Semester Wise Courses Of  Bs Zoology

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Semester Wise Courses Of  Bs Zoology

This list of courses (Subjects) Bs Zoology is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Course NameTerm/ Semester/ Year #Credit Hour / Marks
English-ISemester I3
IslamiatSemester I2
MathematicsSemester I2
Botany- I: (Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes)Semester I2
Lab. Botany-I:Semester I1
Chemistry- I: (Physical Chemistry)Semester I2
Lab. Chemistry- I:Semester I1
Zoology-I (Invertebrates Diversity: Classification, Phylogeny and Organization)Semester I3
Lab. Zoology-ISemester I1
English- IISemester II3
Pakistan StudiesSemester II2
Botany- II: (Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, Anatomy)Semester II2
Lab. Botany- IISemester II1
Chemistry- II: (Inorganic / Analytical Chemistry)Semester II2
Lab. Chemistry- IISemester II1
Zoology- II : (Chordates Diversity: Classification, Phylogeny and Organization)Semester II3
Lab. Zoology- IISemester II1
English- IIISemester III3
Chemistry- III: (Organic Chemistry)Semester III2
Lab. Chemistry- IIISemester III1
Zoology- III: (Animal Physiology I)Semester III2
Lab. Zoology- IIISemester III1
Zoology IV: (Biochemistry- I)Semester III2
Lab. Zoology- IVSemester III1
Zoology V: (Cell and Molecular Biology- I)Semester III2
Lab. Zoology- VSemester III1
Botany- III: (Plant Physiology and Ecology)Semester III2
Lab. Botany- IIISemester III1
Zoology VI: (Environmental Biology and Evolution)Semester IV2
Communication SkillsSemester IV2
Lab. Zoology VISemester IV1
Zoology VII: (Developmental Biology I)Semester IV2
Lab. Zoology VIISemester IV1
Zoology VIII: (Genetics I)Semester IV2
Lab. Zoology VIIISemester IV1
BiotechnologySemester IV3
Lab. BiotechnologySemester IV1
Computer ApplicationSemester IV2
Cell and Molecular Biology IISemester V3
Lab. Cell and Molecular Biology IISemester V1
Biochemistry IISemester V3
Lab. Biochemistry IISemester V1
Animal Physiology IISemester V3
Lab. Animal Physiology IISemester V1
BiostatisticsSemester V2
EvolutionSemester V2
Genetics IISemester VI3
Lab. Genetics IISemester VI1
Developmental Biology IISemester VI3
Lab. Developmental Biology IISemester VI1
Environmental BiologySemester VI3
Lab. Environmental BiologySemester VI1
MammalogySemester VI2
Lab. MammalogySemester VI1
Principle of SystematicsSemester VII2
Lab. Principle of SystematicsSemester VII1
WildlifeSemester VII2
Economic ZoologySemester VII2
PaleontologySemester VII2
Lab. PaleontologySemester VII1
Project ReportSemester VII3
Elective Subject – ISemester VII3
Lab. Elective SubjectSemester VII1
Biological TechniquesSemester VIII1
Lab. Elective Subject -IISemester VIII1
Lab. Biological TechniquesSemester VIII1
BioinformaticsSemester VIII1
Lab. BioinformaticsSemester VIII1
ZoogeographySemester VIII2
Lab. ZoogeographySemester VIII1
ImmunologySemester VIII2
Lab. ImmunologySemester VIII1
Elective Subject-IISemester VIII3

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