Semester Wise Courses Of (MSCS) MS Computer Science

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Semester Wise Courses Of MS Computer Science (MSCS)

This list of courses (Subjects) MS Data Science (MSCS) is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC-503 Advanced Theory of Computation 3
CSC-521 Advanced Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
ESC-701 Research Methodology 3
XXX-XXX Elective-I 3
XXX-XXX Elective-II 3
XXX-XXX Elective-III 3
XXX-XXX Elective-IV 3
XXX-XXX Elective-V 3
Thesis-I/Elective 3
XXX-XXX Elective-VI 3
Thesis-II/Elective 3


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