How to Write a Customer Claim Letter?

A customer claim letter contains the complaints made by customers. It is because he is dissatisfied with the services given by the company or the quality of the product he purchased. A customer claim letter should be written in a sense that can grab the attention of the company and bring better results. In this article, we will guide you on how to write a customer claim letter that provokes the company to find the solution to your concerned problem

Remember, the purpose of your claim letter should only be to resolve your problem rather than to create a problem for the company or organization. It should not be threatening or ironic. The claim letter must be straightforward and focus on the main point.

Before starting this letter, do some important things to make your letter more authentic and valid, and valuable like:

  • Record the particular events

Whether you are going to complain about a product you purchased, services, or the behavior of a company’s employees, must record the situation or facts. This record will show that you have proof of your complaint. It must include the name of the product or employee, date, time, location, or any other relevant information.

  • Find the recipient

Remember, never make a mistake by sending your email to the general inbox and mentioning “to whom it may concern”. Rather, identify the concerned person to receive the claim letter otherwise it will never be read. It is better to contact the company’s headquarters and check who handles these types of concerns. You can also contact them through the company’s website.

  • Basics
  • Write your name, address, and contact number.
  • Write your account number in case of having an account with that company
  • Write the product name along with its model or serial number.
  • Mention the place and date of purchase.
  • Tell the story
  • Mention your problem briefly.
  • Write concisely about the efforts you made to resolve your problem and why you are writing this claim letter.
  • Tell the company what do you want
  • Write the solution like repair or exchange the product, store credit, or refund. You can also ask the company to find a solution.
  • If you are attaching the required documents along with the claim letter, list them. Make sure to keep original documents and send them copies.
  • Be reasonable
  • Mention a specific time you will wait for them to take some action against the claim letter.
  • Mention your next step if they don’t take any action. For example, you can report it to the attorney general, consumer protection office, or a better business bureau.
  • File your complaint
  • In order to file your complaint, send your letter through certified mail and get a copy of the receipt.
  • If you are going to file your complaint online, must take a screenshot or print the screen before submitting it.

How to draft a customer claim letter

Below are the steps you can follow while drafting your claim letter:

  1. Stay focused on the purpose of writing your claim letter
  2. Describe the situation
  3. Include details concisely
  4. Request to resolve your problem
  5. Provide your contact information through which they can reach you
  6. Attach relevant documents as a proof
  7. Proofread claim letter before sending
  8. Make a proper format of the letter

Example of the customer claim letter.


Florida, America





Respected sir,

I want to complain about a freckle cream with serial number 2126. I purchased it on 20-Apr-2022 from your store.

I am complaining about this product because there are severe side effects of this cream. I applied it to my face and within a week, my skin became started burning due to sensitivity. So, I want you to refund the money I paid for it.

First, I contacted the store where I purchased it but nothing was done to resolve my problem. I consider this unfair because the company claims to accept all the complaints made by the customers. Now, along with a refund, I want a written statement that can prove your company as one of the good companies.

I want you to respond to this letter as soon as possible within a week. Otherwise, I will complain to the consumer agencies so that they take action against my complaint. I am attaching copies of the receipt. I hope you will contact me within the given time.


Ali Khan

CC: local consumer group

ATT: List or attach the documentation of your complaint


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