Comparison of Viruses Malware, Worm and Trojan


It is software that is harmful to a system. And it is unwanted software that disturbs computer. And don’t allow the computer to run properly.

There are 3 types of malware.

  1. Virus
  2. Worm
  3. Trojan


When a computer executes, it makes a copy of itself. and where it executes it to make it own file and own code there. One virus makes more child viruses and it continues.

It attaches to the programme. It doesn’t disturb the computer until that programme run.

Classification of the virus

1          Malicious

2          Neutral

3          Helpful

Malicious Virus

  • It can destroy data or it can destroy the security of data. Share secure data with unauthorized people.
  • It can block internet channels or block data sending and receiving.
  • It makes the processor busy. The work running on processor takes more time.

Neutral Virus

  • It shows the annoying message but it doesn’t harm to data.
  • It works against harmful viruses. It travels from one system to another.

Helpful Virus

  • The helpful virus is not harmful to the computer. It works against the harmful virus. It spread by itself from one system to another.

The virus did not run alone it attaches itself with a programme. Whenever programme runs it executes.

Trojan horse

It runs alone without any software.

They seem to something interesting and it talks about the user interest but when it executes. Disturb all the result and data.


It is sub-programme of the virus. It is the same as the virus but the virus spreads when a programme runs where the virus is attached. But worm runs without running a programme. It makes the child itself.

How to protect system form malware.

  1. Don’t download a pirated version of any software or game.
  2. don’t click on ads
  3. Install an antivirus.
  4. Always turn on the firewall.
  5. don’t open unauthorized Emails.
  6. don’t download from an unknown source.

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