Database Forms and Reports MCQ’s

By: Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Database Forms and Reports MCQ’s

Let us see the database Forms and Reports MCQ’s.

1. The forms are designed for the following?
A. display data
B. input data
C.output data
D. A&bB both
Ans: D.
2. How to create a subform?
A. form wizard
B. query wizard
C. dialog box
D. Main form
Ans: D
3. The following object is not used to enter data into the database:
A. queries
B. reports
C. forms
D. all
Ans: B
4. A form that contains the subform is called?
A. special form
B. child form
C. main form
D. none of these
Ans: C
5. Which one is not the type of report?
A. columnar
B. form
C. datasheet
D.A&B both
Ans: C
6. How many layouts of reports in MS-Access?
Ans: 2
7. Which one is related to the main function of the report?
A. Accept data
B. change data
C. Display data
D. none of these
Ans: C
8. How to display the list of items in on the forms?
A. list box
B. checkbox
C. button
D. both A&B
Ans: D
9. The object of the database is called?
A. reports
B. forms
C. list
D. file
Ans: B
10. These are the object of the form layout accept:
A. datasheet
B. spreadsheet
C. justified
D. none of these
Ans: B
11. Which view in MS-Access to create and modify a form?
A. Query design view
B. form design view
C. relationship design view
D. table design view
Ans: B
12. Which type/layout of the view in a form used to display one record at a time?
A. columnar
B. datasheet
C. tabular
D.A&B both
Ans: B
13. In which object used to control objects is also that is called?
A. check button
B. radio button
C. checkbox
D. command button
Ans: D
14. Which one is used to display option that has values in the form of true/false or yes/no in MS-Access?
A. checkbox
B. radio box
C. option button
D. both A&C
Ans: D
15. How many layouts of Form in MS-Access?
Ans: D
16. A form with another is recognized as?
A.sub form
B. wizard
C. main form
D. dialog box
Ans: A
17. In MS-Access which form layout is used to display multiple records at a time?
A. datasheet
B. tabular
C. columnar
D. none
Ans: A
18. In which type of reports used to display multiple records on one page?
A. columnar
B. tabular
C. datasheet
D. none of these
Ans: A
19. A form that has multiple tabs and each tab consists of a page of information is called?
A. subforms
B. Reports
C. Multiple page form
D. parent form
Ans: C
20. The formatted way of the user that is used to retrieve data from one or more tables of the database and to represent it is called?
A. Table
B. Report
C. Form
D. Relationship
Ans: B

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