Scheme of Study

Scheme of Study

Here, we are representing a list of different degree programs offered in the universities all around the world. This is very helpful for you, especially if you want to get an admission in a new class.







BSCE Bachelor In Computer Engineering


Ph.D. Computer Engineering


MSCE Masters In Computer Sciences

MS data science

MS Data Science


Ph.D. Computer Science


MSCS MS Computer Science


BBA Bachelor in Business Administration


MBA 1.5 Year


MBA 2 Year


BS Software Engineering


MS Software Engineering


Ph.D. Software Engineering

EE Electronics

Electrical Engineering (Electronics)

EE Telecom

Electrical Engineering (Telecom)


MS Electrical Engineering


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

BS Botany

Bachelors in Botany

MSC Botany

MSc in Botany

M.Phil Botany

MPhil in Botany

BS Physics

BS in Physics


BS Mechanical Engineering

BSCE Civil Engineering

BSCE Bachelors in Civil Engineering

MSc. Physics

MSc in Physics

M.Phil Physics

MPhil in Physics

PH.D Physics

Ph.D. in Physics

BS Statistics

BS Statistics

BSC Agriculture

BSc Agriculture

MSC Agriculture

MSc Agriculture

BS Zology

BS Zoology

MSC Zology

MSc Zology

M.Phil Zology

M.phil Zoology


MS Computer Science (MSCS) 

Core compulsory courses of Computer Science.

Core compulsory courses of computer science

Elective courses of Computer Science.

Elective courses of computer science

Core compulsory courses of Information Technology.

Core Compulsory Courses of Information Technology

Elective courses of Computer Science.

Elective Courses of Information Technology

Courses of PH.D Zology.

Semester Wise Courses Of Ph.D. Zology

Core compulsory courses of Botany.

Core Compulsory Subject of Botany

Core compulsory courses of Master in data management.

Core compulsory courses of Master data management

Core compulsory courses of Bachelors in Business administration.

Core Compulsory Courses of Bachelors Business Administration

Core compulsory courses of  masters in Business administration.

Core compulsory courses of Masters Business Administration

Courses of Ph.D International Relations.

Semester Wise Courses Of Ph.D. International Relations

Courses of Ph.D International Relations.

Semester Wise Courses Of MA International Relations

Courses of Ph.D Political Sciences

Semester Wise Courses Of Ph.D. Political Sciences

Courses of MS/MPhil Political Science.

Semester Wise Courses Of  MS/M.Phil Political Sciences

Courses of BS Political Sciences.

Semester Wise Courses Of  BS Political Sciences

Courses of  DVM.

Semester Wise Courses Of DVM

Courses of BS Geography.

Semester Wise Courses Of BS Geography

Courses of MA Education.

Semester Wise Courses Of M.A. Education Islamic

Courses of BS food technology.

Semester Wise Courses Of BS Food Technology

Courses of bachelors in social sciences.

Semester Wise Courses Of Bachelor in Social Sciences

Courses of Ph.D Environmental Sciences.

Semester Wise Courses Of Ph.D. Environmental Sciences

Courses of MS Environmental Sciences.

Semester Wise Courses Of MS Environmental Sciences

Courses of BS Environmental Sciences..

Semester Wise Courses Of BS Environmental Sciences

Courses of LLB 5 Years

Semester wise Courses of master Wise Courses Of LLB 5 Years

Courses of BSCE.

Semester Wise Courses Of BSCE Bachelor In Computer Sciences

Courses of DPT.

Semester Wise Courses Of DPT


Fine Arts Courses List

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