Semester Wise Courses Of DPT

Semester Wise Courses Of DPT

This list of courses (Subjects) Semester Wise Courses of DPT is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Semester I

Sr. #Course Credit Hours
1Anatomy I4
2Physiology I3
3Kinesiology I3
4English I3
5Pakistan Studies2
6Biostatics I3
Sr. #Course Credit Hours
1Anatomy II4
2Physiology II3
3Kinesiology II3
4English II (Communication Skills)3
5Islamic Studies / Ethics2
6Biostatics II / University Optional3

Semester III

 Sr. #Course Credit Hours
1English III (Technical Writhing & Professional Skills)3
2Introduction to Computer3
3Anatomy III3
4Physiology III3
5Biomechanics & Ergonomics3
6Biochemistry & Genetics I2

Semester IV

 Sr. #Course Credit Hours
1Anatomy IV3
2Biomechanics & Ergonomics II3
3Behavioral Sciences (Psychiatry & Psychology)3
4Biochemistry & Genetics II2
5Exercise Physiology3
6Medical Physics3

Semester V

 Sr. #Course Credit Hours
1Pathology and Microbiology I2
2Pharmacology I3
3Physical agents & Electrotherapy I3
4Therapeutic exercises and techniques3
6Health & wellness2
7Supervised clinical practice I3

Semester VI

 Sr. #CourseCredit Hours
1Pathology & Microbiology II3
2Pharmacology II2
3Physical agents & Electrotherapy II3
4Manual Therapy3
5Technical Methodology & community medicine3
6Supervised clinical practice II3

Semester VII

 Sr. #CourseCredit Hours
1Medicine I3
2Surgery I3
3Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging3
4Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy3
5Human growth, Development & Community based Rehabilitation2
6Supervised clinical practice III3

Semester VIII

 Sr. #CourseCredit Hours
1Medicine II3
2Surgery II3
3Neurological Physical Therapy3
4Evidence based Practice3
5Prosthetics & Orthotics2
6Supervised clinical practice IV3

Semester IX

 Sr. #CourseCredit Hours
1Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy3
2Emergency Procedures & Primary care in Physical Therapy2
3Clinical Decision Making & Differential Diagnosis3
4Scientific Inquiry & Research Methodology3
5Professional Practice(Law, Ethics, Administration)2
6Integumentary Physical Therapy2
7Supervised Clinical Practice V3

Semester X

 Sr. #Course Credit Hours
1Obstetrics & Gynecological Physical Therapy2
2Pediatric Physical Therapy2
3Gerontology & Geriatric Physical Therapy2
4Sports Physical Therapy2
5Supervised Clinical Practice VI4
6Research Project6