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Conversation about Business [Dialogue]

First of all, we will shed light on some principles of conversation apart from the traditional conversation in business communication.

Sharing conversations is about finding balance. You don’t want to dominate the conversation, but you don’t want to be silent the whole time either. Find a healthy way to give everyone a chance to share, listen and collaborate, listening to others with passion! First of all, when you are listening to someone, focus on them, don’t get lost in your thoughts or use your phone, and don’t get distracted. Give them the attention you want if they are listening to you. When they speak, let them know they have your attention. Make eye contact, and listen carefully when they speak.

Although it can be tempting, try to avoid small details that add no real value. Revisiting random content over and over again can be a quick way to lose people’s interest.

Be careful when having any type of discussion in the workplace. Feel free to express yourself when you agree with someone. But whenever you disagree, keep your response low-key and polite.

Example of Business Conversation

Jackson: I would like to inform you about this new medicine that we are going to launch, actually it is new research on liver disorder which is being developed with the cooperation of a medical experienced researcher from the United States of America. It has an introductory price of $40.What steps do we need to take to market Medicines?

Robert: It seems to me that you have a lot of planning for the launch of Medicine, we should start by getting the marketing team and the advertising companies together. I suggest that you first promote this product to the public through electronic media and social media so that people know about it before it comes to the market.

Jackson: You should complete the marketing work in a week so that the team does not need much time, we have to make our product reach the medical store and access the doctors. Symposiums and lectures have been arranged, and next week the product will be introduced to the team of doctors.

Robert: It’s ok and fine.

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