Mathematical physics Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Mathematical physics

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Development of the Sci-math Sensemaking Framework: categorizing sensemaking of mathematical equations in science
  2.  Coherent states and applications in mathematical physics
  3. Does time really flow? New clues come from a century-old approach to math
  4. Wong–Zakai approximations and random attractors of non-autonomous stochastic discrete complex Ginzburg–Landau equations
  5. Stable optical solitons for the Higher-order Non-Kerr NLSE via the modified simple equation method
  6. Computation of traveling wave solution for nonlinear variable-order fractional model of modified equal width equation
  7. A modified Villain formulation of fractons and other exotic theories
  8.  Onset of the broad-ranging general stable soliton solutions of nonlinear equations in physics and gas dynamics
  9. Dynamics of exact soliton solutions to the coupled nonlinear system using reliable analytical mathematical approaches
  10. Learning barriers and student creativity in solving math problems
  11.  A Reflection on the Thoughts and Beliefs of the Math Poet: Kiumars Monshizadeh
  12. A thermal form factor series for the longitudinal two-point function of the Heisenberg–Ising chain in the antiferromagnetic massive regime
  13. … for the fractional p-Laplacian Choquard logarithmic equation involving a nonlinearity with exponential critical and subcritical growth” [J. Math. Phys. 62, 051507 (2021 …
  14. Importance of math prerequisites for performance in introductory physics
  15. Perfect fluid spacetimes and Yamabe solitons
  16. Another proof of BEC in the GP-limit
  17. Deformed Morse-like potential
  18. Upper semi-continuity of random attractors and existence of invariant measures for nonlocal stochastic Swift–Hohenberg equation with multiplicative noise
  19.  Construction of traveling wave solutions of the (2+ 1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnetic spin chain equation
  20. A binary Darboux transformation for multicomponent NLS equations and their reductions
  21. Dirac Hamiltonian in a supersymmetric framework
  22. The Cauchy problem for the Klein–Gordon equation under the quartic potential in the de Sitter spacetime
  23.  Computational Simulations; Abundant Optical Wave Solutions Atangana Conformable Fractional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
  24. Global well-posedness of z-weak solutions to the primitive equations without vertical diffusivity
  25. Global well-posedness for the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with initial data lying in Lp-based Sobolev spaces
  26.  Perturbation theory for linear operators: denseness and bases with applications
  27.  The Weyl double copy from twistor space
  28.  Interaction among lump, periodic, and kink solutions with dynamical analysis to the conformable time-fractional Phi-four equation
  29. Remarks on periodic Jacobi matrices on trees
  31. Development of an Android-Based for Math E-Module by using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 for Grade X Students of Senior High School
  32. The -dressing method and soliton solutions for the three-component coupled Hirota equations
  33. Study on date–Jimbo–Kashiwara–Miwa equation with conformable derivative dependent on time parameter to find the exact dynamic wave solutions
  34. MATH 1410-M Fundamentals of Calculus
  35.  Mathematical information retrieval
  36. Dynamics of large boson systems with attractive interaction and a derivation of the cubic focusing NLS equation in
  37.  On the degenerate Elzaki transform
  38. Stabilization of swelling porous elastic soils with fluid saturation and delay time terms
  39.  Abundant analytical soliton solutions and Evolutionary behaviors of various wave profiles to the Chaffee–Infante equation with gas diffusion in a …
  40. Fractional numerical simulation of mathematical model of HIV-1 infection with stem cell therapy.
  41. Mathematical Intuition: impact on non-math major undergraduates
  42. Bilinear expansions of lattices of KP τ-functions in BKP τ-functions: A fermionic approach
  43. Symmetries, constants of the motion, and reduction of mechanical systems with external forces
  44. Harmonizing wave solutions to the Fokas-Lenells model through the generalized Kudryashov method
  45.  A geometric recipe for twisted superpotentials
  46.  Existence, nonexistence, and stability of solutions for a delayed plate equation with the logarithmic source
  47. Blowup for regular solutions and solutions of the two-phase model in with a free boundary
  48.  Dynamical behaviour of travelling wave solutions to the conformable time-fractional modified Liouville and mRLW equations in water wave mechanics
  49. On the multistage differential transformation method for analyzing damping Duffing oscillator and its applications to plasma physics
  50. Numerical simulation for coupled nonlinear Schrödinger–Korteweg–de Vries and Maccari systems of equations
  51. Invariant Gibbs measure and global strong solutions for the Hartree NLS equation in dimension three
  52.  A note on function space and boundedness of the general fractional integral in continuous time random walk
  53. Solutions to integrable space-time shifted nonlocal equations
  54. Resolvent estimates for the magnetic Hamiltonian with singular vector potentials and applications
  55. Random matrix spectral form factor of dual-unitary quantum circuits
  56. On some degenerate differential and degenerate difference operators
  57. Hausdorff operator and commutator on weighted Morrey–Herz spaces on p-adic fields
  58. Spin (11, 3), particles, and octonions
  59. Spin in Schrödinger-quantized pseudoclassical systems
  60. Evaporation kinetics of a polydisperse ensemble of drops
  61.  A Math Formula Extraction and Evaluation Framework for PDF Documents
  62. Spin (7)-manifolds and multisymplectic geometry
  63. The optical soliton solutions of generalized coupled nonlinear Schrödinger-Korteweg-de Vries equations
  64.  Nonlinear dispersion in parabolic law medium and its optical solitons
  65.  Fractional Skyrmion molecules in a ℂPN− 1 model
  66. Generalized lump solutions, classical lump solutions and rogue waves of the (2+ 1)-dimensional Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Kotera-Sawada-like equation
  67. Bands of pure absolutely continuous spectrum for lattice Schrödinger operators with a more general long range condition
  68.  Review of the methods of transition from partial to ordinary differential equations: from macro-to nano-structural dynamics
  69. HNN-extension of involutive multiplicative Hom-Lie algebras
  70.  Lump, multi-wave, kinky breathers, interactional solutions and stability analysis for general (2+ 1)-rth dispersionless Dym equation
  71. Egg and math: introducing a universal formula for egg shape
  72.  Theory of a superluminous vacuum quanta as the fabric of Space
  73. Effect of water depth on Kelvin–Helmholtz instability in a shallow water flow
  74. Generalized Susskind–Glogower coherent states
  75. The classical β-ensembles with β proportional to 1/N: From loop equations to Dyson’s disordered chain
  76. Conformable double Laplace transform method for solving conformable fractional partial differential equations
  77. Physics-informed machine learning
  78. Lie symmetry, nonlocal symmetry analysis, and interaction of solutions of a (2+ 1)-dimensional KdV–mKdV equation
  79. Finite-dimensional tau functions of the universal character hierarchy
  80.  Chebyshev fifth-kind series approximation for generalized space fractional partial differential equations
  81. Galerkin-type solution for the Moore–Gibson–Thompson thermoelasticity theory
  82.  Line soliton interactions for shallow ocean waves and novel solutions with peakon, ring, conical, columnar, and lump structures based on fractional KP …
  84.  Spectral collocation approach with shifted Chebyshev sixth-kind series approximation for generalized space fractional partial differential equations
  85. Optical solitons and other solutions to Kaup–Newell equation with Jacobi elliptic function expansion method
  86.  The travelling wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equations with both a dissipative term and a positive integer power term
  87. Cohomology and deformations of weighted Rota-Baxter operators
  88. New soliton configurations for two different models related to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation through a graded-index waveguide
  89. The Robin problem on rectangles
  90.  Chern-Weil global symmetries and how quantum gravity avoids them
  91. Dynamical behaviors and oblique resonant nonlinear waves with dual-power law nonlinearity and conformable temporal evolution
  92. Machine-learning mathematical structures
  93. The reducing rank method to solve third-order Duffing equation with the homotopy perturbation
  94.  New conservation laws and exact solutions of the special case of the fifth-order KdV equation
  95. Liouville foliations of topological billiards with slipping
  96. Tetrahedron equation: algebra, topology, and integrability
  97. Split Casimir operator for simple Lie algebras, solutions of Yang–Baxter equations, and Vogel parameters
  98. On the conservation laws and exact solutions to the (3+ 1)-dimensional modified kdv-zakharov-kuznetsov equation
  99. Large deviation principles for Langevin equations in random environment and applications
  100. Dimensional reduction of electromagnetism
  101. Cubic–quartic optical solitons and conservation laws with Kudryashov’s law of refractive index by extended trial function
  102.  Cylindrical Hardy type inequalities with Bessel pairs
  103. Modulation instability analysis and longitudinal wave propagation in an elastic cylindrical rod modelled with Pochhammer-Chree equation
  104.  Mathematical Communication Ability from The Perspective of Math Anxiety in 10th Grade Student
  105. Perturbations of circuit evolution matrices with Jordan blocks
  106.  Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity in the second order formalism
  107.  Periodic and solitary wave solutions to a family of new 3D fractional WBBM equations using the two-variable method
  108. A classification of invertible phases of bosonic quantum lattice systems in one dimension
  109.  Quantized Number Theory, Fractal Strings and the Riemann Hypothesis: From Spectral Operators to Phase Transitions and Universality
