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Elective courses of computer science

Table of Contents

Elective courses of computer science

University Electives Courses (18/136)
25MGT-322Financial Accounting3 (3-0)
26MGT-351Introduction to Marketing3 (3-0)
27MGT-411Introduction to Management3 (3-0)
28MGT-515Introduction to Human Resource Management3 (3-0)
29MGT-525MGT-322Introduction to Financial Management3 (3-0)
30MGT-512Introduction to Organizational Behaviour3 (3-0)
31PSY-600Psychology3 (3-0)
32ECON-301Introduction to Economics3 (3-0)
33SSH-304International Relations3 (3-0)
34SSH-305Foreign Languages3 (3-0)
35SSH-306Introduction to Philosophy3 (3-0)
36MGT-543Introduction to Management Information Systems3 (3-0)
General Education Courses (19/136)
37ENG-305English Comprehension3 (3-0)
38ENG-315Technical and Business Writing3 (3-0)
39ENG-325Communication Skills3 (3-0)
40SSH-303Professional Ethics3 (3-0)
41IS-302Islamic Studies2 (2-0)
42SSH-302Pakistan Studies2 (2-0)
43CS-301Introduction to Computing3 (2-2)
Computer Science- Electives Courses (21/136)
44CS-432CS-423Modern Programming Languages3 (2-2)
45CS-471Mobile Computing3 (2-2)
46CS 476Communication Technologies3 (3-0)
47CS-525Multimedia Technologies3 (2-2)
48CS-552CS-452Software Engineering-II3 (3-0)
49CS-553CS-452Object Oriented Analysis and Design3 (3-0)
50CS-565Web Design and Development3 (2-2)
51CS-575CS-323Computer Graphics3 (2-2)
52CS-579CS-323Introduction to Digital Image Processing3 (3-0)
53CS-600CS-400Distributed Database Systems3 (2-2)
54CS-633CS-632Introduction to Pattern Recognition3 (2-2)
55CS-634Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks3 (3-0)
56CS-635CS-400Advanced Database Management Systems3 (2-2)
57CS-637MTH-310 & MTH-435Introduction to Operations Research3 (3-0)
58CS-638MTH-310Introduction to Simulation and Modeling3 (2-2)
59CS-666CS-565Web Engineering3 (2-2)
60CS-667CS-400Introduction to Data Warehousing3 (2-2)
61CS-677CS-576Data and Network Security3 (2-2)
62CS-682CS-530, CS-582System Programming3 (2-2)
63CS-692CS-423Visual Programming3 (2-2)
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