thermal charactristics for the flow of Williamson hybrid nanofluid (MoS2+ ZnO) based with engine oil over a streched sheet
  838. Bioconvection: Significance of mixed convection and mhd on dynamics of Casson nanofluid in the stagnation point of rotating sphere via finite element simulation
  839. Arbitrary Global Lie Group Actions on Generalised Solutions of Nonlinear PDEs and an Answer to Hilbert’s Fifth Problem
  840.  A brief review of numerical methods for heat and mass transfer of Casson fluids
  841.  Heat transport investigation of hybrid nanofluid (Ag-CuO) porous medium flow: Under magnetic field and Rosseland radiation
  842. A note on the nonexistence of global solutions to the semilinear wave equation with nonlinearity of derivative-type in the generalized Einstein-de Sitter spacetime
  843. Variational system identification of the partial differential equations governing microstructure evolution in materials: Inference over sparse and spatially unrelated data
  844. Lie symmetry analysis of a stochastic gene evolution in double-chain deoxyribonucleic acid system
  845. A two-stage physics-informed neural network method based on conserved quantities and applications in localized wave solutions
  846.  Hybrid FEM-NN models: Combining artificial neural networks with the finite element method
  847. Mathematics of wave propagation
  848. Regularization of the backward solution of parabolic problems
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