  110. Gender gaps in math performance, perceived mathematical ability and college STEM education: The role of parental occupation
  111. Two novel Bessel matrix techniques to solve the squeezing flow problem between infinite parallel plates
  112. The Riemann-Hilbert approach for the focusing Hirota equation with single and double poles
  113. Universal edge scaling in random partitions
  114. Riemann–Hilbert method for multi-soliton solutions of a fifth-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  115. Invariance analysis, optimal system, closed-form solutions and dynamical wave structures of a (2+ 1)-dimensional dissipative long wave system
  116. Existence and multiplicity of solutions for the fractional p-Laplacian Choquard logarithmic equation involving a nonlinearity with exponential critical and subcritical …
  117.  Order Relations Are Ubiquitously Fundamental: Alexandrov (-Zeeman) Theorem Extended from Space-Time Physics to Logical Reasoning and Decision …
  118.  On determining some exact wave solutions to the Nizhnik–Novikov–Veselov system via a rebuts technique
  119. Gluing II: boundary localization and gluing formulas
  120. Addendum: Painlevé transcendents and-symmetric Hamiltonians (2015 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 48 475202)
  121. Stability threshold for 2D shear flows of the Boussinesq system near Couette
  122.  Super-Macdonald polynomials: orthogonality and Hilbert space interpretation
  123.  … -acoustic waves in the fluid ions propagated via a (3+ 1)-dimensional generalized Korteweg–de-Vries–Zakharov–Kuznetsov equation in plasma physics
  124. A residual power series method for solving pseudo hyperbolic partial differential equations with nonlocal conditions
  125.  New Wave Behaviours of the Generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Modified Equal Width-Burgers Equation
  126. Liouvillian integrability of the generalized Duffing oscillators
  127. Twisted Rota–Baxter operators and Reynolds operators on Lie algebras and NS-Lie algebras
  128. Classification of finite irreducible conformal modules for
  129. On dispersion managed nonlinear Schrödinger equations with lumped amplification
  130. Grassmannian-parameterized solutions to direct-sum polygon and simplex equations
  131. New auxiliary equation approach to derive solutions of fractional resonant Schrödinger equation
  132. Random translation-invariant Hamiltonians and their spectral gaps
  133. Construction of different types of traveling wave solutions of the relativistic wave equation associated with the Schrödinger equation
  134. On solution of a class of nonlinear variable order fractional reaction–diffusion equation with Mittag–Leffler kernel
  135. Non-local Problems with Integral Displacement for Highorder Parabolic Equations
  136. Gibbs measures of Potts model on Cayley trees: A survey and applications
  137. Limit theorems and soft edge of freezing random matrix models via dual orthogonal polynomials
  138.  On the origins of Riemann–Hilbert problems in mathematics
  139.  Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing: The Definitive Manual for Math Geeks
  140.  Systematics of type IIB moduli stabilisation with odd axions
  141. Unitary channel discrimination beyond group structures: Advantages of sequential and indefinite-causal-order strategies
  142.  Reduced SIR model of COVID-19 pandemic
  143. Soliton Solutions of ( 2 + 1 ) Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Spin Equation by the Extended Rational sine – cosine and sinh …
  144. Gradient Gibbs measures of an SOS model on Cayley trees: 4-periodic boundary laws
  145.  Mathematical analysis of nonlinear integral boundary value problem of proportional delay implicit fractional differential equations with impulsive conditions
  146. Gam-mate: Gamification Applied to an Undergrad Discrete Math Course
  147. Solitary wave solutions for the KdV-type equations in plasma: a new approach with the Kudryashov function
  148.  Approximate Numerical solutions for the nonlinear dispersive shallow water waves as the Fornberg–Whitham model equations
  149. Solitons and other solutions of perturbed nonlinear Biswas–Milovic equation with Kudryashov’s law of refractive index
  150.  Applications of Math Microscope in the Event Horizon Telescope
  151.  Optical solitons to a perturbed Gerdjikov-Ivanov equation using two different techniques
  152. Soliton interaction control through dispersion and nonlinear effects for the fifth-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  153. Semiclassical spectral analysis of the Bochner–Schrödinger operator on symplectic manifolds of bounded geometry
  154. Exponentially confining potential well
  155.  New spaces in mathematics: Formal and conceptual reflections
  156.  Real scalar phase transitions: a nonperturbative analysis
  157.  On the Zakharov–Mikhailov action: 4 d Chern–Simons origin and covariant Poisson algebra of the Lax connection
  158. New characterization of the weak disorder phase of directed polymers in bounded random environments
  159. Crystallographic texture and group representations
  160. On Some Properties of Pell Polynomials
  161. Modular categories are not determined by their modular data
  162. New vision for the soliton solutions to the complex Hirota-dynamical model
  163. Dynamical behaviour of Chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  164.  Neuro-swarms intelligent computing using Gudermannian kernel for solving a class of second order Lane-Emden singular nonlinear model
  165. Numerical Calabi-Yau metrics from holomorphic networks
  166. Dimension-free entanglement detection in multipartite Werner states
  167. The dawning of a new era in applied mathematics
  168. Hessian metric via transport information geometry
  169. Propagation of wave solutions of nonlinear Heisenberg ferromagnetic spin chain and Vakhnenko dynamical equations arising in nonlinear water wave models
  170. Novikov equation: Bäcklund transformation and applications
  171.  Physically significant wave solutions to the Riemann wave equations and the Landau-Ginsburg-Higgs equation
  172. Privacy amplification and decoupling without smoothing
  173. Sharp dimension estimates for the attractors of the regularized damped Euler system
  174.  New solitary wave solutions to the coupled Maccari’s system
  175.  Irreducible Metric Maps and Weil–Petersson Volumes
  176. Numerical evidence for a Haagerup conformal field theory
  177.  Analytical eigenstate solutions of Schrödinger equation with noncentral generalized oscillator potential by extended Nikiforov-Uvarov method
  178.  Dynamical behaviors to the coupled Schrödinger-Boussinesq system with the beta derivative
  179. Variational method for solving the boundary value problem of hydrodynamics
  180. Practical analytical approaches for finding novel optical solitons in the single-mode fibers
  181.  Regularity of solutions of elliptic equations in divergence form in modified local generalized Morrey spaces
  182. KP integrability of triple Hodge integrals. III. Cut-and-join description, KdV reduction, and topological recursions
  183. Constrained Toda hierarchy and turning points of the Ruijsenaars–Schneider model
  184.  Temperature and entropy–area relation of quantum matter near spherically symmetric outer trapping horizons
  185. On the second realization for the positive part of U q ( sl 2 ^ ) of equitable type
  186. Computational intelligence approach using Levenberg–Marquardt backpropagation neural networks to solve the fourth-order nonlinear system of Emden–Fowler …
  187. Bäcklund transformation, Pfaffian, Wronskian and Grammian solutions to the ( 3 + 1 ) -dimensional generalized Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation
  188. Spatial Wilson loops in a fully anisotropic model
  189.  Modular operator for null plane algebras in free fields
  190.  Derivations with Values in the Ideal of τ -Compact Operators Affiliated with a Semifinite von Neumann Algebra
  191. Extractions of travelling wave solutions of (2+ 1)-dimensional Boiti–Leon–Pempinelli system via (Gʹ/G, 1/G)-expansion method
  192. Learning Size and Shape of Calabi-Yau Spaces
  193. Traveling wave solutions to the nonlinear evolution equation using expansion method and addendum to Kudryashov’s method
  194. Different wave structures to the Chen–Lee–Liu equation of monomode fibers and its modulation instability analysis
  195.  Traveling wave, lump wave, rogue wave, multi-kink solitary wave and interaction solutions in a (3+ 1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation with …
  196. A novel integrable fourth-order difference equation admitting three invariants
  197. Ostwald ripening in the presence of simultaneous occurrence of various mass transfer mechanisms: an extension of the Lifshitz–Slyozov theory
  198. Generating random quantum channels
  199.  New Exact Soliton Solutions of the ()-Dimensional Conformable Wazwaz–Benjamin–Bona–Mahony Equation via Two Novel Techniques
  200. A note on odd reflections of super Yangian and Bethe ansatz
  201. Soliton solutions of deformed nonlinear Schrödinger equations using ansatz method
  202. Quantum physics needs complex numbers
  203.  Extractions of some new travelling wave solutions to the conformable Date-Jimbo-Kashiwara-Miwa equation
  204.  A neuro-swarming intelligent heuristic for second-order nonlinear Lane–Emden multi-pantograph delay differential system
  205. Fluctuations of linear eigenvalue statistics of reverse circulant and symmetric circulant matrices with independent entries
  206.  Tree-level unitarity in Higgs inflation in the metric and the Palatini formulation
  207. On the closedness and geometry of tensor network state sets
  208.  Immeasurable soliton solutions and enhanced (G’/G)-expansion method
  209. Approximate Recovery and Relative Entropy I: General von Neumann Subalgebras
  210. Justifying Kubo’s formula for gapped systems at zero temperature: A brief review and some new results
  211. Cosmological models based on a statistical system of scalar charged degenerate fermions and an asymmetric Higgs scalar doublet
  212. Quantum broadcast channels with cooperating decoders: An information-theoretic perspective on quantum repeaters
  213.  Legacy of Lance M Optican: from math to medical science and back
  214.  Linear and nonlinear effects analysis on wave profiles in optics and quantum physics
  215. Some inverse problems for the hyperbolic equation
