Characteristics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer

Computers have revolutionized our life. By digitalizing everything. Now it is easy for us to handle a lot of matters so easily. It is a wonderful device that saves our time and struggle and makes our work done accurately in no time.

The characteristics of a computer are based on its capacity, size, and specifications. In this article, we will talk about some of the major characteristics that make the computer a reliable device.

  1. Speed

Speed is a great characteristic of a computer. It can process for any task so fast and provide us the output as result in seconds. A computer can receive and process trillions of instructions within seconds which makes it incredible. it helps us to accomplish our digital tasks in minimum time. You can measure the speed of a computer in nanoseconds and microseconds.

  1. Accuracy

This is the incredible characteristic of a computer that the level of its accuracy is very high. It can perform 100% calculations. The error can occur only because if you mistakenly give it inaccurate input data. Otherwise, there is no chance for any error in computer output. It has made it easy for us to calculate large data within seconds rather we doing it manually and making mistakes again and again.

  1. Versatility

The computer has the ability of versatility. It means that it can perform different types of works at the same time with accuracy and efficiency. For example, on one side, you can make bills or invoices, at the same time, you can use it for multimedia tasks or any other purpose.

  1. Reliability

Reliability is another characteristic of a computer. It gives consistent output or results for similar data. For example, if you give the same input many times, you will get the same output.

  1. Consistency

The computer is a consistent device that never gets tired despite the heavy workload. It has the great power that you can use it for your tasks continuously. There is no time limit after that it becomes unable to work even gets slow.

  1. Memory

A computer device has a built-in memory that is called primary memory. That is saved in RAM (random access memory). It stores here instant data immediately and holds it till the computer is on and connected to a power source. When you shut down your computer, the data is erased. Moreover, the computer has also secondary memory like ROM (read-only memory, virtual memory, cache memory, etc.

  1. Storage capacity

A computer can store your data as well. In fact, the storage capacity of the latest computers is more than earlier computers. Furthermore, you can also store your data in secondary devices like floppies, external drivers, etc. you can keep the devices separate from your computer and connect them to other computers as well. Whenever you need your data, the computer can retrieve it quickly from the storage devices due to its incredible speed. The storage capacity of a computer is measured in Tera-Bytes (TB), Peta-Bytes (PB), and Giga-Bytes (GB).

  1. Remembrance power

The computer has the great power to store your data and information for as long as you want. You can recall this data easily whenever you need it. This data is stored in the secondary storage devices and you can retrieve it when you want. Now, it is your choice how much data you want to store on your computer.

  1. Automation

You can use your computer to automate your routine tasks without manual intervention. For this, a task scheduler will help you like you can install specific software or application, scan for viruses, send an email. In addition, you can also program your computer to perform other complex tasks as well according to your requirements. The computer can maintain daily tasks automatically such as security scanning, software updates, system diagnostics, etc.

A computer is not fully dependent on its user, rather it proceeds with the task automatically until it completes. It executes your instructions and if any error occurs, the computer creates an appropriate error message and informs you about the error.


In the end, we can say that computer has become the need of our everyday life. It has converted our works from complex to simple. Now, we can’t imagine completing our digital tasks without this outstanding device. It has made us able to utilize minimum time and get our work done in no time.