Research Topics Neutrino oscillations and interactions

Research Area/ Research Interest: Neutrino oscillations and interactions

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. neutrino oscillations and interactions
  2. Exploring SMEFT induced nonstandard interactions: From COHERENT to neutrino oscillations
  3.  A Review on Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities and Sterile Neutrinos
  4. Constraining Feeble Neutrino Interactions with Ultralight Dark Matter
  5. Collective neutrino oscillations on a quantum computer
  6. Collective neutrino oscillations with tensor networks using a time-dependent variational principle
  7. Nonstandard interactions from the future neutrino solar sector
  8. Status and perspectives of neutrino physics
  9. Simulations of fast neutrino flavor conversions with interactions in inhomogeneous media
  10. Quantum coherence in neutrino oscillation in matter
  11. violation in nonstandard neutrino oscillation scenarios
  12. Core-passing atmospheric neutrinos: a unique probe to discriminate between Lorentz violation and non-standard interactions
  13. Sensitivity of the upgraded T2K Near Detector to constrain neutrino and antineutrino interactions with no mesons in the final state by exploiting nucleon-lepton …
  14. Parametrising CCQE uncertainties in the Spectral Function model for neutrino oscillation analyses
  15. Model-Independent Test of Violation in Neutrino Oscillations
  16. Neutrino interactions in liquid scintillators including active-sterile neutrino mixing
  17. Sterile neutrino dark matter with dipole interaction
  18. Uncertainties Due to Hadronic Production in Final-State Interactions at Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility
  19. Probing scalar dark matter oscillations with neutrino oscillations
  20.  Exploring environmentally induced decoherence effect on neutrino oscillation probabilities
  21. Nonstandard interactions and sterile neutrinos in super-weak U (1) extension of the standard model
  22. Two Sides of the Same Coin: Sterile Neutrinos and Dark Radiation, Status and Perspectives
  23. Simulating neutrino echoes induced by secret neutrino interactions
  24. Quasi-Sterile Neutrinos from Dark Sectors I. BSM matter effects in neutrino oscillations and the short-baseline anomalies
  25. Study of final-state interactions of protons in neutrino-nucleus scattering with INCL and NuWro cascade models
  26. Constraining the T2K neutrino oscillation parameter results using data from the off-axis near detector, ND280: Implementation of a nucleon removal energy systematic …
  27. Neutrino self-interactions: A white paper
  28. The diffuse supernova neutrino background as a probe of late-time neutrino mass generation
  29. Liquid argon imaging with Hadamard Masks for neutrino oscillation experiments
  30. Confined Neutrino Oscillation
  31. A simulation study of tau neutrino events at the ICAL detector in INO
  32. Histories of Neutrino Oscillation of Consistency Induced by the Presence of Normal Matter
  33. Sterile neutrino dark matter production in presence of nonstandard neutrino self-interactions: An EFT approach
  34.  Combined neutrino and antineutrino charged current cross section measurement on carbon with zero final state pions in the T2K near detector complex
  35. Testing Non-Standard Interactions Between Solar Neutrinos and Quarks with Super-Kamiokande
  36.  Neutrino interactions with ultralight axion-like dark matter
  37. Can NSI affect measures of non-local correlations in neutrino oscillations?
  38. Non-standard neutrino interaction induced by conformal coupling
  39. Time-delayed neutrino emission from supernovae as a probe of dark matter-neutrino interactions
  40. Quantum studies of neutrinos on IBMQ processors
  41. Tau Appearance from High-Energy Neutrino Interactions
  42. Microscopic and Macroscopic Effects in the Decoherence of Neutrino Oscillations
  43.  Charged current interactions on hydrocarbon with a single positively charged pion in the final state at the T2K off-axis near detector with 4𝝅 solid angle …