  216.  A master exceptional field theory
  217. Mathbert: A pre-trained model for mathematical formula understanding
  218. Integrable generalized Heisenberg ferromagnet equations in 1+ 1 dimensions: reductions and gauge equivalence
  219.  The unified method for abundant soliton solutions of local time fractional nonlinear evolution equations
  220. Hypergraph min-cuts from quantum entropies
  221. Evaluation of mathematical solutions for the determination of buckling of columns under self-weight
  222. The impact of a lack of mathematical education on brain development and future attainment
  223. Twistorial cohomotopy implies Green–Schwarz anomaly cancellation
  224.  Novel soliton wave solutions of the vakhnenko–parkes equation arising in the relaxation medium
  225. On the solitary wave solutions and physical characterization of gas diffusion in a homogeneous medium via some efficient techniques
  226. Asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a nonlocal boundary value problem
  227. SO (9) characterization of the standard model gauge group
  228.  Deformations and homotopy theory of relative Rota–Baxter Lie algebras
  229.  Math and Science Integrated Curriculum: Pedagogical Knowledge-Based Education Framework
  230. Uniformization and constructive analytic continuation of Taylor series
  231. Continuum limit for lattice Schrödinger operators
  232. -soliton solutions and localized wave interaction solutions of a -dimensional potential-Yu–Toda–Sasa–Fukuyamaf equation
  233. Doing the Math
  234.  Correction to: The dependence on the monodromy data of the isomonodromic tau function
  235.  Bundle geometry of the connection space, covariant Hamiltonian formalism, the problem of boundaries in gauge theories, and the dressing field method
  236. The symmetry-preserving difference schemes and exact solutions of some high-dimensional differential equations
  237. The influence of non-stationarity and interphase curvature on the growth dynamics of spherical crystals in a metastable liquid
  238. Exact solutions of the nonlocal Gerdjikov-Ivanov equation
  239.  Playing with the index of M-theory
  240. Geometric quantization via cotangent models
  241. Nodal solutions for the Kirchhoff-Schrödinger-Poisson system in
  242. Finite Dimensional Dynamics of Evolutionary Equations with Maple
  243. Bright, dark, kink, singular and periodic soliton solutions of Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel model by generalized projective Riccati equations method
  244. Synchronous linear constraint system games
  245. Expander random walks: A fourier-analytic approach
  246.  Dynamical spin chains in 4D N = 2 SCFTs
  247. Study on the Biswas–Arshed equation with the beta time derivative
  248. From a locality-principle for new physics to image features of regular spinning black holes with disks
  249. Non-asymptotic behavior of the spectrum of the sinc-kernel operator and related applications
  250. Exponential dichotomies of a stochastic non-classical equation on a two-dimensional sphere
  251. The -deformations of associative Rota–Baxter algebras and homotopy Rota–Baxter operators
  252. New exact traveling wave solutions of the unstable nonlinear Schrödinger equations and their applications
  253. On the dynamics of strong Langmuir turbulence through the five recent numerical schemes in the plasma physics
  254.  Starlike functions associated with the generalized Koebe function
  255.  An investigation to the nonlinear (2+ 1)-dimensional soliton equation for discovering explicit and periodic wave solutions
  256. Propagation of singularities for subelliptic wave equations
  257. An efficient stochastic numerical computing framework for the nonlinear higher order singular models
  258. Consensus based sampling
  259. Applying a mathematical sense-making framework to student work and its potential for curriculum design
  260. Riemann–Hilbert problems and inverse scattering of nonlocal real reverse-spacetime matrix AKNS hierarchies
  261. An analytical technique implemented in the fractional Clannish Random Walker’s Parabolic equation with nonlinear physical phenomena
  262. Matrix Painlevé II equations
  263. Solution of the Problem of the Motion of a Disperse Inclusion in a Fluid with Account for the “Hereditary” Basset Force
  264. Analysis of transient thermal distribution in a convective–radiative moving rod using two-dimensional differential transform method with multivariate Pade approximant
  265. Accessory parameters in confluent Heun equations and classical irregular conformal blocks
  266. Teaching hardy-weinberg equilibrium using population-level punnett squares: Facilitating calculation for students with math anxiety
  267.  On a determination of the coefficients of the second order hyperbolic equation with discontinuous solution
  268. The math is not the territory: navigating the free energy principle
  269. Fractional Schrödinger Equation with Singular Potentials of Higher Order
  270. STEM-E: Fostering mathematical creative thinking ability in the 21st Century
  271.  Analysis of a discrete mathematical COVID-19 model
  272.  Nonlinear self-adjointness, conserved vectors, and traveling wave structures for the kinetics of phase separation dependent on ternary alloys in iron (Fe-Cr-Y …
  273. Narain to Narnia
  274. Advances in transport phenomena with nanoparticles and generalized thermal process for vertical plate
  275.  A new mathematical model of COVID-19 using real data from Pakistan
  276.  Symmetry reductions and invariant-group solutions for a two-dimensional Kundu–Mukherjee–Naskar model
  277. Regularization of the ill-posed Cauchy problem for matrix factorizations of the Helmholtz equation on the plane
  278.  Nonlinear radiation gauge for near Kerr spacetimes
  279.  Lump, lump-one stripe, multiwave and breather solutions for the Hunter–Saxton equation
  280. The F p -Selberg integral of type A n
  281.  Variational approach to relative entropies with an application to QFT
  282. On a regular Sturm-Liouville problem on a finite interval with the eigenvalue parameter appearing linearly in the boundary conditions
  283. The ability to solve mathematical problems through realistic mathematics learning based on ethnomathematics
  284.  Novel approach to the analysis of fifth-order weakly nonlocal fractional Schrödinger equation with Caputo derivative
  285.  Dispersive soliton solutions for shallow water wave system and modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equations via applications of mathematical methods
  286. Dynamics of soliton solutions in saturated ferromagnetic materials by a novel mathematical method
  287.  Heat and Energy Consumption Management of a Public Object
  288.  A novel design of Gudermannian function as a neural network for the singular nonlinear delayed, prediction and pantograph differential models
  289. Regular Solutions of the Stationary Navier–Stokes Equations on High Dimensional Euclidean Space
  290. Inverse scattering and soliton solutions of nonlocal reverse-spacetime nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  291. Selection of online tools for creating math tests
  292. Verification of mixing properties in two-dimensional shifts of finite type
  293. Construction of functional closed form wave solutions to the ZKBBM equation and the Schrödinger equation
  294.  Investigation on Ginzburg-Landau equation via a tested approach to benchmark stochastic Davis-Skodje system
  295. The Higgs mechanism in nonlocal field theory
  296. Long-time asymptotics for the spin-1 Gross–Pitaevskii equation
  297.  Boundary conformal field theory at the extraordinary transition: The layer susceptibility to O (ε)
  298. Dynamics of optical solitons and nonautonomous complex wave solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with variable coefficients
  299. New methods in spectral theory of -body Schrödinger operators
  300. On the importance of conjugation relations in fractional calculus
  301.  Solutions to the Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky equation and the Landau-Ginzburg-Higgs equation via the generalized Kudryashov technique
  302. Free fermions behind the disguise
  303.  Existence of solutions for singular double phase problems via the Nehari manifold method
  304. Dynamical behaviors of various optical soliton solutions for the Fokas–Lenells equation
  305. Stable and functional solutions of the Klein-Fock-Gordon equation with nonlinear physical phenomena
  306. Around spin Hurwitz numbers
  307. Emergent behaviors of Cucker–Smale flocks on the hyperboloid
  308. Twistor space origins of the Newman-Penrose map
  309. New optical soliton solutions for the thin-film ferroelectric materials equation instead of the numerical solution
  310. The double copy of the multipole expansion
  311. A Compactness Result for the div-curl System with Inhomogeneous Mixed Boundary Conditions for Bounded Lipschitz Domains and Some Applications
  312. New structures for closed-form wave solutions for the dynamical equations model related to the ion sound and Langmuir waves
  313.  Mathematical views of the fractional Chua’s electrical circuit described by the Caputo-Liouville derivative
  314. New perception of the exact solutions of the 3D-fractional Wazwaz-Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (3D-FWBBM) equation
  315.  The solution of the deep Boltzmann machine on the Nishimori line
  316.  Fundamental solutions for the conformable time fractional Phi-4 and space-time fractional simplified MCH equations
  317.  Jacobi ensemble, Hurwitz numbers and Wilson polynomials
  318. A predicted mathematical cancer tumor growth model of brain and its analytical solution by reduced differential transform method
  319.  Study of the parametric effect of self-control waves of the Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation by the analytical solutions
  320. C ∗ -fermi systems and detailed balance
  321.  Multi–solitons, lumps, and breath solutions of the water wave propagation with surface tension via four recent computational schemes
  322. Anisotropic solutions for a holographic heavy-quark model with an external magnetic field
  323. The compatibility dimension of quantum measurements
  324. Bosonic collective excitations in Fermi gases
  325. Plenty of soliton solutions to the DNA Peyrard-Bishop equation via two distinctive strategies
  326.  Optical soliton solutions of the generalized non-autonomous nonlinear Schrödinger equations by the new Kudryashov’s method
