Psychology Multiple Choice Questions

Psychology Multiple Choice Questions

Let’s begin with some most important and most asked Psychology MCQ’s.

1. Which one is the characteristics of neuron?

a)  all neurons have one dendrite

b)  all neurons have same function

c)  the metabolic activities of neuronal cell’s take place in the nucleus

d)  none of these

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2.  A neuron made of …

a) grey matter, axons, white matter

b) dendrites, external body, nerve cells

c) White matter, cell body, nerves

d) Cell body, dendrites, axon(ans)

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3. The basic unit of the human nervous system is …

a) Glial Cell

b) Spinal Cord

c) Brain

d) Neuron(ans)

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4. Seizures attacks, confusions, delusions and hallucinations are symptoms of …

a) Delirium tremensalcoholism

b) Alcoholism

c) Alcoholic

d) None of these

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5. The Gestalt therapy basically based on …

a) Awareness(ans)

b) Self-fulfillment

c) Self-control

d) All of the above

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6. Breathing and digestion is controlled by …

a) Axon

b) Autonomic nervous system(ans)

c) Linear circuit

d) None of these

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7. Who proposed the theory of cognitive dissonance?

a) Skinner

b) Bandura

c) Leon Festinger

d) None of these

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8. According to Bandura’s theory, one can be socialized by …

a) Punishment

b) Observation

c) Food

d) None of these

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9. The “master gland” of human body is …

a) Adrenal medulla

b) Thyroid

c) Anterior pituitary

d) Gonad

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10. Perfection is a problem in humans that is concerned with …

a) Id

b) Ego

c) Superego

d) Ego and superego

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11. According to Erickson’s theory, the struggle during adolescence is …
a) Intimacy vs. isolation(ans)

b) Initiative vs. guilt

c) Identity vs. confusion

d) None of these

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12. The development of any kind of skill depends intimately upon …

(a) Muscle facility

(b) Abstract knowledge

(c) Feedback(ans)

(d) Kinesthetic stimulation
(e) None of these

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