Semester Wise Courses Of   MPhil in Botany

Semester Wise Courses Of   MPhil in Botany

This list of courses (Subjects) Semester Wise Courses Of   MPhil in Botany is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.


  • Essentials of Molecular Biology
  • Advances in Plant Pathology
  • Principles of Plant Tissue and Cell Culture
  • Advances in Plant Biotechnology
  • Economic Botany
  • Plant Microbe Interaction
  • Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility
  • Bio-degradation and Bio remediation
  • Advances in Plant Biotechnology
  • Advances in Research Techniques
  • Advances in Salinity and Water logging
  • Principles of Phytomedicines
  • Thesis

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