Core Compulsory Subject of Botany

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Core Compulsory Subject of Botany




S. No.Code.Course TitleCredit Hours
1EDU-501Functional English3(3-0)
2EDU-502Functional Urdu3(3-0)
3SSH-501Pakistan Studies2(2-0)
5EDU-503Perspectives of Education in Pakistan3(3-0)
6EDU-504School Organization & Class Room Management3(3-0)
7EDU-505Human Development & Learning3(3-0)
8EDU-506Measurement & Evaluation3(3-0)
9EDU-507Research Techniques & Teaching Projects3(3-0)
10EDU-508Curriculum Development & Teaching Methods3(3-0)
11EDU-520Teaching practice and observation6(0-12)


PARTP-II (ANY ONE Group) (06 Credits)
a) Humanities group (any two courses)

S. No.Code.Course TitleCredit Hours
1EDU-509Teaching of  English3(2-2)
2EDU-510Teaching of Urdu3(2-2)
3EDU-511Teaching of General Science3(2-2)
4EDU-512Teaching of Pakistan Studies3(2-2)
5EDU-513Teaching of Islamiyat3(2-2)
6EDU-514Teaching of Agriculture3(2-2)


b) Science group (any two courses)

S. No.Code.Course TitleCredit Hours
7EDU-515Teaching of Mathematics3(2-2)
8EDU-516Teaching of Physics3(2-2)
9EDU-517Teaching of Chemistry3(2-2)
10EDU-518Teaching of Biology3(2-2)
11EDU-519Teaching of Computer Skills3(2-2)


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