Semester Wise Courses Of  BSc Agriculture

Semester Wise Courses Of  BSc Agriculture

This list of courses (Subjects) Bsc Agriculture is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.


Course No.Title of the CourseCourse TypeCredit Hours
Fourth Semester
(A minimum of 20 students will be required to offer an Elective Course)
PP-202Introductory Plant PathologyFC3(2-1)
PP-204Introduction to Plant PathogensElective2(1-1)
Fifth Semester
(Students will opt. for 5 Credit hours from Elective courses  in respective major subject)
PP-301Introductory Mycology4(3-1)Major4(3-1)
PP-303Introductory Plant Nematology3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-305Introduction to Prokaryotes3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-307Introduction to Plant Viruses3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-309Abiotic Diseases of Plants2(1-1)Major2(1-1)
Sub-Total Credit Hours                                                           15(10-05)
PP-311Microbial Culture, Identification and Preservation3(1-2)Elective3(1-2)
PP-313Biological Control of Plant Pathogens3(2-1)Elective3(2-1)
PP-315Genesis of Phytopathological Concepts2(2-0)Elective2(2-0)
PP-317Economic Epiphytotics and their Management2(1-1)Elective2(1-1)
Total Credit Hours                                                                    20
Sixth Semester
(Students will opt. for 5 Credit hours from Elective courses  in respective major subject)
PP-304Diseases of Field Crops4(3-1)Major4(3-1)
PP-306Diseases of  Horticultural Crops3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-308Range and Forest Pathology2(1-1)Major2(1-1)
PP-310Plant Disease Epidemiology3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
Sub-Total Credit Hours                                                          15(10-05)
PP-312Biology and Cultivation of Edible Fungi3(2-1)Elective3(2-1)
PP-314Histopathology of Diseased Plants3(2-1)Elective3(1-2)
PP-316Air pollutants, Sewage Effluents and Crop Health2(1-1)Elective2(1-1)
PP-318Fungal Biotechnology2(1-1)Elective2(1-1)
Total Credit Hours                                                                     20
Seventh Semester
(Students will opt. for 2 Credit hours from Elective courses  in respective major subject)
PP-401Plant Disease Management3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-403Diagnostic Plant Pathology4(2-2)Major4(2-2)
PP-405Post-Harvest Pathology3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-407Plant Resistance to Diseases3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-409Molecular Plant Pathology3(2-1)Major3(2-1)
PP-411Preparation of Research Projects and Scientific Writing2(1-1)Major2(1-1)
Sub-Total Credit Hours                                                           18(11-7)
PP-413Use of various Equipments in Plant Pathology2(1-1)Elective2(1-1)
PP-415Physiological Plant Pathology2(1-1)Elective2(1-1)
Total Credit Hours                                                                    20
Eighth Semester
PP-412Internship and External Evaluation10(0-10)Major 10(0-10)
Total Credit Hours                                                                    10





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