Let’s begin with some most important and most asked Psychology MCQ’s.

1. The eating disorder by self-starvation can leads to the …

a) overeating disorder

b) bulimia nervosa

c) anorexia nervosa

d) binge eating

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2. The difference between the human and animal brains is the presence of 

a) cerebral cortex

b) hypothalamus

c) thalamus

d) cerebrum

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3. Anorexia can  cause …

a) food allergies

b) gathering hesitation

c) perfectionism

d) none

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4. The word “delusion” denotes …

a) behaviors that does not exist in reality

b) feelings that has no reality

c) thoughts or beliefs having no reality

d) all of these

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5. What is the meaning of CER?

a) any neurotic or persistent response

b) conditional response due to any shock

c) an S- used in punishment

d) any emotional response like happiness or anxiety

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6. We can relate the concept of intelligence with …

a) thinking patterns

b) perception

c) learning

d) motivation

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7. People with severe mood disorder, ——- are the patients of

a) Mania

b) manic-Euphoria

c) Manic-depression

d) Depression

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8. Universally recognized facial expression is …

a) anger

b) pursed lips

c) smiling

d) raised eyebrows

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9. The body’s ability to maintain the  internal balance is …

a) homeostasis

b) feeling

c) instinc

d) Arousal

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10. The triachric theory of intelligence suggests …

a)  one components

b)  three components

c)  four components

d)  all of these

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11. The feeling of or tension is called to be…

a) anxiety

b) panic attacks

c) depression

d) all of these

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12. The part of a personality that differentiate between the id and super-ego is known as …

a) super-ego-id

b) ego-id

c) ego

d) all of these

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