  327. Global solutions to the n-dimensional incompressible Oldroyd-B model without damping mechanism
  328. The energy of dilute Bose gases II: The general case
  329.  Optical soliton solutions for the coupled conformable Fokas–Lenells equation with spatio-temporal dispersion
  330. Limiting absorption principle and equivalence of Feynman propagators on asymptotically Minkowski spacetimes
  331.  New diverse variety for the exact solutions to Keller-Segel-Fisher system
  332.  Representations of involutory subalgebras of affine Kac–Moody algebras
  333.  Heuristic computational design of Morlet wavelet for solving the higher order singular nonlinear differential equations
  334. New solutions to the differential-difference KP equation
  335. Twistorial foundation for the classical double copy
  336.  Mathematical analysis and simulation of a stochastic COVID-19 Lévy jump model with isolation strategy
  337. Towards understanding the algorithms for solving the Navier–Stokes equations
  339. Uniqueness and stability results for Caputo fractional Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations
  340. Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity from the Karch-Randall Braneworld
  341. Optimal adaptive strategies for sequential quantum hypothesis testing
  342.  Reaction-driven relaxation in three-dimensional Keller–Segel–Navier–Stokes interaction
  343. Nonlinear acoustic wave structures to the Zabolotskaya-Khokholov dynamical model
  344. Dynamics of nonlinear wave propagation to coupled nonlinear Schrödinger-type equations
  345.  Hilbert series, machine learning, and applications to physics
  346. Twisted cohomotopy implies twisted String structure on M5-branes
  347. Surface defects in gauge theory and KZ equation
  348. Affine super Yangians and rectangular W-superalgebras
  349. Polynomial tau-functions of the KP, BKP, and the s-component KP hierarchies
  350. Existence analysis of a stationary compressible fluid model for heat-conducting and chemically reacting mixtures
  351. Rational Lax matrices from antidominantly shifted extended Yangians: BCD types
  352. Introduction to the special issue on emergent hydrodynamics in integrable many-body systems
  353.  Rigorously Computed Enumerative Norms as Prescribed through Quantum Cohomological Connectivity over Gromov–Witten Invariants. TechRxiv
  354. The Gaussian soliton in the Fermi–Pasta–Ulam chain
  355. Integrable generalized Heisenberg ferromagnet equations with self-consistent potentials and related Yajima-Oikawa type equations
  356. Mean value properties of solutions to the Helmholtz and modified Helmholtz equations
  357.  Initial data rigidity results
  358. … of problem-based learning trends in 2010-2020: A meta-analysis study of the effect of problem-based learning in enhancing mathematical problem-solving skills of …
  359.  Geometric Rényi divergence and its applications in quantum channel capacities
  360. Fundamental stochastic solutions for the conformable fractional NLSE with spatiotemporal dispersion via exponential distribution
  361.  DeepGreen: Deep learning of Green’s functions for nonlinear boundary value problems
  362. Analytical mathematical approaches for the double-chain model of DNA by a novel computational technique
  363. Twisted Cohomotopy implies M5-brane anomaly cancellation
  364. The Impact of the Wiener process on the analytical solutions of the stochastic (2+ 1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation by using tanh–coth method
  365.  Динамик системаларнинг тарихи ва фазали портретларини чизиш йўллари ҳақида
  366. Classification of translation invariant topological Pauli stabilizer codes for prime dimensional qudits on two-dimensional lattices
  367. Short time large deviations of the KPZ equation
  368. On the approximate solutions for a system of coupled Korteweg–de Vries equations with local fractional derivative
  369. Optical envelope patterns in nonlinear media modeled by the Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel equation
  370.  Novel symmetric numerical methods for solving symmetric mathematical problems
  371.  The applications of some basic mathematical inequalities on the convergence of the primitive equations of moist atmosphere
  372. A Hermitian TQFT from a non-semisimple category of quantum sl ( 2 ) -modules
  373. Self-adjointness in Klein-Gordon theory on globally hyperbolic spacetimes
  374.  Explicit rational solutions for time-space fractional nonlinear equation describing the propagation of bidirectional waves in low-pass electrical lines
  375. New optical soliton solutions via two distinctive schemes for the DNA Peyrard–Bishop equation in fractal order
  376. Conformal scattering and the Goursat problem for Dirac fields in the interior of charged spherically symmetric black holes
  377. Isotropic Grassmannians, Plücker and Cartan maps
  378. Scalars are universal: Equivariant machine learning, structured like classical physics
  379.  On some mathematical properties of Sombor indices
  380. Differential equation for partition functions and a duality pseudo-forest
  381.  Айрим иррационал тенгламаларни ечишда интерфаол усулларни қўлланилиши
  382.  Abundant wave solutions of conformable space-time fractional order fokas wave model arising in physical sciences
  383. Kadomtsev–Petviashvili turning points and CKP hierarchy
  384. Some new families of exact solitary wave solutions of the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov equations in plasma physics
  385.  Non-abelian infrared divergences on the celestial sphere
  386. Derivation and simulation of the M-lump solutions to two (2+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear equations
  387. Geodesic networks in Liouville quantum gravity surfaces
  388. Optimal Local Law and Central Limit Theorem for β -Ensembles
  389. A hierarchy of nonlocal nonlinear evolution equations and∂ ̄-dressing method
  390.  Numerical solutions of time-fractional Klein-Gordon equations by clique polynomials
  391. Density and positive mass theorems for initial data sets with boundary
  392. Comparison of Finite-Difference Schemes for the Burgers Problem
  393. On the matrix version of extended Bessel functions and its application to matrix differential equations
  394.  Random processes in the brain: From experimental data to Math and back
  395. BMS charges without supertranslation ambiguity
  396. Derivation and simulation of the M-lump solutions to two (2+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear equations
  397. Geodesic networks in Liouville quantum gravity surfaces
  398. Optimal Local Law and Central Limit Theorem for β -Ensembles
  399. A hierarchy of nonlocal nonlinear evolution equations and∂ ̄-dressing method
  400.  Numerical solutions of time-fractional Klein-Gordon equations by clique polynomials
  401. Density and positive mass theorems for initial data sets with boundary
  402. Comparison of Finite-Difference Schemes for the Burgers Problem
  403. On the matrix version of extended Bessel functions and its application to matrix differential equations
  404.  Random processes in the brain: From experimental data to Math and back
  405. BMS charges without supertranslation ambiguity
  406. Stability analysis and optical soliton solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger model with efficient computational techniques
  407. Two model equations with a second degree logarithmic nonlinearity and their Gaussian solutions
  408.  Symmetry solutions and conservation laws of a new generalized 2D Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko equation of plasma physics
  409. Novel solitary waves for fractional (2+ 1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnetic model via new extendedgeneralized Kudryashov method
  410.  A random dynamical systems perspective on isochronicity for stochastic oscillations
  411.  Mathematical model of COVID-19 in Nigeria with optimal control
  412.  Analysis of nonlinear time-fractional Klein-Gordon equation with power law kernel
  413. Adiabatic approximation for the motion of Ginzburg-Landau Vortex filaments
  414. Modelling and applications in Iran school mathematics curriculum: voices of math teachers
  415. Inverse spectral problems for Hill-type operators with frozen argument
  416.  Explicit formulas for partial Bell polynomials, Maclaurin’s series expansions of real powers of inverse (hyperbolic) cosine and sine, and series representations of …
  417.  4D Chern–Simons theory and affine Gaudin models
  418. Numerical investigation of compact grid-characteristic schemes for acoustic problems
  419.  New non-traveling wave solutions for (3+ 1)-dimensional variable coefficients Date-Jimbo-Kashiwara-Miwa equation
  420.  An infinite family of higher-order difference operators that commute with Ruijsenaars operators of type A
  421. An efficient numerical scheme for the simulation of time-fractional nonhomogeneous Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burger model
  422.  Data-driven vector soliton solutions of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation using a deep learning algorithm
  423. Analytical Study of ( 3 + 1 ) -Dimensional Fractional-Reaction Diffusion Trimolecular Models
  424.  Response to “Comment on ‘A coordinate system invariant formulation for space-charge limited current in vacuum’”[Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 266101 (2021)]
  425. Taylor’s series expansions for real powers of functions containing squares of inverse (hyperbolic) cosine functions, explicit formulas for special partial Bell polynomials …
  426.  A mathematical model and numerical solution for brain tumor derived using fractional operator
  428. Mathematical teachers’ knowledge of STEM-based education
  429.  Assorted soliton wave solutions of time-fractional BBM-Burger and Sharma-Tasso-Olver equations in nonlinear analysis
  430.  Kombinatorika haqidagi dastlabki ko’nikmalarni shakllantirish
  431. New subclasses of analytic and bi-univalent functions endowed with coefficient estimate problems
  432. Regularized integrals on Riemann surfaces and modular forms
  433. Nucleation and growth dynamics of ellipsoidal crystals in metastable liquids
  434. A new spin on Hurwitz theory and ELSV via theta characteristics
  435.  A mathematical modelling of a Atherosclerosis intimation with Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivative in terms of memory function
