Semester Wise Courses Of  (BSCE) Bachelors in Civil Engineering

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Semester Wise Courses Of  (BSCE) Bachelors in Civil Engineering

This list of courses (Subjects)  (BSCE) Bachelors in Civil Engineering is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Semester 1


Islamic & Pak Studies/ Ethics

Construction Materials

Civil Engineering Drawing

English Communication Skills


Semester 2

Elementary Surveying

Engineering Mechanics

Applied Electricity

Computer Programming

Semester 3

Surveying and GIS-RS Applications

Mechanics of Materials

Fluid Mechanics-I

Engineering Geology


Semester 4

Civil Engineering Construction & Graphics

Project & Contract Management Elementary Structural Analysis

Geotechnical Engineering-I

Numerical Analysis

Islamic & Pak Studies/Ethics

Semester 5

Construction Management

Structural Analysis

Geotechnical Engineering-II

Steel Structures

Engineering Hydrology

Semester 6

Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I

Structural Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics-II

Environmental Engineering-I

Semester 7

Plain Reinforced Concrete-II

Transportation Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Environmental Engineering-II


Semester 8

Structural Engineering

Irrigation Engineering

Design of Structures


Pavement & Foundation Engineering

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