  44. Snowmass Neutrino Frontier: DUNE Physics Summary
  46. Identifying a minimal flavor symmetry of the seesaw mechanism behind neutrino oscillations
  47. Glancing at the current experimental status of sterile neutrino searches
  48.  Neutrinos in a Minimal 3-3-1 Model
  49.  Neutrino interaction measurements with the MicroBooNE and ArgoNeuT liquid argon time projection chambers
  50. Sterile Neutrinos: Are They Real?
  51. Strong constraints on neutrino nonstandard interactions from TeV-scale disappearance at IceCube
  52. Inference of bipolar neutrino flavor oscillations near a core-collapse supernova, based on multiple measurements at Earth
  53. Sub-percent Precision Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters with JUNO
  54. Status of Lattice QCD Determination of Nucleon Form Factors and their Relevance for the Few-GeV Neutrino Program
  55.  Properties of charged particle multiplicities in anti-neutrino interactions of the CHORUS experiment
  56. Neutrino Flavor Conversions in High-Density Astrophysical and Cosmological Environments
  57. New Physics searches in a low threshold scintillating argon bubble chamber measuring coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering in reactors
  58. Collective neutrino flavor instability requires a crossing
  59. Measurement of the muon-neutrino charged-current single charged-pion cross-section on argon with the MicroBooNE detector
  60.  Simultaneous measurement of the muon neutrino charged-current cross section on oxygen and carbon without pions in the final state at T2K
  61. Low exposure long-baseline neutrino oscillation sensitivity of the DUNE experiment
  62. Design and performance of a scintillation tracker for track matching in nuclear-emulsion-based neutrino interaction measurement
  63. New reactor data improves robustness of neutrino mass ordering determination
  64. Adversarial methods to reduce simulation bias in neutrino interaction event filtering at Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
  65. Constraining general U (1) interactions from neutrino-electron scattering measurements at DUNE near detector
  66. New Test of Neutrino Oscillation Coherence with Leggett-Garg Inequality
  67. Snowmass White Paper: Beyond the Standard Model effects on Neutrino Flavor
  68. Resolving the NOA and T2K tension in the presence of Neutrino Non-Standard interactions
  69. Impact of hypermagnetic fields on relic gravitational waves, neutrino oscillations and baryon asymmetry
  70. as a probe of flavored generalized neutrino interactions
  71.  Bootstrapping the Muon Collider: Massless Neutrinos in the g-2 Delivery Ring
  72.  Exploring Sterile Neutrino and Non-Unitary Neutrino Mixing at nuSTORM
  73. Study of pion production in interactions on Ar in DUNE using GENIE and NuWro event generators
  75. Neutrino physics opportunities with the IsoDAR source at Yemilab
  76. Latest 3-flavor neutrino oscillations results from the NOvA experiment
  77. Science with Neutrino Telescopes in Spain
  78. Non-Unitary Neutrino Mixing in the NOνA Near Detector Data
  79. Neutrino effective potential and damping in a fermion and scalar background in the resonance region
  80. arXiv: Design and performance of a scintillation tracker for track matching in nuclear-emulsion-based neutrino interaction measurement
  81. Sterile neutrino and dark matter
  82. Jarlskog Determinant in Four Flavor Neutrino Oscillation Framework
  83. Geometric and Majorana phases in neutrino oscillations
  84. Revealing Neutrino Oscillations Unknowns with Reactor and Long-Baseline Accelerator Experiments
  85. Unstable Neutrinos can Relax Cosmological Mass Bounds
  86.  Neutrino oscillation phenomenology and impact of Professor Masatoshi Koshiba
  87. Investigating Two-zero Textures of Inverse Neutrino Mass Matrix under the Lamp Post of LMA and DLMA Solutions and Symmetry Realization
  88. Tau Neutrinos and Cross-Sections at DUNE
  89. Coherent pion production in neutrino (anti-neutrino)-nucleus interaction
  90. Gravitational Effects on Quantum Coherence in Neutrino Oscillation
  91. EstrellaNueva: A tool to study neutrinos from supernovae
  92. Neutrino Fields in a Sandwich Gravitational Wave Background
  93. Sterile neutrino production at small mixing in the early universe
