Psychopathology Objective Questions

By: Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on November 5th, 2020

Psychopathology Objective Questions

Lets beign with some most important most asked Psychopathology Objective Questions.

1: Primary reinforce is…

a) Money

b) Food

c) both

d) none of these

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2: Psychodynamic therapists believe that…

a) Disturbed thought patterns

b) Emotional trauma experienced in childhood

c) A failure to live up one’s full potential

d) Inappropriate learning patterns

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3: Which of the following is not a treatment developed from classical conditioning principles?

a) Token economies

b) Aversion therapies

c) Flooding

d) Systematic desensitisation

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4: Parts of autonomic nervous system are…

a) Sympathetic and parasympathetic

b) Thalamus and hypothalamus

c) Voluntary and involuntary

d) Cerebrospinal and cortical

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5: ) Which one option not defining psychopathology?

a) Maladaptive behaviour

b) Measuring IQ

c) Deviation from the statistical norm

d) Distress and impairment

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6: Which of te following is true for development of any skill?

a) Abstractions

b) Feedback Kinesthetic stimulation

c) Muscle facility

d) none of these

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7: Hybrid disorder is…

a) Multiple personality disorder

b) Borderline personality disorder

c) Mixed anxiety-depressive disorder

d) Schizoidal personality disorder

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8: The semantic differential scale is used…

a) Values

b) Attitudes

c) Opinions

d) all of these

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9: Unconscious is——, according to clinical psychologists…

a) A construct

b) A place

c) A thing

d) An observation

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10: Abnormal behavior is only physiological that explain…

a) Medical model

b) Psychosocial model

c) Psycho model

d) None of these

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11: Poor performance is the result of…

a) Job satisfaction

b) Poor conditions

c) None of these

d) Both a and b

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12: Survey research…

a) A sample of people are asked questions

b) Existing data are examined

c) A control group is necessary

d) New data is generated

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