MCQs of Numerical Analysis

MCQs of Numerical Analysis

Let’s begin with some most asked important MCs of Numerical Analysis.

1. What is the other name of Jacobi’s method?
A. Simultaneous method
B. Diagonal method
C. Displacement method
D. Simultaneous displacement method

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2. How much significant digits in this number 204.020050?
A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 11

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3. Which one of convergence is sensitive to starting value?
A. Newton-Raphson method
B. False position

C. Gauss seidel method
D. All of these
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4. What is required to perform a Chi-square test?
A. Data be measured on a nominal scale
B. Each cell has an equal number of frequencies
C. Data conform to a normal distribution
D. All of these

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5. What is the Order of convergence of Regula-Falsi?

A. 2.312
B. 2.231
C. 1.618
D. 1.321

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6. What is the expected value of the random variable?
A. Is another term for the mean value
B. Will also be the most likely value of the random variable
C. Cannot be greater than 1
D. Is also called the variance

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7. What is a root correct to three decimal places of the equation x3 – 3x – 5 = 0 by Using Newton-Raphson method?
A. 2.222
B. 2.279
C. 2.275
D. None of these

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8. When Δf(x) = f(x+h) – f(x), then constant k=?
A. f(x + k) – f(x)
B. f(k)- f(0)
C. 0
D. 1

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9. By using Newton-raphson method, Double (Repeated) root of 4×3- 8×2- 3x + 9 = 0 is?
A. 1.6
B. 1.55
C. 1.4
D. 1.5

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10. Newton-Raphson method is useable to?
A. Algebraic equations only
B. Transcendental equations only
C. Both algebraic and Transcendental Equations

D. Both algebraic and transcendental and also used when the roots are complex
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