Semester Wise Courses Of BS Environmental Sciences

Semester Wise Courses Of BS Environmental Sciences

This list of courses (Subjects) Semester Wise Courses of BS Environmental Sciences is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Semester 1 (First Year)

Course Title
Pakistan Studies


Introduction to Environmental Sciences Physics

Introduction to Computers

Fundamentals of Biology  OR

Fundamentals of Mathematics

Islamic Studies



Semester 2

Course Title

Environmental Biology


Fundamentals of Geography & Geomorphology

Physical & General Geology

Calculus & Analytical Geometry


Semester 3(Second Year)

Course Title
Oral Communication

Fundamentals of Ecology

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Issues

Introduction to Oceanography

Introduction to IR

Introduction to Media Studies


Semester 4


Course Title
Social theory of Environment

Environmental Microbiology

Applied Ecology

Introduction to Climate Change


Introduction to Psychology or

Introduction to Anthropology


Summer Semester

Course Title
Environmental Sciences Field Work + Report  

Semester 5 (Third year)

Course Title
Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Management System

Environmental Biotechnology

Environmental Geology

Analytical Techniques in Environmental Science



Semester 6

Course Title
Environmental  & Natural Resource Economics

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Hazards & Management

Remote Sensing and GIS for Environment

Solid Waste Management


Semester 7 (Fourth Year)

Course Title
Pollution Control Technology

Environmental Impacts Assessment

Natural Resource Management

Research Methods in Environmental  Sciences



Semester 8

Course Title
Occupational Health and Safety

Environmental Policies & Law

Energy and Environment


Comprehensive Viva Voce




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