Types of printer

Types of printer


The printer is an output device. It is used to print character graphics on paper through the ink. The output of the printer is called hard copy output. There are different types of printer. The most common types of printer are as follows

  1. Impact printer
  2. Non-impact printer
  3. Impact printer

Impact printers

The impact printer is the oldest type of printer. They used the oldest technology for printing. The impact printer works like a typewriter machine.

It prints character and graphics through striking a print hammer or set of pins against an inked ribbon. The ink is pressed by ink ribbon on the paper to create output. The impact printers are very cheap they usually used where low-cost printing is required. They produced lots of noise during printing. There are different types of impact printers are used. The most common types of impact printer are as follow.

  • Dot-matrix printer
  • Daisy wheel printer
  • Line printer

Dot-matrix printer

It is a type of impact printer. They produce output through tiny pins on print head strike an ink ribbon. When the ribbon pressed against the paper, it creates small dots that form a graphic or character.

The speed of the dot matrix printer is 200 to 300 characters per minute. These printers do not provide high-quality output. The printing cost is very cheap but they produce lots of noise during printing.

Daisy wheel printer

The daisy wheel is a non-impact printer. It is similar to a typewriter. It used a wheel. This wheel is called a daisy wheel. Evey Patel of the daisy wheel has characters.

There is one motor that rotates the wheel. A hammer strike a wheel petal against an ink ribbon when the desired character reached the position on paper.

These printers are batter in quality but slower in speed than dot matrix printer. They are also less expensive.

Line printer

A line printer is also a type of impact printer. It prints one line at a time that’s what it is called line printer. Its speed measure in line per minute (lap).

Many line printer print 300 lines per minute. These printer batter in speed than daisy wheel and also provide batter quality. There are two types of line printer is used.

  • Band printer prints characters by striking a hammer on a routing horizontal hand. it has the shape of different characters and graphics.
  • The chain printer is the same as the band printer. It has a complete set of characters on different parts of the chain. The chain rotates at high speed. The paper and ribbon are located between the hammer and chain. When the chain rotates the hammer strike when paper characters are in front of the print position.

Non-impact printers

Non-impact printer prints graphics and character on paper without striking a paper. This printer used different technologies to print characters like laser technology, some used spray ink and while others used to heat and pressure to produce output. These printers provide batter quality than impact printer. They produce no noise during printing.

There are mint types of non-impact printers are available. The followings are the main types of non-impact printer.

  • Laser printer
  • Ink-jet printer
  • Thermal printer

Laser printer

LaserJet Printers

Laser stands for Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. This is the most common type of non-impact printer. These printers used LASER technology to print character and graphics on paper. Laser throws magnetic metrical powder on paper in the form of dots. The density of these dots is 300 dots per inch.

This powder is called toner. The printing speed of the laser printer is 5 to 300 pages per minute (ppm).  The laser printer provides a very high-quality output.

These printers are also called page printers because they print one page at a time. These printers are most costly they mostly used for business purposes. They are much faster than the daisy wheel and dot matrix printer.

Ink-jet printer

InkJet Printers

An ink-jet printer is a type of non-impact printer.it prints character, graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink on paper. This printer can produce quality

Text and graphics in both black and white colors. This printer can print 1 to 6 pages per minute. The printing quality of this printer is very high. This printer is mostly

Used two cartridges one cartridge.

It contains white color and the other contains black. This printer is less expensive than a laser printer.

Thermal printer

These printers use heat technology for printing. They heat to transfer colures dyes or ink to the paper. These printers are the best color printer. This printer is very expensive. These printers mostly used in labs and for scientific use.

  1. HP
  2. canon 
  3. Brother