  436. The Vertex Algebras R ( p ) and V ( p )
  437. A realisation of the Bershadsky–Polyakov algebras and their relaxed modules
  438. Bogoliubov excitation spectrum of trapped Bose gases in the Gross-Pitaevskii regime
  439. How are Students’ Conceptual Understanding for Solving Mathematical Problem?
  440.  The Role Of Mathematical Issues In Improving The Methodological Training Of Future Mathematics Teachers
  441. Abundant different types of exact soliton solution to the (4+ 1)-dimensional Fokas and (2+ 1)-dimensional breaking soliton equations
  442. From VOAs to short star products in SCFT
  443.  Optical soliton perturbation and conservation law with Kudryashov’s refractive index having quadrupled power-law and dual form of generalized nonlocal …
  444. Hadamard states for quantized Dirac fields on Lorentzian manifolds of bounded geometry
  445. On the complex mixed dark-bright wave distributions to some conformable nonlinear integrable models
  446.  Novel dynamics of wave solutions for Cahn–Allen and diffusive predator–prey models using MSE scheme
  447. Hypoellipticity and the Mori–Zwanzig formulation of stochastic differential equations
  448. Crisanti–Sommers formula and simultaneous symmetry breaking in multi-species spherical spin glasses
  449.  Abundant new exact solutions to the fractional nonlinear evolution equation via Riemann-Liouville derivative
  450.  Opacity from loops in AdS
  451. On exponential moments of the homogeneous Boltzmann equation for hard potentials without cutoff
  452. Faster Math Functions, Soundly
  453.  Quadratic-in-spin Hamiltonian at O (G2) from scattering amplitudes
  454.  Decay of correlations in finite abelian lattice gauge theories
  455. Orbital Stability of KdV Multisolitons in H – 1
  456. Construction of Lump and optical solitons solutions for (3+ 1) model for the propagation of nonlinear dispersive waves in inhomogeneous media
  457. Witten–Reshetikhin–Turaev function for a knot in Seifert manifolds
  458. On some generalized non-linear functional integral equations of two variables via measures of noncompactness and numerical method to solve it
  459. On the computation of intersection numbers for twisted cocycles
  460. The physics of higher-order interactions in complex systems
  461.  Primordial gravitational waves from excited states
  462. Eigenvalue Splitting of Polynomial Order for a System of Schrödinger Operators with Energy-Level Crossing
  463.  Mathematical modeling and optimal control of the COVID-19 dynamics
  464. Math, magnets, and medicine: Enabling personalized oncology
  465. A novel kind of reduced integrable matrix mKdV equations and their binary Darboux transformations
  466. Bose–Einstein condensation with optimal rate for trapped bosons in the Gross–Pitaevskii regime
  467. The generalized Klein–Gordon oscillator with position-dependent mass in a particular Gödel-type space–time
  468. Fractional soliton dynamics of electrical microtubule transmission line model with local M-derivative
  469. Data-driven peakon and periodic peakon solutions and parameter discovery of some nonlinear dispersive equations via deep learning
  470.  Numerical solutions for nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equations of the second kind with a phase lag
  471.  Analytical wave structures in plasma physics modelled by Gilson-Pickering equation by two integration norms
  472. Elliptic genera of pure gauge theories in two dimensions with semisimple non-simply-connected gauge groups
  473. Non-auto-Bäcklund transformation and novel abundant explicit exact solutions of the variable coefficients Burger equation
  474.  On the asymptotics of Wright functions of the second kind
  475.  Symmetry analysis, closed-form invariant solutions and dynamical wave structures of the generalized (3+ 1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation using …
  476.  Solitons, breathers, and lump solutions to the (2+ 1)-Dimensional generalized Calogero–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff equation
  477. The influence of an initial twisting on tapered beams undergoing large displacements
  478. New optical solitons and modulation instability analysis of generalized coupled nonlinear Schrödinger–KdV system
  479.  Three-loop gluon scattering in QCD and the gluon Regge trajectory
  480. The polaron at strong coupling
  481. Quasi-periodic, chaotic and travelling wave structures of modified Gardner equation
  482. Network psychometrics and cognitive network science open new ways for understanding math anxiety as a complex system
  483. Modulation instability analysis, optical solitons and other solutions to the (2+ 1)-dimensional hyperbolic nonlinear Schrodinger’s equation
  484. Dbar-dressing method for the Gerdjikov–Ivanov equation with nonzero boundary conditions
  485. A GLSM view on Homological Projective Duality
  486. Topology in shallow-water waves: a violation of bulk-edge correspondence
  487. Non-Abelian evolution systems with conservation laws
  488.  Scattering amplitudes in the Regge limit and the soft anomalous dimension through four loops
  489.  Икки жинсли популяция ва унинг математик модели ҳақида
  490. A novel perspective for the fractal Schrödinger equation
  491.  Mathematical model to assess the imposition of lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic
  492. Trajectory statistical solutions and Liouville type theorem for nonlinear wave equations with polynomial growth
  493.  Weyl anomalies of four dimensional conformal boundaries and defects
  494. Hopf algebra gauge theory on a ribbon graph
  495.  Remarks on stationary and uniformly-rotating vortex sheets: Rigidity results
  496. Twisted cohomotopy implies level quantization of the full 6d Wess-Zumino term of the M5-brane
  497. The analysis of the soliton-type solutions of conformable equations by using generalized Kudryashov method
  498.  Exact solutions of (2+ 1)-Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur equation
  499.  Matrix analysis and computations
  500. The Nikiforov–Uvarov-functional analysis (NUFA) method: a new approach for solving exponential-type potentials
  501. Carleman estimates and the contraction principle for an inverse source problem for nonlinear hyperbolic equations
  502. The fundamental theorem of Vassiliev invariants
  503. Lie symmetry analysis for obtaining exact soliton solutions of generalized Camassa–Holm–Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation
  504.  Atiyah classes and Kontsevich–Duflo type theorem for dg manifolds
  505.  Thermal QCD Axions across Thresholds
  506.  Collision phenomena among lump, periodic and soliton solutions to a (2+ 1)-dimensional Bogoyavlenskii’s breaking soliton model
  507.  The variation of electric field with respect to Darboux triad in Euclidean 3-space
  508. Rational indices for quantum ground state sectors
  509. Optical solitons of the perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger equation in Kerr media
  510. Exact solutions for time-dependent non-Hermitian oscillators: classical and quantum pictures
  511.  Floer theory of higher rank quiver 3-folds
  512. The first integral method and some nonlinear models
  513.  New analytical solutions for the oskolkov-type equations in fluid dynamics via a modified methodology
  514. Excitation spectrum for Bose gases beyond the Gross-Pitaevskii regime
  515. Nearly associative and nearly Hom-associative algebras and bialgebras
  516. Pure cubic optical solitons with improved tan ( φ / 2 ) -expansion method
  517.  Classification of gapped ground state phases in quantum spin systems
  518.  Analytical study of soliton solutions for an improved perturbed Schrödinger equation with Kerr law non-linearity in non-linear optics by an expansion algorithm
  519. Propagation of one-dimensional planar and nonplanar shock waves in nonideal radiating gas
  520. Bright, periodic, compacton and bell-shape soliton solutions of the extended QZK and (3+ 1)-dimensional ZK equations
  521. Asymptotics of SL ( 2 , C ) coherent invariant tensors
  522.  The exact solutions of the stochastic Ginzburg–Landau equation
  523.  Theory and Applications of Special Functions for Scientists and Engineers
  524.  On Hankel transforms of generalized Bessel matrix polynomials
  525. Provably accurate simulation of gauge theories and bosonic systems
  526. Extraction of new optical solitons and MI analysis to three coupled Gross–Pitaevskii system in the spinor Bose–Einstein condensate
  527. Fluctuations in local quantum unique ergodicity for generalized Wigner matrices
  528.  Global stability of a delayed fractional-order SEI epidemic model with logistic growth
  529.  On computational analysis of highly nonlinear model addressing real world applications
  530. A Novel Symmetry of Colored HOMFLY Polynomials Coming from sl ( N | M ) Superalgebras
  531. Replica symmetry breaking and phase transitions in a pt symmetric sachdev-ye-kitaev model
  532.  Comprehensive analysis of integer-order, Caputo-Fabrizio (CF) and Atangana-Baleanu (ABC) fractional time derivative for MHD Oldroyd-B fluid with slip effect …
  533. CB-BL model (challenge based on blended learning) for mathematical creativity
  534. Navier–Stokes–Fourier system with general boundary conditions
  535. Quadratic relations of the deformed W-superalgebra
  536. Microlocal analysis of the bulk-edge correspondence
  537.  New algorithm for the approximate solution of generalized seventh order Korteweg-Devries equation arising in shallow water waves
  538. Modulation instability analysis and optical solitons of the generalized model for description of propagation pulses in optical fiber with four non-linear terms
  539. Local fractal fourier transform and applications
  540. The random phase approximation for interacting fermi gases in the mean-field regime
  541. Bäcklund transformation, exact solutions and diverse interaction phenomena to a (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation
  542. Perturbation, symmetry analysis, Bäcklund and reciprocal transformation for the extended Boussinesq equation in fluid mechanics
  543. Lie symmetries, exact solutions and conservation laws of the Date–Jimbo–Kashiwara–Miwa equation
  544. Optical soliton solutions of variable coefficient Biswas–Milovic (BM) model comprising Kerr law and damping effect
  545. A note on Fisher information hypocoercive decay for the linear Boltzmann equation
  546.  Mathematical model for hyperbolic two temperature fractional-order thermoelastic materials subjected to thermal loading
  547. A neural network solves, explains, and generates university math problems by program synthesis and few-shot learning at human level
  548. New exact traveling wave solutions to the (2+ 1)-dimensional Chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  549.  A novel analytical method for solving (2+ 1)-dimensional extended Calogero-Bogoyavlenskii-Schiff equation in plasma physics
  550. Quantifying Dip–Ramp–Plateau for the Laguerre Unitary Ensemble Structure Function
  551.  Radiative classical gravitational observables at O (G3) from scattering amplitudes
  552. Universes as big data
  553. Achievement emotions of female students in mathematical problem-solving situations
  554. Nonlocal symmetries and new interaction waves of the variable-coefficient modified Korteweg–de Vries equation in fluid-filled elastic tubes
  555. Lieb-Robinson light cone for power-law interactions
  556. The optimal homotopy analysis method applied on nonlinear time-fractional hyperbolic partial differential equation s
  557. Exact analytic spectra of asymmetric modulation instability in systems with self-steepening effect
  558. Existence of relativistic dynamics for two directly interacting Dirac particles in 1+ 3 dimensions
  559. Fractional mayer neuro-swarm heuristic solver for multi-fractional order doubly singular model based on lane–emden equation
  560.  … design of the nonstandard computational method for an epidemic model of computer virus with delay effect: application of mathematical biology in computer …
  561.  A no-go theorem on the nature of the gravitational field beyond quantum theory
  562. Degenerate zero-truncated Poisson random variables
  563.  Geometry of Banach spaces: a new route towards Position Based Cryptography
  564. On the nodal structures of random fields–a decade of results
  565.  Series expansions of powers of arcsine, closed forms for special values of Bell polynomials, and series representations of generalized logsine functions
  566. Spectral properties of the singular Friedrichs–Lee Hamiltonian
  567.  The Schrödinger-KdV equation of fractional order with Mittag-Leffler nonsingular kernel
  568.  Bi-Hamiltonian recursion, Liu–Pandharipande relations, and vanishing terms of the second Dubrovin–Zhang bracket
  569. The Comparative Study for Solving Fractional-Order Fornberg–Whitham Equation via ρ-Laplace Transform
  570. A computational approach for shallow water forced Korteweg–De Vries equation on critical flow over a hole with three fractional operators
  571.  Advanced Numerical Methods for Differential Equations: Applications in Science and Engineering
  572.  Exact traveling wave solutions for two prolific conformable M-Fractional differential equations via three diverse approaches
  573.  Multiple point criticality principle and Coleman-Weinberg inflation
  574. Interpolative gap bounds for nonautonomous integrals
  575.  Quantum simulation of chiral phase transitions
  577.  Traveling wave solutions for space-time fractional Cahn Hilliard equation and space-time fractional symmetric regularized long-wave equation
  578. Methods for developing motivational and value-orientated readiness of math students at teacher training universities for implementing educational innovations