  94. Comparing generator predictions of transverse kinematic imbalance in neutrino-argon scattering
  95. Nonstandard interactions in hyperons decay with di-neutrinos in the final state
  96.  Detection of atmospheric neutrino oscillations with a 0.1 km2 underwater neutrino detector: The case for ANTARES
  97. Measurement of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillation on IceCube using Convolutional Neural Network Reconstructions
  98.  First observation of coherent π First observation of coherent 0 production in neutrino-nucleus interactions with Eν< 2 GeV interactions with E< 2 GeV
  99. Cascade appearance signatures of sterile neutrinos at 1–100 TeV
  100. Probing Neutrino Mass Models through Resonances at Neutrino Telescopes
  101. Role of non-gaussian quantum fluctuations in neutrino entanglement
  102. Neutrino phenomenology, muon and electron (g-2) under gauged symmetries in an extended inverse seesaw model
  103.  Neutrino masses and magnetic moments of electron and muon in the Zee Model
  104.  Massless Neutrinos and the Muon Collider: A Proof-of-Principle Experiment (and beyond)
  105. Entanglement and correlations in fast collective neutrino flavor oscillations
  106. Constraining neutrino interaction model uncertainties in NOvA with a Near Detector fit
  107. Search for an Excess of Electron Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE Using Multiple Final State Topologies
  108. Vector leptoquark and CP violation at T2K, NOvA experiments
  109.  … of detector calibration and graph neural network-based selection and reconstruction algorithms for the measurement of oscillation parameters with KM3NeT …
  110. Neutrino Astronomy with IMB, Kamiokande and Super Kamiokande
  111. Neutrino secret self-interactions: a booster shot for the cosmic neutrino background
  112. Hints of dark matter-neutrino interactions in Lyman- data
  113.  Search for electron neutrino appearance at the Δm2∼ 1eV2 Scale Search for electron neutrino appearance at the m2 1eV2 Scale
  114. Primordial neutrino asymmetry evolution with full mean-field effects and collisions
  115. Cosmological Neutrinos
  116. Are neutrino oscillation mixings linked to the smallness of solar neutrino scale?
  118. History of solar neutrino observations
  119. Electron Scattering and Neutrino Physics
  120. Very Light Sterile Neutrinos at NOvA and T2K
  121.  Measurement of the single π 0 production rate in neutral current Measurement of the single 0 production rate in neutral current neutrino interactions on water
  122. Sterile neutrinos as dark matter candidates
  123. Exploiting a future galactic supernova to probe neutrino magnetic moments
  124. The Short Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab
  125.  Quantum spin-flavour memory of ultrahigh-energy neutrino
  126. Massive neutrino self-interactions with a light mediator in cosmology
  127. Neutrino Dynamics in a Quantum-Corrected Schwarzschild Spacetime
  128. Analysis of flux-integrated semiexclusive cross sections for charged-current quasielastic neutrino scattering off at energies available at the MicroBooNE …
  129. Axion-like particle oscillations
  130. Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment: A Snowmass White Paper
  131. Type-II Seesaw Triplet Scalar and Its VEV Effects on Neutrino Trident Scattering and W mass
  132. Fast neutrino flavor instability and neutrino flavor lepton number crossings
  133. Quantum Entanglement and Neutrino Many-Body Systems
  134.  Status of ESSnuSB and summary of workshop
  135. COSE: A Collective Oscillation Simulation Engine for Neutrinos
  136.  Tau longitudinal and transverse polarizations from visible kinematics in (anti-) neutrino nucleus scattering
  137.  Effects of neutrino magnetic moment and charge radius constraints and medium modifications of the nucleon form factors on the neutrino mean free path in …
  138. Neutrino Scattering Measurements on Hydrogen and Deuterium: A Snowmass White Paper
  139. Search for solar atmospheric neutrinos with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
  140. Impacts of gravitational-wave standard siren observations from Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer on weighing neutrinos in interacting dark energy models
