Types of Solid State Storage Devices and Advantages 

Types of Solid State Storage Devices and Advantages

solid-state storage devices are the type of computer storage devices that store data electronically and that has no moving parts .solid storage devices are made from Silicon microchip. All solid storage devices have no moving part solid storage devices required less power and they produce less heat than hard disk and other storage devices

Solid-state devices are mostly found in three types solid-state card solid-state drive solid-state module.

Why we use solid-state devices?

The solid-state storage device technology is new nowadays Technology improved enterprises today CPU process data much faster than hard disk drive storage can supply it. The solid-state storage devices have 0 seek time. It doesn’t matter where the data is stored it is much faster than the hard disk drive especially for random read-write operations solid-state has much better performance when it comes to sequential read-write operations.

Advantage of the solid-state storage devices

  1. solid-state storage devices do not have any moving parts that’s why they are more reliable.
  2. Solid-state storage devices handle a more complicated situation where the traditional hard drive can fail.
  3. The data rate of read-write operation is very high because solid-state storage devices do not need to move drive head of the drive like in the case of the traditional l hard disk drive that’s why the read-write time is very increased.
  4. Solid State storage devices have much better performance over the traditional hard disk drive
  5. Use the less power
  6. Solid-state storage devices provide a benefit in a web hosting in the load time of your website. The website hosted on a server within solid-state storage devices 2-5 X faster than website hosted on a server with hard disk drive storage.
  7. Solid-state storage devices are very easy to use.

Types of solid-state storage devices

The following type of solid-state storage devices

  1. Flash memory
  2. USB memory stick
  3. Memory cards
  4. Smart cards
  5. Multimedia card
  6. Memory stick media

Flash Memory

Flash memory is the type of EEPROM that stands for electronic erasable Programmable read-only memory. Flash memory is nonvolatile Mein contact cannot lose even given the power is Cut off. The data stored on flash memory can be erased are change by using Electronical Technology.

flash memory can be found in many data storage devices

USB Memory Stick

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. it is also known as a thumb drive.

it is a portable storage media that used for transferring data from one place to another. Memory stick or nonvolatile Random Access storage devices. All these devices have some small memory called flash memory connected to the USB interface When you plug into your computer and it appears as a drive. After connecting with your computer you can erase it, delete it etc you can use it for moving any type of file between the computer. it is the cheapest storage device you can buy or 16GB memory for just a few dollars.

Memory  Card

Many of our digital devices like our mobile phone MP3 player camera report on nonvolatile data storage memory cards are mostly used to store a variety of data in the mobile phone and different cameras MP3 player they are available in different storage spaces and in different type variety of shape. One of the most popular cards used by Digital Camera is called the SD card. Memory Card is used to storing images in digital format.

our mobile phone contains a subscriber identity module call sim card that contains the phone number text messages etc.

our different images and videos we also use the different memory cards available in a different storage space like 2GB 4 GB 8GB etc.

Smart card

The smart card is also called the door entry card chip and PIN card.

This software used in satellite TV cards etc. They have limited storage space. This is the more reliable storage media card with flash memory are called smart card.

Multimedia card

It provides solid-state storage  In a package amount the size of 2GB comes. It was initially used in mobile phone and MP3 player multimedia card reader electronic very simple and very inexpensive.

  1. Memory Stick Media

It is an elongated flash memory card about the width of penny development by Sony. Memory stick media comes in capacity from 4 Mb in 1GB. Sony also sells a new flash memory cards called memory stick Duo.