  579. Uncovering near-wall blood flow from sparse data with physics-informed neural networks
  580.  Coercive inequalities in higher-dimensional anisotropic heisenberg group
  581.  The 2-leg vertex in K-theoretic DT theory
  582. ConvMath: a convolutional sequence network for mathematical expression recognition
  583.  Systematics of the α′ expansion in F-theory
  584. Contextuality and the fundamental theorems of quantum mechanics
  585. Beyond Skill: Students’ Dispositions towards Math.
  586.  On some novel solution solutions to the generalized Schrödinger-Boussinesq equations for the interaction between complex short wave and real long wave …
  587.  Energy-momentum tensor in QCD: nucleon mass decomposition and mechanical equilibrium
  588. Inverse problem of recovering the initial condition for a nonlinear equation of the reaction–diffusion–advection type by data given on the position of a reaction front with …
  589. Bootstrapping Dirac ensembles
  590. Айрим рационал тенгламаларни ечишда интерфаол усулларни қўлланилиши ҳақида
  591.  Mathematical modeling of the COVID-19 pandemic with intervention strategies
  592. Time-dependent source identification Schrodinger type problem
  593.  On the exact solutions to some system of complex nonlinear models
  594.  Abundant lump-type solutions for the extended (3+ 1)-dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation
  595. Inductive limits of compact quantum groups and their unitary representations
  596.  A study of the generalized nonlinear advection-diffusion equation arising in engineering sciences
  597. Ward–Schwinger–Dyson equations in ϕ 6 3 quantum field theory
  598. Coherent information of a quantum channel or its complement is generically positive
  599. Melonic dominance and the largest eigenvalue of a large random tensor
  600.  Null Kähler geometry and isomonodromic deformations
  601.  Lie-Bäcklund symmetries, analytical solutions and conservation laws to the more general (2+ 1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation
  602.  The unified technique for the nonlinear time-fractional model with the beta-derivative
  603.  A new fractional mathematical modelling of COVID-19 with the availability of vaccine
  604. Relative entropy of random states and black holes
  605. Hyperbolic band theory under magnetic field and Dirac cones on a higher genus surface
  606. Integrability, qualitative analysis and the dynamics of wave solutions for Biswas–Milovic equation
  607. Dynamics of a composite system in a point source-induced space–time
  608. Linearly-implicit schemes for collisions in musical acoustics based on energy quadratisation
  609. Existence results for a Kirchhoff-type equation involving fractional p (x)-Laplacian.
  610. Incompatibility in general probabilistic theories, generalized spectrahedra, and tensor norms
  611. Long-time asymptotics for the focusing Hirota equation with non-zero boundary conditions at infinity via the Deift-Zhou approach
  612. Estimates for the Dimension of Attractors of a Regularized Euler System with Dissipation on the Sphere
  613.  Mathematical modelling and analysis of COVID-19 epidemic and predicting its future situation in Ethiopia
  614. Balance of the vorticity direction and the vorticity magnitude in 3D fractional Navier–Stokes equations
  615. Coefficient problems in a class of functions with bounded turning associated with Sine function
  617.  Most general theory of 3d gravity: Covariant phase space, dual diffeomorphisms, and more
  618. Ring chains with vertex coupling of a preferred orientation
  619. The use of improved-F expansion method for the time-fractional Benjamin–Ono equation
  620. A data-driven method for hybrid data assimilation with multilayer perceptron
  621.  New optical solitons of perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger–Hirota equation with spatio-temporal dispersion
  622. Kinetics of phase separation in Fe–Cr– (XMo, Cu) ternary alloys — a dynamical wave study
  623.  A note on the Fröhlich dynamics in the strong coupling limit
  624. New analytical solutions for the inextensible Heisenberg ferromagnetic flow and solitonic magnetic flux surfaces in the binormal direction
  625.  Abundant analytical solutions to the new coupled Konno-Oono equation arising in magnetic field
  626.  Machine learning based on kernel function controlled gaussian process regression method for in-depth extrapolative analysis of Covid-19 daily cases drift rates
  627. Waves propagating parallel to the magnetic field in relativistically hot plasmas: A hydrodynamic model
  628. Batik context as PISA-like problem to assess students’ mathematical literacy
  629. Diffusion approximation for fully coupled stochastic differential equations
  630.  Relativistic Landau levels for a fermion-antifermion pair interacting through Dirac oscillator interaction
  631. Linearization of Virasoro symmetries associated with semisimple Frobenius manifolds
  632. Evolutionary integrated heuristic with Gudermannian neural networks for second kind of Lane–Emden nonlinear singular models
  633.  Poncelet property and quasi-periodicity of the integrable Boltzmann system
  634. DKP oscillator in the presence of a spinning cosmic string
  635.  Is the Z2× Z2-graded sine-Gordon equation integrable?
  636. Symmetric function theory and unitary invariant ensembles
  637. Interaction-round-a-face and consistency-around-a-face-centered-cube
  638. Lump and rogue wave solutions to a (2+ 1)-dimensional Boussinesq type equation
  639. Weyl double copy for gravitational waves
  640. On study of modulation instability and optical soliton solutions: the chiral nonlinear Schrödinger dynamical equation
  641. Intermittency of Riemann’s non-differentiable function through the fourth-order flatness
  642.  A new family of degenerate poly-Genocchi polynomials with its certain properties
  643.  Protracted study on a real physical phenomenon generated by media inhomogeneities
  644. BKP tau-functions as square roots of KP tau-functions
  645. Thermodynamics of asymptotically flat Reissner–Nordstrom black hole
  646. Investigations of the complex wave patterns to the generalized Calogero–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff equation
  647. Moving boundary problems
  648.  Existence and multiplicity of solutions for generalized asymptotically linear Schrödinger-Kirchhoff equations
  649. Application of the exp-function and generalized Kudryashov methods for obtaining new exact solutions of certain nonlinear conformable time partial integro-differential …
  650.  Estimates for Commutators of Bilinear Fractional-Adic Hardy Operator on Herz-Type Spaces
  651. New general interaction solutions to the KPI equation via an optional decoupling condition approach
  652.  Wavelet Analysis: Basic Concepts and Applications
  653. Abundant optical solitons to the Sasa-Satsuma higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  654. Diverse novel analytical and semi-analytical wave solutions of the generalized (2+ 1)-dimensional shallow water waves model
  655. On the integrable hierarchy for the resolved conifold
  656.  A variety of exact optical soliton solutions to the generalized (2+ 1)-dimensional dynamical conformable fractional Schrödinger model
  657.  Homotopical analysis of 4d Chern-Simons theory and integrable field theories
  658. Symbolic computation and sensitivity analysis of nonlinear Kudryashov’s dynamical equation with applications
  659.  Data-driven science and engineering: Machine learning, dynamical systems, and control
  660.  Charge algebra in Al (A) dSn spacetimes
  661. Absence of singular continuous spectra and embedded eigenvalues for one-dimensional quantum walks with general long-range coins