  141. Neutrino magnetic and electric dipole moments: From measurements to parameter space
  142. Neutrino effective potential in a fermion and scalar background in the resonance region
  143. Searches for Baryon Number Violation in Neutrino Experiments: A White Paper
  144. Minimal dark energy: key to sterile neutrino and Hubble constant tensions?
  145.  PoS (NuFact2021) 082 Neutrino-induced proton knockout in MicroBooNE
  146. The Physics Case for a Neutrino Factory
  147. Probing nonunitary neutrino mixing via long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments based at J-PARC
  149.  Candidate events in a search for ν̄μ→ ν̄e oscillations Candidate events in a search for e oscillations
  150. Tau depolarization at very high energies for neutrino telescopes
  151. Synergy between cosmological and laboratory searches in neutrino physics: a white paper
  152. Singlet fermion dark matter and Dirac neutrinos from Peccei-Quinn symmetry
  153. arXiv: The Physics Case for a Neutrino Factory
  154. Exploring strange origin of Dirac neutrino masses at hadron colliders
  155. High-Energy and Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos
  156. The physics potential of a reactor neutrino experiment with Skipper-CCDs: searching for new physics with light mediators
  157. Discovering heavy neutrino oscillations in rare meson decays at HL-LHCb
  158. US pares back neutrino experiment to beat rival
  159. Lepton collider probes for Majorana neutrino effective interactions
  160. Visible Neutrino Decays and the Impact of the Daughter-Neutrino Mass
  161. Fitting NOvA physics model parameters with Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  162. Low-Energy Physics in Neutrino LArTPCs
  163. Oscillations of Active Neutrinos at Short Baseline in the Model with Three Decaying Sterile Neutrinos
  164. An alternative explanation of the Gallium anomaly
  165. Searching new particles at neutrino telescopes with quantum-gravitational decoherence
  166.  Measurement of inclusive neutral current π0 production on Measurement of inclusive neutral current 0 production on carbon in a few-GeV neutrino beam
  167. Radiative neutrino masses from modular symmetry and supersymmetry breaking
  168. Neutrino up-scattering via the dipole portal at forward LHC detectors
  169.  PoS (NuFact2021) 026 nuSTORM physics reach: cross sections and exotics
  170. First directional measurement of sub-MeV solar neutrinos with Borexino
  171. Suppression of fast neutrino flavor conversions occurring at large distances in core-collapse supernovae
  172. Leptogenesis from a feebly interacting dark matter sector
  173.  Can we detect MeV neutrinos from supernovae detected with ZTF, part 2
  174. Theoretical tools for neutrino scattering: interplay between lattice QCD, EFTs, nuclear physics, phenomenology, and neutrino event generators
  176. A Complete Magnetic Design and Improved Mechanical Project for the DUNE ND-GAr Solenoid Magnet
  177. Parameter symmetries of neutrino oscillations in vacuum, matter, and approximation schemes
  178.  Compatibility of high-Δm2 νe and ν̄e neutrino oscillation Compatibility of high-m2 e and e neutrino oscillation searches
  179.  Effective Leading order Parton Distribution Functions: A Unified Model for Neutrino-and Electron-Nucleon Scattering Cross Sections at all Q2
  180. Fermion spectrum with normal neutrino mass ordering in a nonrenormalizable B− L model based on Σ (18)× Z2 symmetry
  181. Neutrino mass spectrum: Present indication and future prospect
  182. Momento de dipolo magnético de neutrinos
  183. Prospects for the detection of the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background with the experiments SK-Gd and JUNO
  184. Rocks, Water and Noble Liquids: Unfolding the Flavor Contents of Supernova Neutrinos
  185. Status of the measurement of the muon neutrino charged-current cross section with zero mesons in the final state in the NOvA near detector
  186. Comprehensive Analyses of the Neutrino-Process in the Core-collapsing Supernova
  187. Future searches for light sterile neutrinos at nuclear reactors
  188.  First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasielastic-like 𝝂𝝁-Argon Scattering Cross Sections with the MicroBooNE Detector
  189. Using charged particle test beams to constrain systematic uncertainties for the DUNE experiment
  190. Self-interacting dark matter via right handed neutrino portal
  191. Many-body effects of collective neutrino oscillations
  192. Classical and quantum evolution in a simple coherent neutrino problem
  193. LHC signatures of sterile neutrinos in a minimal radiative extended seesaw framework
  194. Impact of Wave Package Separation in Low-Energy Sterile Neutrino Searches
  195.  Results on [Formula Presented] oscillations from pion decay in flight neutrinos
