Semester Wise Courses of BSCS Bachelor in Computer Science

Semester Wise Courses of BSCS Bachelor in Computer Science

This list of courses(Subjects) of Bachelor in Computer Science (BSCS ) is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Semester 1

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
ASC100Pre Calculus3None
ASC102Applied Physics4None
HMT105Pakistan & Islamic Studies3None
HMT101English – I3None
CSC101Introduction to Computer Science & Programming4None

Semester 2

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
ASC203Discrete Mathematics3ASC100
CSC102Computer Programming4CSC101
ASC101Calculus – I3ASC100
ACT211Principles of Accounting3None
HMT102English – II3HMT101

Semester 3

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
ASC341Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis3ASC 101
CSC212Digital Logic Design4None
CSC211Data Structures and Algorithms4CSC102
ASC201Calculus – II3ASC101

Semester 4

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
CSC205Object Oriented Programming4CSC211
CSC311Theory of Automata3None
CSC242Computer Architecture4CSC212
ASC304Probability Statistics3ASC101
CSC313Data Communication Networks4CSC211

Semester 5

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
CSC441Design & Analysis of Algorithms3CSC 211
CSC351Software Engineering-I3CSC102
CSC342Operating Systems4CSC211
CSC 385Database Management System4CSC205
HMT311Language Proficiency3HMT102

Semester 6

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
Technical Elective-I3None
Technical Elective-II3None
Technical Elective-III3None
CSC428Intro to Artificial Inteligence4CSC385
HMT401Research Methods & Skills3None

Semester 7

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
Free Elective – I3None
Technical Elective-IV3None
Technical Elective-V3None
CSC417Compiler Construction3CSC311
CSC499Final Project I3HMT401

Semester 8

CodeCourse TitleCrHrPre-Requisite
Technical Elective – VI3None
Technical Elective – VII3
MGT201Principles of Management3None
Free Elective – II3
CSC499Final Project – II3CSC499-Final Project I

Technical Electives

(Choose any five courses) : 15 CrHr
CodeCourse TitleCrHr
CSC442Oracle Programming3
CSC425Distributed Database3
CSC395Java Programming3
CSC413Advanced Operating System3
CSC412Advanced Network Security3
CSC411Concept of Programming Language3
CSC415Advanced Computer Network3
CSC463Neural Networks3
CSC393Internet Concept3
TLC301Intro to Digital Signal Processing3
CSC427Parallel Processing3
CSC493Special topics in computer3
TLC462Integrated Services over IP3
TLC493Special Topics in Communication3
TLC443Digital Image Processing3
TLC466Wireless Communications3
TLC481Microprocessor Interfacing3
TLC483Embedded Systems3
CSC444System Programming3
CSC452Software Engineering-II3
CSC 481Mobile Application Development3
CSC 487Advanced Software Development3
CSC 486Database Management System II3
CSC 374Visual Programming Languages3
CSC 432Computer Graphics & Animation3
CSC 490Computer Vision3


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