  662. The possible temperatures for flows on a simple AF algebra
  663. Mathematics meets science in the brain
  664. An element-free Galerkin method for the obstacle problem
  665.  Short communication An Integral Involving a Generalized Hypergeometric Function
  666.  Spectral geometry on manifolds with fibred boundary metrics II: heat kernel asymptotics
  667. Digital technology in learning mathematical literacy, can it helpful?
  668.  On Solving Partial Differential Equations by a Coupling of the Homotopy Perturbation Method and a New Integral Transform
  669. Predicting certain vector optical solitons via the conservation-law deep-learning method
  670. A k-contact Lagrangian formulation for nonconservative field theories
  671.  Corrigendum and improvements to “Carleman estimates, observability inequalities and null controllability for interior degenerate non smooth parabolic …
  672. Rational and semi-rational solutions to the asymmetric Nizhnik–Novikov–Veselov system
  673. Exact results for nonlinear Drude weights in the spin- XXZ chain
  674. Higgs bundles and flat connections over compact Sasakian manifolds
  675.  Generalized fractional Hadamard type inequalities for (Qs)-class functions of the second kind
  676.  A reliable algorithm to compute the approximate solution of KdV-type partial differential equations of order seven
  677.  Mixed EW-QCD two-loop amplitudes for qq ¯ → ℓ + ℓ − and γ5 scheme independence of multi-loop corrections
  678. Degenerate r-Whitney numbers and degenerate r-Dowling polynomials via boson operators
  679. Von Neumann entropy in QFT
  680. Correlations of primary fields in the critical Ising model
  681. Accurate demonstrating of the interactions of two long waves with different dispersion relations: Generalized Hirota–Satsuma couple KdV equation
  682. Bifurcation of new optical solitary wave solutions for the nonlinear long-short wave interaction system via two improved models of ( G ′ G ) expansion method
  683. Quantitatively improved finite-size criteria for spectral gaps
  684. Gender Differences in Top-Performing Math Students’ Achievement and Motivation: An IPD Meta-Analysis
  685. Field Theory of free Active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Particles
  686. RODA: Reverse Operation Based Data Augmentation for Solving Math Word Problems
  687. Second-order parameter-uniform finite difference scheme for singularly perturbed parabolic problem with a boundary turning point
  688.  Data Recovery from Cauchy Measurements in Transient Heat Transfer
  689. The creative thinking process of junior high school students in solving mathematical problems
  690. Parameter identification of Preisach model based on velocity-controlled particle swarm optimization method
  691. On the complex simulations with dark–bright to the Hirota–Maccari system
  692. Remarks on the hidden symmetry of the asymmetric quantum Rabi model
  693. Models in quantum computing: a systematic review
  694. On the classification of topological orders
  695. Exact solution of the time fractional variant Boussinesq-Burgers equations
  696. Fractional SEIR model and data-driven predictions of COVID-19 dynamics of Omicron variant
  697.  Symmetries and strings of adjoint QCD2
  698. On the modified logarithmic Sobolev inequality for the heat-bath dynamics for 1D systems
  699. The Sparse Parity Matrix∗
  700.  Solving a novel designed second order nonlinear Lane–Emden delay differential model using the heuristic techniques
  701.  An optimal Galerkin-homotopy asymptotic method applied to the nonlinear second-order bvps
  702.  The impact of using blended learningmethod on tenth grade achievement in math in Southern al-Mazar directorate of education
  703.  Computable Rényi mutual information: Area laws and correlations
  704. Geometry of Localized Effective Theories, Exact Semi-classical Approximation and the Algebraic Index
  705.  Study of exact analytical solutions and various wave profiles of a new extended (2+ 1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation using symmetry analysis
  706.  Contextual subspace variational quantum eigensolver
  707.  Fundamental solutions to the stochastic perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation via gamma distribution
  708. Construction of an approximate analytical solution for multi-dimensional fractional Zakharov–Kuznetsov equation via Aboodh Adomian decomposition method
  709. Application of the Lie symmetry approach to an extended Jimbo–Miwa equation in (3+ 1) dimensions
  710. Topological field theory on r-spin surfaces and the Arf-invariant
  711. Geometric invariant decomposition of SU (3)
  712. The simplest equation approach for solving non-linear Tzitzéica type equations in non-linear optics
  713. Sensorless Tracking Control for a “Full-Bridge Buck Inverter–DC Motor” System: Passivity and Flatness-Based Design
  714. Study on abundant explicit wave solutions of the thin-film Ferro-electric materials equation
  715. Nonlinearity-managed lump waves in a spatial symmetric HSI model
  716. Approximate analytical solutions of the Klein–Gordon equation with generalized Morse potential
  717.  What really impacts the use of active learning in undergraduate STEM education? Results from a national survey of chemistry, mathematics, and physics …
  718. Logarithmic convexity and increasing property of the Bernoulli numbers and their ratios
  719. Physics-informed neural networks for rarefied-gas dynamics: Thermal creep flow in the Bhatnagar–Gross–Krook approximation
  720. Local Fractional Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving Coupled Sine-Gordon Equations in Fractal Domain
  721. Dynamics of exact closed-form solutions to the Schamel Burgers and Schamel equations with constant coefficients using a novel analytical approach
  722.  Mathematical modeling of COVID-19 transmission dynamics between healthcare workers and community
  723.  … wave solutions of conformable time fractional Clannish Random Walker’s Parabolic and Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur equations via modified mathematical …
  724. Construction of eigenfunctions for the elliptic Ruijsenaars difference operators
  725. The Segal–Bargmann Transform in Clifford Analysis
  726. Using Applied Ontology to Saturate Semantic Relations
  727.  Gaussian radial basis functions method for linear and nonlinear convection–diffusion models in physical phenomena
  728. On similarity
  729. On solitary wave solutions for the perturbed Chen–Lee–Liu equation via an analytical approach
  730. The Laguerre transform of a convolution product of vector-valued functions.
  732. Schrödinger’s 1931 paper “On the Reversal of the Laws of Nature”[“Über die Umkehrung der Naturgesetze”, Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie …
  733. Admissible-level minimal models
  734. Significance of Coriolis force on Eyring-Powell flow over a rotating non-uniform surface
  735.  Superstatistics of Diatomic molecules with the shifted Deng-Fan potential model
  736. Development of mathematics e-module with STEM-collaborative project based learning to improve mathematical literacy ability of vocational high school students
  737. Ion-acoustic solitary wave solutions of nonlinear damped Korteweg–de Vries and damped modified Korteweg–de Vries dynamical equations
  738.  On global behavior for complex soliton solutions of the perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger equation in nonlinear optical fibers
  739. Bäcklund transformation and multi-soliton solutions for the discrete Korteweg–de Vries equation
  740. Non-uniqueness of steady-state weak solutions to the surface quasi-geostrophic equations
  741. Solving nonlinear PDEs using the higher order Haar wavelet method on nonuniform and adaptive grids
  742.  Search for adequate closed form wave solutions to space–time fractional nonlinear equations
  743.  On the perturbative expansion at high temperature and implications for cosmological phase transitions
  744. Dynamics of fractional vortices in two-band superconductors
  745. Classical and quantized general-relativistic angular momentum
  746.  Anderson localization for electric quantum walks and skew-shift CMV matrices
  747. Dispersive wave propagation of the nonlinear Sasa-Satsuma dynamical system with computational and analytical soliton solutions
  748.  Variational theory and new abundant solutions to the (1+ 2)-dimensional chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation in optics
  749. Open quantum system dynamics and the mean force Gibbs state
  750. Applications of q-derivative operator to subclasses of bi-univalent functions involving Gegenbauer polynomials
  751. Dual-wave solutions for the quadratic–cubic conformable-Caputo time-fractional Klein–Fock–Gordon equation
  752. The effectiveness of hybrid learning in improving of teacher-student relationship in terms of learning motivation
  753. Estimation of the information contained in the visible matter of the universe
  754. A mathematician’s view of the unreasonable ineffectiveness of mathematics in biology
  755. Some more invariant solutions of (2+ 1)-water waves
  756.  Binary black hole system at equilibrium
  757. Acceleration via fractal learning rate schedules
  758.  An efficient semi-analytical method for solving the generalized regularized long wave equations with a new fractional derivative operator
  759. Some identities of the degenerate multi-poly-Bernoulli polynomials of complex variable
  760. Global aspects of doubled geometry and pre-rackoid
  761. Fractional spatial diffusion of a biological population model via a new integral transform in the settings of power and Mittag-Leffler nonsingular kernel
  762. Peristaltic flow of a heated Jeffrey fluid inside an elliptic duct: streamline analysis
  763. How to Strengthen Today’s Math Skills of Tomorrow’s Engineers–Practical Experiences with Agile Approaches to Innovative University Math Lectures
  764. A novel (3+ 1)-dimensional sine-Gorden and a sinh-Gorden equation: derivation, symmetries and conservation laws
  765. On the dissipative extended Kawahara solitons and cnoidal waves in a collisional plasma: Novel analytical and numerical solutions
  766. Analytical solution of D dimensional Schrödinger equation for Eckart potential with a new improved approximation in centrifugal term
  767. Inverse Problem for a Partial Differential Equation with Gerasimov–Caputo-Type Operator and Degeneration
  768. On the feedback stabilization: Komornik’s method
  769.  Greedy energy minimization can count in binary: point charges and the van der Corput sequence
  770. Finite-size effects in response functions of molecular systems
  771. Flow and fouling in elastic membrane filters with hierarchical branching pore morphology
  772.  Some Results Involving the Airy Functions and Airy Transforms
  773. Heat Flux Density Evaluation in the Region of Contact Line of Drop on a Sapphire Surface Using Infrared Thermography Measurements
  774. Numerical solution of the problem of variational data assimilation to restore heat fluxes and initial state for the ocean thermodynamics model
  775.  Persistence of the spectral gap for the Landau–Pekar equations
  776. Klein–gordon equation and nonrelativistic thermodynamic properties with improved screened kratzer potential
  777.  Traveling wave structures of some fourth-order nonlinear partial differential equations
  778. Spin-0 scalar particle interacts with scalar potential in the presence of magnetic field and quantum flux under the effects of KKT in 5D cosmic string spacetime
  779.  Flat F-manifolds, F-CohFTs, and integrable hierarchies
  780. Optimization of the mean-square approximation procedures for iterated Ito stochastic integrals based on multiple Fourier-Legendre series
  781. An investigation of fractional complex Ginzburg–Landau equation with Kerr law nonlinearity in the sense of conformable, beta and M-truncated derivatives
  782. Unitarity of Minkowski nonlocal theories made explicit
  783.  Conserved quantities, optimal system and explicit solutions of a (1+ 1)-dimensional generalised coupled mKdV-type system
  784. Biharmonic-Kirchhoff type equation involving critical Sobolev exponent with singular term
  785. Quantum Effects on Klein–Gordon Oscillator under a Cornell-type Potential in Kaluza–Klein Theory
  786. Characterization of perfect fluid spacetimes admitting gradient η-Ricci and gradient Einstein solitons
