Communication skills Multiple Choice Questions Answers

“Communication skills MCQs” is a set of important MCQs on communication skills.

  1. Communication Skills Course Contents
  2. Communication skills MCQs
  3. Verbal, Non-verbal Communication MCQs
  4. Important MCQs of Technical Report Writing
  5. Memos MCQs
  6. Letter Writing and Drafting MCQs 
  7. Types of Letters MCQs
  8. Internet and Email MCQs
  9. Parts Of Business Letter MCQs
  10. Repeated MCQs of Technical Report Writing
  11. CV or Resume Writing MCQs
  12. Cover Letter MCQs
  13. Application Writing MCQs

Useful Tutorials on Communication skills

  1. Types of Report Writing
  2. Examples of Report Writing on an Event
  3. How to Write a memo (Memorandum)?
  4. How to Write a Vision Statement?
  5. How to Write Mission Statement?
  6. How to Write Goals and Objectives Statement?

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