  196. Singlet-doublet self-interacting dark matter and radiative neutrino mass
  197. Neutron-Mirror Neutron Oscillations in Absorbing Matter
  198.  Borexino and solar neutrinos
  199. Science and technology in deep unerground laboratories
  200. Tagged Neutrino Beams
  201. Neutrino meets ultralight dark matter: 0νββ decay and cosmology
  202. arXiv: High-Energy and Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos
  203. arXiv: The European Spallation Source neutrino Super Beam
  204.  Neutrino interactions and axion emission impact on core-collapse supernova simulations
  205. Asymmetric self-interacting dark matter via Dirac leptogenesis
  206. Effect of right-handed currents and dark side of the solar neutrino parameter space to Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
  207. Review on reactor neutrino present and future
  208. Lepton flavor violation and scotogenic Majorana neutrino mass in a Stueckelberg model
  209.  Neutrino condensate dark energy from TeV scale extra dimensions
  210. Scotogenic Majorana neutrino masses in a predictive orbifold theory of flavor
  211.  Measurement of inclusive double-differential νµ charged-current Measurement of inclusive double-differential charged-current cross section with improved …
  212. A Search for the Origin of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with ANITA-4
  213. Energy Resolution Overview in NEXT Detectors
  214. On From Gauged
  215. Scalable qubit representations of neutrino mixing matrices
  216. A Search for Electron Neutrino Transitions to Sterile States in the BEST Experiment
  217. First Measurement of Energy-dependent Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Sections on Argon with the MicroBooNE Detector
  218. Marriage between neutrino mass and flavor anomalies
  219. Naturally Light Dirac and Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos from Left-Right Symmetry
  220.  Evidence for ν Evidence for μ→ ν e oscillations from the LSND experiment at the los alamos meson physics facility
  221. Comparisons and challenges of modern neutrino-scattering experiments
  222. Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering: Terrestrial and astrophysical applications
  223.  First data from the commissioned ICARUS side cosmic ray tagger
  224.  First measurement of the νµ charged-current cross section on a First measurement of the charged-current cross section on a water target without pions in the …
  225. Theoretical Constraints on Neutron-Mirror-Neutron Oscillation
  226. BSM physics: complementarity across energies — a white paper for Snowmass 2021
  227. New explanation for beta decay beyond the Standard Model
  228. Active-Sterile neutrino masses and mixings in minimal extended seesaw mechanism
  229. Implications of A4 modular symmetry on Neutrino mass, Mixing and Leptogenesis with Linear Seesaw
  230. The European Spallation Source neutrino Super Beam
  231. Exploring neutrinos from proton decays catalyzed by GUT monopoles in the Sun
  232. Neutrino Portals, Terrestrial Upscattering, and Atmospheric Neutrinos
  233. Signs of pseudo-Dirac neutrinos in SN1987A data
  234. Neutrino: chronicles of an aloof protagonist
  235. Natural mass hierarchy among three heavy Majorana neutrinos for resonant leptogenesis under modular symmetry
  236. Cosmological phase transitions, gravitational waves and self-interacting dark matter in the singlet extension of MSSM
  237. CDF-II Boson Mass Anomaly in the Canonical Scotogenic Neutrino-Dark Matter Model
  238. Cored Dark Matter halos in the Cosmic Neutrino Background
  239. Comparison of the interaction between scalar fields as dark energy with neutrinos and put constraint on neutrino mass in these models
  240. Physical Cosmology in the Epoch of Large Surveys
  241.  Neutrino masses, leptonic flavor mixing, and muon (g− 2) in the seesaw model with the gauge symmetry
  242. Matter Effect of Sterile Neutrino in Light of Renormalization-Group Equations
  243. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Roadmap for Matching Theory to Experiment
  244.  Determining the neutrino mass ordering and oscillation parameters with KM3NeT/ORCA
  245. On the short-range behavior of neutrino forces beyond the Standard Model: from 1/r5 to 1/r4, 1/r2, and 1/r
  246. Explaining lepton-flavor non-universality and self-interacting dark matter with
  247. First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasi-Elastic-Like Argon Scattering Cross Sections with the MicroBooNE Detector
  248. On Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein Resonance Widths
  249. Cross-sectional uncertainties influences on sensitivity studies of DUNE and T2HK experiments
  250. Mechanism for baryogenesis via feebly interacting massive particles
  251.  Evolution of hot and dense stellar interiors: The role of the weak interaction processes