Letter for water supply problem

Letter for water supply problem


Street no.2 Islamabad

[email protected].


Date: 15.08.202

Sir Qayyum,

Water supply Department


Subject: Urgent Attention Required for Water Supply Issue

Respected sir,

Respected sir, I am writing this letter to you to express my growing concern regarding the persistent water supply problem that my community has been experiencing over the past few months.

Our community has always been dependent on a consistent and reliable water supply, which is essential for daily activities, hygiene and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, recent events have highlighted a significant decline in the efficiency and availability of our water supply. The residents are suffering a great deal of inconvenience and hardship as a result of these frequent interruptions and low water pressure.

We understand that water supply systems can occasionally face difficulties, but the persistent water supply issues are deeply concerning. Many of us are facing trouble in meeting our most basic daily needs. This situation is not only affecting our daily lives, but it also raises concerns about the sustainability and effectiveness of the water distribution infrastructure.


In light of these challenges, I kindly request you to take following actions:

  1. Immediate Investigation: A thorough investigation of the Water Utility Department should be conducted to root the causes of the water supply problems in our community. Identifying the underlying issues will be essential for finding long-lasting solutions of this problem.
  2. Regular Communication: Timely and transparent communication about the progress of resolving the water supply issues is essential. Regular updates will help to keep residents informed and it also reduces the anxiety among them.
  3. Short-Term measures: While the investigation is ongoing, it would be greatly appreciated if temporary measures could be implemented to lessen the water supply disruptions. This could include adjustments to the distribution schedule.
  4. Long-Term Solutions: Once the root causes have been identified, I request you that the Water Utility Department works attentively to implement effective and long lasting solutions to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future again. This might involve infrastructure upgrades, maintenance, or may involve policy changes.

Our community is looking to the Water Utility Department to address these concerns promptly and effectively. I think we can find solutions that not only restore our dependable water supply but also increase the overall resilience of our water distribution system by working together and interacting with the residents. I admire your concern for this issue and your dedication to servingĀ our community.

Thank you for your understanding and rapid action in resolving this persistent issue.


Ali hamza


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