  787. Electric flux fibers with spherical antiferromagnetic approach with electroosmotic velocity
  788. Investigation of the periodic solution of the time-space fractional Sasa-Satsuma equation arising in the monomode optical fibers
  789. Variational theory for (2+ 1)-dimensional fractional dispersive long wave equations
  790. A U(1)B−L-extension of the standard model from noncommutative geometry
  791. Asymptotic Behavior of the Solution to the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov Model in Dimension Two
  792.  On the Critical–Subcritical Moments of Moments of Random Characteristic Polynomials: A GMC Perspective
  793. On semi analytical and numerical simulations for a mathematical biological model; the time-fractional nonlinear Kolmogorov–Petrovskii–Piskunov (KPP) equation
  794. Classifying Calabi–Yau Threefolds Using Infinite Distance Limits
  795.  Covariant homogeneous nets of standard subspaces
  796. Frozen 1-RSB structure of the symmetric Ising perceptron
  797. Extension of isometries from the unit sphere of a rank-2 Cartan factor
  798. Particle–hole symmetries in condensed matter
  799. Reply to Comment on ‘Conformal invariance of the Lundgren–Monin–Novikov equations for vorticity fields in 2D turbulence’
  800. Dynamics of soliton and mixed lump-soliton waves to a generalized Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko equation
  801. Lie symmetry analysis, invariant subspace method and q-homotopy analysis method for solving fractional system of single-walled carbon nanotube
  802. Exploiting the Pascal distribution series and Gegenbauer polynomials to construct and study a new subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions
  803. Analysis of blood flow characteristics in fractal vascular network based on the time fractional order
  804. Mathematical study of electroosmotically driven peristaltic flow of Casson fluid inside a tube having systematically contracting and relaxing sinusoidal heated walls
  805. Vibrational and stochastic resonances in driven nonlinear systems
  806. Solving localized wave solutions of the derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation using an improved PINN method
  807. Travelling wave solutions of the general regularized long wave equation
  808.  Random fields in physics, biology and data science
  809. Hyers-Ulam stability for linear quaternion-valued differential equations with constant coefficient
  810.  Ro-vibrational energies of cesium dimer and lithium dimer with molecular attractive potential
  811.  Effects of non-locality in gravity and quantum theory
  812. Conservation laws, optical molecules, modulation instability and Painlevé analysis for the Chen–Lee–Liu model
  813. Point transformations: Exact solutions of the quantum time-dependent mass nonstationary oscillator
  814. Analysis of third-order nonlinear multi-singular Emden–Fowler equation by using the LeNN-WOA-NM algorithm
  815.  Foyjonnesa
  816.  Properties of multiplication operators on the space of functions of bounded φ-variation
  817. Photon surfaces with equipotential time slices
  818.  An introduction to analysis
  819. Translation-factorable surfaces with vanishing curvatures in Galilean 3-spaces
  820.  Math Catcher Outreach Program
  821. A cardioid domain and starlike functions
  822.  A certain q-Ruscheweyh type derivative operator and its applications involving multivalent functions
  823. The pentagonal pizza conjecture
  824. An effective computational approach and sensitivity analysis to pseudo-parabolic-type equations
  825. Mixed localized wave solutions of the Hirota equation
  826. Strong robustness and high accuracy in predicting remaining useful life of supercapacitors
  827. M-truncated optical solitons to a nonlinear Schrödinger equation describing the pulse propagation through a two-mode optical fiber
  828.  Convergence analysis for a new faster four steps iterative algorithm with an application
  829.  Solutions to the Hull–Strominger System with Torus Symmetry
  830. Hybrid learning on problem-solving abiities in physics learning: A literature review
  831. Gipergeometrik qatorlar haqida ayrim mulohazalar
  832. Clifford quantum cellular automata: Trivial group in 2D and Witt group in 3D
  833. Numerical solution of convection–diffusion–reaction equations by a finite element method with error correlation
  834. Flat self-dual gravity
  835.  A systematic and interdisciplinary review of mathematical models of language competition
  836. Meta-analysis: The relationship between self-regulated learning and mathematical critical reasoning
  837. Geodesic analysis and black hole shadows on a general non-extremal rotating black hole in five-dimensional gauged supergravity
  838. Relative binary, ternary and pseudo-binary 4D velocities in the Special Relativity: Part I. Covariant Lorentz transformation
  839. The homogeneous balance method and its applications for finding the exact solutions for nonlinear equations
  840. Conformable space-time fractional nonlinear (1+ 1)-dimensional Schrödinger-type models and their traveling wave solutions
  841. A new approach to find approximate solutions of Burger’s and coupled Burger’s equations of fractional order
  842.  Nonlocal PT-symmetric integrable equations and related Riemann–Hilbert problems
  843. Information geometry for control of some stochastic processes
  844. Approximate tensor decompositions: Disappearance of many separations
  845. Fekete-Szegö inequality for analytic and biunivalent functions subordinate to Gegenbauer polynomials
  846.  Impact of a closed space rectangular heat source on natural convective flow through triangular cavity
  847. The generalized TAP free energy II
  848. Geometric magnetic phase for timelike spherical optical ferromagnetic model
  849. Optimization in treatment planning of high dose-rate brachytherapy—Review and analysis of mathematical models
  850. Asymptotics of Fredholm determinant associated with the Pearcey kernel
  851.  Generalization of Grothendieck duality over Serre duality in 𝘥𝘦𝘨ₙ Cohen-Macauly schemes representing Calabi–Yau 3-fold on Bogomolov–Tian–Todorov …
  852.  On forms, cohomology and BV Laplacians in odd symplectic geometry
  853. Fractional system of Korteweg-De Vries equations via Elzaki transform
  854.  Physics I for dummies
  855.  Fractional mathematical modeling for epidemic prediction of COVID-19 in Egypt
  856. Interaction properties of solitons for a couple of nonlinear evolution equations
  857.  An efficient approach for solution of fractional-order Helmholtz equations
  858. Varieties of mathematical understanding
  859. Optical solitons in birefringent fibers with quadratic-cubic nonlinearity using three integration architectures
  860.  Contact geometry in superconductors and New Massive Gravity
  861. Likelihood equations and scattering amplitudes
  862. Eigenvector statistics of Lévy matrices
  864. A wavelet method for nonlinear variable-order time fractional 2D Schrödinger equation
  865. Cherenkov FEL Reaction With Plasma-Filled Cylindrical Waveguide in Fractional D-Dimensional Space
  866. Twisted Supergravity and Koszul Duality: A Case Study in AdS 3
  867. Long-Time Behaviors of Mean-Field Interacting Particle Systems Related to McKean–Vlasov Equations
  868.  Student Math Problem Solving Skills through Multi-Representation Discourse Type Cooperative Model
  869. Propagation of new dynamics of longitudinal bud equation among a magneto-electro-elastic round rod
  870. Polynomial localization of the 2d-vertex reinforced jump process
  871. A method of fundamental solutions for heat and wave propagation from lateral Cauchy data
  872.  Chemical distance in geometric random graphs with long edges and scale-free degree distribution
  873.  New solutions for the generalized resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  874. Mathematical models of the development of industrial enterprises, with the effect of lagging internal and external investments
  875. A new approach for modelling the damped Helmholtz oscillator: applications to plasma physics and electronic circuits
  876. N-soliton solutions and nonlinear dynamics for two generalized Broer–Kaup systems
  877.  Blobbed topological recursion of the quartic Kontsevich model I: Loop equations and conjectures
  878. Bounds on crossing symmetry
  879. The effect of dynamic mathematics software on mathematical problem solving ability
  880.  Corrigendum: A family of interacting particle systems pinned to their ensemble average (2021 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 54 435001)
  881. Classifying relaxed highest-weight modules for admissible-level Bershadsky–Polyakov algebras
  882. Pseudo-bosons and bi-coherent states out of
  883. Long-range entanglement from measuring symmetry-protected topological phases
  884. Inverse problem solution and spectral data characterization for the matrix Sturm–Liouville operator with singular potential
  885. Asymptotic expansions for the Lagrangian trajectories from solutions of the Navier–Stokes equations
  886.  Brownian loops, layering fields and imaginary Gaussian multiplicative chaos
  887.  Non-adaptive Heisenberg-limited metrology with multi-channel homodyne measurements
  888. Stationary distribution extinction and optimal control for the stochastic hepatitis B epidemic model with partial immunity
  889. Mirror symmetry for perverse schobers from birational geometry
  890. Music, Math, and Mind
  891.  Plenty of wave solutions to the ill-posed Boussinesq dynamic wave equation under shallow water beneath gravity
  892. Overview of ARQMath-2 (2021): second CLEF lab on answer retrieval for questions on math
  893. Soliton molecules and some novel mixed solutions for the extended Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equation
  894.  Personalized Computer Support of Performance Rates and Education Process in High School: Case Study of Engineering Students.
  895. Escape rooms in stem teaching and learning—prospective field or declining trend? A literature review
  896. A spectral approach to analyze the nonlinear oscillatory fractional-order differential equations
  897. Refinements of ostrowski type integral inequalities involving atangana–baleanu fractional integral operator
  898. Exact solutions to the Navier–Stokes equations describing stratified fluid flows
  899. A Z 2 -index of Symmetry Protected Topological Phases with Reflection Symmetry for Quantum Spin Chains
  900.  Mathematical structure of mosaic disease using microbial biostimulants via Caputo and Atangana–Baleanu derivatives
  901.  ” Math Is so Much More”: The Design, Implementation, and Outcomes of an Elective Mathematics Methods Course.
  902. Holomorphic relative Hopf modules over the irreducible quantum flag manifolds
  903. Mixed-Type Discontinuous Galerkin Approach for Solving the Generalized FitzHugh–Nagumo Reaction–Diffusion Model
  904. Dynamics of fractional Holling type-II predator-prey model with prey refuge and additional food to predator
  905. Variable-order fractional calculus: a change of perspective
  906. Optical solitons to birefringent fibers for coupled Radhakrishnan–Kundu–Lakshmanan model without four-wave mixing
  907. Noise induced suppression of spiral waves in a hybrid FitzHugh–Nagumo neuron with discontinuous resetting
  908.  Integration of the Matrix Nonlinear Schro¨ dinger Equation with a Source
  909. Mathematics self efficacy and mathematics performance in online learning
  910. Fractional Mathematical Oncology: On the potential of non-integer order calculus applied to interdisciplinary models
  911. The scaling limit of the directed polymer with power-law tail disorder
  912. The Einstein-Infeld-Hoffmann legacy in mathematical relativity I: The classical motion of charged point particles
  913. A new 4-D hyper chaotic system generated from the 3-D Rösslor chaotic system, dynamical analysis, chaos stabilization via an optimized linear feedback control, it’s …
  914.  A mathematical analysis of Casimir interactions I: The scalar field
  915. An extended (3+ 1)-dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation: Symmetry reductions, invariant solutions and dynamics of different solitary waves
  916. Prospective teachers’ thinking through realistic mathematics education based emergent modeling in fractions
  917.  Application of the clil method in the classes of inorganic chemistry