Psychology multiple choice questions Solved

Psychology multiple choice questions Solved

Let’s begin with some most important and most asked Psychology MCQ’s.

1. The response generated against passive immunity is known as …

a) immediate

b) gradual

c) slow

d) none

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2. General intelligence factor, g was basically discovered by whom?

a) John newman

b) Charles spearmen

c) Francis Galton

d) Alfred binet

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3. Learning is a process in which?

a) change in thought and behavior

b) development of thoughts and feelings

c) change in the biological processess

d) none of the above

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4. Human nervous system is composed of …

a) neurons, axons, organs

b) neuron, myelin sheath

c) nerves, brain, spinal cord, neurons,

d) all of these

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5. Nerous sytem is divided in two which parts?

a) motor and sensory nerves

b) central and pheripheral nervous system

c) autonomis and brain

d) none

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6.  Aging causes …

a) memory loss

b) anxeity

c) slowed conduction in body

d) none

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A & C

7. Which factor leads to good performance?

a) employee desires for the reward

b) The individual must have ability to perform the job

c) The performance appraisal system must be excellent

d) none of these

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8. Expectancy theory is the example of …

a) cognitive theory

b) hierarchical theory

c) needs theory

d) process theory

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9. The link between the brain and the endocrine system is established by which part of the brain?

a) amygdala

b) hypothalamus

c) cereberum

d) hippocampus

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10. Left and right hemispheres are connected to each other by …

a) pituary

b) medulla

c) corpus callosum

d) pons

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11. Body balance is controlled by …

b) crerbrum

b) cerebellum

c) medulla

d) mid brain

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12. Ecological effects of animal behavior is the study of …

a) environmental ecology

b) social ecology

c) entamalogy ecology

d) behavioral ecology

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