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Semester Wise Courses Of BSCE Bachelor In Computer Sciences

Semester Wise Courses Of BSCE Bachelor In Computer Engineering

This list of courses (Subjects) of Bachelor In Computer Engineering (BSCE) is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Semester 1

Pre ReqCourse CodeCourse TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
NoneCSC-110Computing Fundamentals213
NoneEEN-110Linear Circuit Analysis314
NoneGSC-110Applied Calculus & Analytical Geometry303
NoneGSC-113Applied Physics314
NoneENG-103Functional English202
Islamic Studies (For Muslims) Ethics (For Non-Muslims)202
Total15+3 = 18


Semester 2

Course TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
NoneCEN-120Digital Logic Design314
NoneCSC-113Computer Programming314
NoneGSC-121Linear Algebra303
GSC-113EEN-210Basic Electronics314
NoneHSS-120Communication Skills303
NonePAK-101Pakistan Studies202
Total17+3 = 20

Semester 3

Course TitleTheoryLabTotal
CSC-113CSC-210Object Oriented Programming314
GSC-110GSC-210Differential Equations303
NoneCEN-210Computer Applications in
Engineering Design
NoneGSC-221Discrete Mathematics303
CEN-120CEN-221Computer Architecture & Organization314
Total14+3 = 17

Semester 4

Pre-ReqCourse CodeCourse TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
EEN-110EEN-211Electrical Network Analysis314
CE Depth Elective I314
CSC-210CSC-221Data Structures & Algorithms314
GSC-110GSC-220Complex Variables & Transforms303
CSC-210CSC-220Database Management Systems314
Total15+4 = 19

Semester 5

Pre-ReqCourse CodeCourse TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
GSC-210GSC-320Numerical Analysis303
GSC-220EEN-313Signals & Systems314
CE Depth Elective II314
CEN-221CEN-321Microprocessor & Interfacing314
CSC-221CSC-320Operating Systems314

Semester 6

Pre-ReqCourse CodeCourse TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
NoneGSC-122Probability & Statistics303
NoneCEN-222Data Communication & Networking314
CE Depth Elective III314
NoneHSS-320Technical Writing & Presentation Skills303
CE Depth Elective IV314

Semester 7

Pre-ReqCourse CodeCourse TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
NoneESC-498Project I033
NoneHSS-411Engineering Economics &
CE Depth Elective V314
Total9+4 = 13

Semester 8

Pre-ReqCourse CodeCourse TitleTheoryLabTotal CR
ESS-499Project II033
NoneHSS-421Entrepreneurship & Leadership303
NoneHSS-422Engineering Ethics303
Total9+4 = 13
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